Head of DHS tells Hamas-linked terror group DHS is “aligned” with their interests (i.e., sharia)

He also called the lying Khizr Khan a hero.
isna-dhsSource: Khans thank Islamic convention attendees, warn ‘assault’ on community will outlast election – Chicago Tribune

Khizr Khan and his wife, Ghazala, whose son, Capt. Humayan Khan, was killed in 2004 in Iraq, spoke to the annual Islamic Society of North America convention in Rosemont on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday night, Jeh Johnson, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, called the Khans heroes during his address.

The Khans were presented with the Outstanding Ambassadors of Islam Award during Saturday night’s session.

Ghazala Khan told the thousands of people they were all her children and that she loved them all.

Johnson reassured the audience that the Department of Homeland Security was “aligned” with their interests and that the Muslim-American story was “the quintessential American story.”

“It’s frustrating to listen to those who foment fear, suspicion and intolerance,” Johnson said. “Who don’t know the mistakes of history and are in the midst of repeating them. Have faith that the character of the American people, as a whole, is such that in the end, in the end, we will choose not to drink this brand of soiled milk.”

Speaking of history:

  • The Dept. of Homeland Security was created to defend Americans from Muslim terrorists after 9/11
  • For 1,400 years, Muslims have been waging jihad to spread Islam – Johnson refuses to Look to History
  • ISNA is a Muslim Brotherhood-founded group that the U.S. government has labeled an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Islamic terror financing conviction in U.S. history
  • A federal judge upheld that designation, stating the government had “produced ample evidence” linking the group to Hamas and thereby justifying the designation
  • Muslim contributions to America are overwhelmingly negative (see 9/11, Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, CAIR, and thousands of other actions diametrically opposed to American values)
  • Khizr Khan whom Johnson called a hero is a fraud has written extensively about sharia law and then lied about it to the American people saying “there is no such thing as sharia”

DHS is a failure, as is Johnson – a traitor who should be tried as such.

“In 33 months as your secretary of Homeland Security, I have personally visited American Muslim communities in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Detroit, Dearborn, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles,” he said.

How many non-Muslim communities has he visited on the taxpayer dole to protect them from the Muslim terrorists bent on killing Americans?

12 thoughts on “Head of DHS tells Hamas-linked terror group DHS is “aligned” with their interests (i.e., sharia)

  1. clinton might as well declare herself a muslim as she bows to their every whim; money talks, bullshit walks. she should be in prison for treason. her selfishness ( and obama) have ruined our country, her main interst is her and her only. she will do whatever the muslims want as she has taken millions from them so she ‘owes’ them. we do not owe muslims anything ever . islam is the enemy of the world.. educate yourselves on the truth of islam, and prepare. read ‘reliance of the traveler’; one of the idiot rules is it is not allowed to laugh during lovemaking; laughing is what keeps it real. wake up folks

    and forget women; they are there just for use by men; women have NO rights, period.

    it is astounding anyone with two brain cells to rub together would believe any of the islam bullshit.

    the Suffragettes must be rolling over in their graves. . . . .

  2. The idea that Jeh Johnson is putting his derriere,in bottoms up position for Geezer Khan & Godzilla, is no surprise. They are the Tin Star Heroes, named by Jeh, to replace the last Tin Star Hero, Bergdahl. DHS & its PC worship, of all things Dark & Muslim, puts a shiver up my spine. We have plenty of Legitimate Heroes in America, but that is not Geezer & Godzilla.

  3. With “heroes” such as the Khans, who needs enemies? And, considering Obama administration attacks on Christianity and American individuality,weakening of the military and embracementment of Islam, who needs a future? Answer: Those who refuse to be slaves to government or religion.

  4. Jeh Johnson is a first class useful (useless) idiot! He does whatever garners the approval of his hero, BHO! As for the Khans, i.e., the Cons, they are using the death of their son to advance their own enterprises! They are fully aware of the deception and lies which they are propagating in order to bolster their fraudulent immigration “business” scams which are helping to bring thousands of Syrians into our country! They have no scruples nor conscience in this matter! They are filthy scumbags! They are the perfect examples of muzzlumz who will do anything to advance the Caliphate! What’s more, there is more than meets the eye pertaining to the suspicious circumstances under which their son was killed. It is a known fact that the Muzzlum Brotherhood was represented at his funeral–a funeral which, by all islamic standards, should have been regarded by muslims as “traitorous”! So if he was a traitor to the Caliphate, why were members of the MB at his funeral???

  5. If that does not show you that the American Government (Obama & crew) fully supports muzzies & Jihad against ALL non-muzzies, you just may be part of the problem.

  6. Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson at the Islamic Society of North America’s 53rd Annual Convention, “The Promise and Wonder of this Country

    […]Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. You just heard a message from the President of the United States, President Barack Obama.

    […]As part of that, it is a privilege for me to be present in person here today, to speak to you, this full convention of the Islamic Society of North America. I’m told that I am the highest ranking U.S. government official and the first sitting cabinet officer to ever speak in person before this convention. I welcome that, as you have welcomed me. I am proud to have broken that glass ceiling, and to have created the expectation, in the future, that government officials of my rank will attend your annual convention.

    […]You have heard President Obama and me call out the discrimination and vilification you face in the current climate.

    You have heard us say that the self-proclaimed Islamic State is neither Islam nor a state; you have heard us say that it is a group of terrorists attempting to hijack your religion.

    You have heard us, before multiple audiences of different political stripes, refuse to bend to the political pressure to call terrorism “Islamic” extremism. We know that ISIL, though it claims the banner of Islam, occupies no part of your religion, a religion founded on peace.

    […]Many of the young people in this room worry that, because of the current climate, your religion, your skin color, and your attire, because of that you will never win full acceptance in this country.

    […]I hear about the bullying and physical attacks that Muslims are experiencing nationwide.

    the full transcript on this page :


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