The (Muslim) Invasion of Buffalo


Source: The Invasion of Buffalo | Frontpage Mag

by Daniel Greenfield

In the past decade, Erie County “resettled” nearly 10,000 refugees. Most of them have been inflicted on Buffalo and Black Rock, the same targets as that original invasion two centuries ago that claimed Sarah’s life.

Buffalo has four resettlement agencies working to bring as many Muslims as they can. Among them is the International Institute of Buffalo which was set up after WWI to bring “war brides” to America, but which now specializes in bringing Muslims here instead. Tickets to the Institute’s big event, Buffalo Without Borders, run as high as $10,000 a piece, and it is billed as “A Party Only the IIB Can Throw.”

One of these parties featured chocolates “inspired” by Iraqi Muslim migrants.

In Lovejoy though the price ranges are a little different. Like Sarah Lovejoy, the residents of this area, once Polish and Italian, are under siege.

A few months after September 11, Frank Scalisi passed away at the age of 92. For 50 years, Frank and his wife Edith had run Rosati’s Supermarket. Frank had presided over the Buffalo Retail Food Dealers and served as deputy sheriff for the Marine Division of Eric County. He coached a softball team in the sixties that became known as “The Goosport Phenomenon”.

And then Rosati’s was no more and in its place was the IGA Community Express Mart run by the Alshami clan. The Alshamis were part of the flood of Yemeni Muslim migrants who had washed up in Buffalo.

And the Muslim Yemeni population has a way of making headlines.

Six Yemenis made up the infamous Buffalo Cell, who had attended the Al Farooq training camp in Afghanistan, met with Osama bin Laden and were convicted for providing material support to Al Qaeda. The seventh member of the cell, Jaber Elbaneh, is a fugitive still wanted by the FBI, which describes him as armed and dangerous.

There is a $5 million reward on his head.

The Alshamis were not quite so ambitious. There were no suicide bombings. Rosati’s Supermarket went from a neighborhood institution to a rat’s nest. There were illegal cigarettes for sale, building code violations, glass pipes and blunts, sales of secondhand merchandise without a license, cars present without license plates and piles of trash. There were multiple complaints about drug dealing and accusations that the Yemeni shop attracted drug dealers and possibly even sold drugs.

On the corner of Ludington and Davey, where the small modest houses fly American flags, this outpost of Yemen had become a malignant sore for the community.

 Councilman Rich Fontana said, “Frank Scalisi would be turning in his grave if he knew what was going on there now.”

There’s little doubt of that.

Ahmed Alshami, the grim patriarch of the clan, was arrested with crack cocaine in his car. He was accused of making drug deliveries and berated neighborhood activists by posting a picture of himself raising the middle finger and boasting, “Long stay the Arab stores.”

Then he smashed someone over the head with a bottle.

Finally he was charged with massive food stamp fraud for buying food stamp cards from customers for pennies on the dollar and then going to Walmart to stock his shelves. Not to mention a spot of burglary.

Ahmed Alshami skipped out on Buffalo City Court, announcing that he was too busy. So his bail was set at $2 million. His wife shouted, “We’ve got the million dollars!” and “F___ America.”

The family, whose patriarch had ten previous arrests, and whose presence in Buffalo has been a source of trouble, have done that already. There is talk of deporting Alshami to Yemen if he’s convicted, but considering that Yemen is currently little more than a battlefield between Shiite and Sunni Jihadists, that seems highly unlikely. Without major reforms to our immigration and criminal justice system, they are here to stay.

The Alshami antics of shouting “F___ America” made their case go viral, but they’re not the exception.

Just last year, Samir Hassan of City Market & Deli in Buffalo pleaded guilty to buying food stamps, Bandar Alsaidi and Talal Alsaidi were busted for buying food stamps at Big Boys Food Market also in Buffalo to the tune of $300,000, just as their parents before them had back in 2003 when it was known as Al’s Food Market.

This year, Alie Hassan of Buffalo’s Broadway Mart and Deli was given two years probation for buying food stamps. A few years ago, Riyadh Almadrahi of Zip’s Food and Beverage made over $140,000 by buying food stamps. The year after it was Nasser Ali Ghanem and  Yousef Yafai of the Hollywood Nights Prime Shop. The crimes echo each other and they are ubiquitous.

When politicians promise us that Muslim migration will create small businesses and produce jobs, they forget to mention who will be paying for them. There are some 5,000 Yemeni Muslim settlers in Buffalo. Population numbers have increased as much as 242%. While the traditional population in the area declines, with Christian and Jewish populations falling, the Islamic population continues to grow, fed by refugee resettlement.

Cheerful news stories celebrate how “refugees” are “bringing Buffalo back.” The question raised by the Alshamis and so many of their compatriots is what is Muslim migration doing to Buffalo?

