On Eve of 9/11, Sacramento News Radio Invites Listeners to Learn About Muslim Holiday

As we mentioned yesterday, there will be many attempts to erase 9/11 from the history books. Sent by California Resettlement Blog

9/11 Anniversary: Sacramento News Radio Invites Listeners to Learn About Muslim Holiday on 9/12

Sep. 9, 2016 – Two days prior to the 15th anniversary of the Muslim attack on the World Trade Center Towers, Sacramento radio AM 1530 KFBK was heard proselytizing for the Muslim religion.

Note that this was not a Public Service Announcement or paid advertisement; it was within a news report about the 9/11 anniversary.  During the 9:00 am news broadcast this morning, news anchor Kitty O’Neil said, paraphrased:

” This Sunday, Sep. 11 marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center that killed Americans.  The next, Monday, Sep. 12, is a Muslim holiday and Muslims are concerned about a backlash because it is so close to 9/11. ”

A representative from CAIR is introduced.  He explained the holiday.  I do not think he named it; it’s the Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice.

The news story ends with, “CAIR hopes you will reach out to Muslims to learn about this holiday.”

What We Already Know About The Feast of Sacrifice:

In Muslim countries, Eid al-Adha is Celebrated with Ritualistic, Bloody Street Slaughter of Farm Animals

EXAMPLES –  graphic


Thank A Catholic Bishop for Muslim Resettlement


We wonder if Catholic religious celebrations will ever be endorsed during a non-Muslim radio news report in the same manner!  They are nonviolent and peaceful.

The only animal sacrificed by Catholics is the Chocolate Easter Bunny, and it may be “halal” – sharia-approved – if bought outside the U.S. 

7 thoughts on “On Eve of 9/11, Sacramento News Radio Invites Listeners to Learn About Muslim Holiday

  1. I guess this means that the Muslim-Huggers in NYC, will once again have a display of Frightened, Tortured Animals, running in the Filthy Streets. The NYC Police open the sewers for the Bloody Offals & several years ago, the Police hosed the horrid Blood ritual down into the Water supply of NYC.
    This Blood-Lust Holiday will no doubt be featured on Sunday, at all NFL games.
    The Terror of 9/11 & Bloody EID, are in competition for the New York, Lib Circus! Don’t go near the Muslim section of anywhere, on Sunday & Monday, that includes the inner city Football Stadiums. Sick Islam has Taken Over Hell, called NYC.

  2. Email sent to the staff at Sacramento News Radio:

    Anyone who takes the trouble to investigate the Muslim holidays in any kind of depth will be shocked to learn that they are not, at their core, the benign, sweet celebrations that Muslims would have us believe they are.

    The following summary, in tabular form, of what these holidays (17 are listed) represent, is taken from a seminal paper on this subject (link below):


    1. Mawlid an-Nabi (Birthday of Muhammad) – Glorification of Muhammad, initiator of the Islamic Jihad

    2-6. The First of Muharram, Ashura, Arba’een, Birthday of Ali ibn Abi Talib, Eid al-Ghadeer – Glorification of Pioneer Jihadists, members of Muhammad’s family who furthered the Jihad

    7. Birthday of Muhammad al-Mahdi – Glorification of a mythical, apocalyptic Muslim figure representing a belief threatening the West

    8-12. Ramadan, Laylat al-Qadr, Chaand Raat, Eid al-Fitr, Day of Arafah – Glorification of the Koran, a root cause of the Jihad

    13,14. Laylat al-Isra wa al-Miraj, Quds Day – The deligitimization of Jewish Jerusalem, a reflection of Islamic Jew-hatred

    15, 16. The Hajj, Eid al-Adha – Genuine Biblical corruption: Falsification of Abraham and his true significance as a Biblical patriarch

    17. Laylat al-Bara’at – A holiday with a seemingly positive message, but which excludes non-Muslims from its benefits

    The paper containing all the details is an essay titled The Holidays of Islam: A Guide for Non-Muslims that is freely downloadable from the Home Page of the incredibly informative website,www.SneakyIslam.com. Here is a direct link to this Guide:


    You may have noticed that very little information is available anywhere, including the Internet, on the Muslim holidays from a non-Muslim point of view. This paper is one of the very few, if not the only, source of such information.

    Will you have the guts to expose your listeners to this information? I will understand if you don’t. In today’s politically-correct environment, it will probably get you pilloried. But please at least do yourselves the favor of reading it yourself.


    Peter Hammer

    • May not be true: There was a heartwarming story a couple of years ago regarding brave muslim soldiers who held a Christian schoolgirl up by her heels in front of her schoolmates while the other soldier with his sword split the girl from crotch to head. And then they asked the other children if they would like to convert to the “religion of peace”.
      And just last month the cut 9 Christians in half like that with chain saws.
      Such wonderful, inventive people.

  3. christopher hitchens gives the best definition of islam; watch him on youtube; a great guy

    why in the hell does our country still try and make islam look good; impossible to remove smell from a pile of shit

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