Illegal Immigrants Tell Border Agents “Obama Said It Was OK To Come” (VIDEO)

It’s a one-issue election. Do or die. What will you tell your children and grandchildren years from now when they ask how did you let this happen?

San Diego’s KUSI ran a special report recently on the border crisis facing America. Reporter Dan Plante spent the day on the border and came back with a stunning report that first aired on August 17th. Dan says 9 out of 10 illegals are released back on the streets of San Diego. Dan told viewers even if thousands of agents were hired and every illegal was captured, the policy from the top is letting them go as fast as they are caught. Chris Harris from the National Border Patrol Council told Dan when we ask people why they are coming here the answer is invariably the same. “And it’s not the president, they actually say Obama said it was OK to come. So there’s a belief that they will remain. And the belief is true.”

As noted in the video, and previous posts here, among the illegals are criminals and Islamic terrorists.

4 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrants Tell Border Agents “Obama Said It Was OK To Come” (VIDEO)

  1. We have an unusual Public Enemy#1 in America, in the person of Barack Hussein Obama. He uses the claim that America has a big heart to welcome, against our will, tens of thousands of illegal aliens,criminals and terrorists. This action represents a knife driven into the heart of America. The economic impact of this government sanctioned invasion could lead to the collapse of our Constitutional Republic. Yet, Obama continues to drive and twist the knife of treason.

  2. Oh wait, eighty four million in travel expenses and oboma’s said it’s OK to come. Maybe he should join Kerry and invite them into their neighborhood. We are flat broke as a nation. Treat the vet’s to better health care. They are the ones who served.

  3. Easy fix,electrify the fence. 1,000,000 volts should do the trick. Then as a back up, put snipers out there to pick off what happens to make it through.

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