Large numbers of Muslims have been dumped in the area from Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Buffalo’s heritage and its working class roots are being traded for the Koran and the hijab.

Buffalo is listed by the State Department as a “preferred community” for resettling migrants. Sizable numbers of Syrian Muslim migrants are headed there now. It’s even been studied by European advocates for migrants. But the cost to ordinary American neighborhoods like Lovejoy has been overlooked. Media accounts trumpet the Iraqi markets opening up, they don’t look at what those markets are up to. There are celebrations of ethnic food accompanied by the decline of local American communities.

Buffalo has faced catastrophe before and recovered. But the question is how long will it take to salvage it from this latest invasion. America is being targeted, invaded and carved up town by town and city by city. Much as two centuries ago, Buffalo is being invaded. But the invaders are not a weapon being used by a foreign government against Americans. Instead this weapon is being wielded by our own government.

++Buffalo to our list of Islamic enclaves in the U.S. (see left sidebar). Sadly, the list is growing rapidly.

16 thoughts on “The (Muslim) Invasion of Buffalo

  1. Just a minute…I’ve got to THROW UP…..
    Obabama has done a GREAT job…desyroyed America in 8 years and for yeats to come….though the end is near…..

    • That’s because Obama is ab anti-colonialist…I don’t think very many people actually read his autobiography, Dreams from my Father. It’s quite frightening, he details all his beliefs, that he took on from his father. Their basic beliefs are to make America pay for getting wealthy by destrying other countries…..He NEVER should have made it to POTUS ever, Once you realize this, all the strange things he did makes sense.

      • You really did sparked my curiosity. If you should ever come out to Washington you can post up at my guest house. You remind me of my bestie back in Virginia. Just what I’m trying to find.

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  3. those muzzies aren’t dumb; they learn from the greatest scammer, obamahole; and he wants more of them here; he should be removed from office; preferably the day after he took office.
    he is the worst person on planet

    • They learned how to do it from the success they had in Lebanon, once a progressive democratic country….they allowed them in and within 15 years the slaughter they used on the citizens worked! It then became a muslum nation. They openly tell you they intend to to the very same to us. Youtube Brigitte Gabriel, she was there firsthand, she has some great info and she is one very informed woman, we need to raise awareness!

  4. Americans have no defense against the treachery, deceit and deception that is inbred in muslims from birth. Even our polygraph lie detectors do not work on muslims as they have no physiological response to lying as Christians do.
    Only a total purge of islam from America will work and we have no stomach for that or we would have started with the son of a prostitute that usurped the White House.

    • That’s true MrCatmando6, they even have names for the several lies they must use when advancing the cause of Islam, they can actually be punished if they have the opportunity to use it and do not. The main one of these lies is called taqiyya, I cannot remember the names of the other lies they are to use as tools but they are there, can be googled. I know people that have left the muslim faith and they tell you, a muslim can even like you (an unclean) but when it comes to their religion that must come first…they can like someone yet still have no problem beheading you!

  5. according to the doctrine of “loyalty and enmity.” Highly revered scholar of Islam, Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328), held that Muslims are “obligated to befriend a believer — even if he is oppressive and violent towards you and must be hostile to the infidel, even if he is liberal and kind to you” (The Al Qaeda Reader, p. 84). Hence why Muslim husbands are told to hate—and show they hate—their non-Muslim wives.

    • @Curtis. Hmmm…. Well, well…. A complete unbiased, totally transparent, pure-as-the-driven-snow ‘lover of mankind’! My, my, my, we all wish to the stars above that we could learn how to be just like YOU–YOUR ROYAL HIGHLY-NESS! I mean, far be it from us bloggers here on CS, that we should EVER infer ANYTHING NEGATIVE against people like you–who only want to make life better for THIRD-WORLD INBREEDS WHO COME HERE TO RAPE OUR WOMEN, INDOCTRINATE OUR VULNERABLE SCHOOL CHILDREN, INFEST THE MINDS OF OUR COLLEGE-AGE YOUNG PEOPLE AND TURN OUR HOMES AND CITIES INTO RAT-INFESTED, PIG STYS WORSE THAN THE MIDDLE-EASTERN GARBAGE DUMPS THAT THEY COME FROM! Hahaha–far be it from us…..O thou most-est, highly-est DUMBAZZ zhithead!!!!!

  6. Islam is a Cancer, as thus it must be Eradicated, World Wide ASAP!
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself –

  7. Odd how 99% of office winning Muslims ran on the Democratic Ticket.The Democrat’s only platform,(which was totally bought by their supporters in’18 ,enough to win back the House)was HATE.HATE wins out boys and girls! HATE and immerse all your energies in finding a way to impeach MY President.How nice. This talk of overt Civil War may prove NOT to be a fantasy.

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