Cardinal: Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship ‘Same God’, Sharia Not Founded on Love

Source: Cardinal Raymond Burke: Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship ‘the Same God’

by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.

According to the former head of the Vatican’s highest court, Cardinal Raymond Burke (pictured), Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God, since Allah is a “governor,” whereas Christianity was “founded on love.”

The modern belief that Islam and Christianity are fundamentally the same “is very much influenced by a relativism of a religious order,” the Cardinal said at a recent press conference.

“I hear people saying to me, well, we’re all worshipping the same God. We all believe in love. But I say stop a minute, and let’s examine carefully what Islam is, and what our Christian faith teaches us.”

“I don’t believe it’s true that we’re all worshipping the same God, because the God of Islam is a governor,” Burke said. “Sharia is their law, and that law, which comes from Allah, must dominate every man eventually.”

The Cardinal said that unlike Christianity, sharia is “not a law that’s founded on love. To say that we all believe in love is simply not correct.”

Not only do Christianity and Islam differ in the nature of their laws, Burke proposed, but also in their approach to proselytism and winning over converts.

In the end, he said, we have to understand that “what they believe most deeply, that to which they ascribe in their hearts, demands that they govern the world.”

The Cardinal’s words echoed recent remarks by a senior Catholic prelate in Hungary, who warned that the enormous waves of migrants rolling into Europe are due in no small part to a Muslim “will to conquer.”

“Jihad is a principle for Muslims that means they must expand,” said Archbishop Gyula Marfi in an August interview. “The earth must become dar al-Islam, that is, Islamic territory, by introducing Sharia—Islamic law.”

In his press conference, Cardinal Burke insisted that “what’s most important for us today is to understand Islam from its own documents and not to presume that we know already what we’re talking about.”

10 thoughts on “Cardinal: Muslims and Christians Don’t Worship ‘Same God’, Sharia Not Founded on Love

  1. Christians and Muslims do NOT worship the same God. God is Christianity’s God.

    According to the demonic origins of Islam we can say that Satan is Allah and the one who fanatical Moslems worship.

    There is only one God, and Allah in no way is God.

  2. God bless Cardinal Raymond Burke!!!! He speaks truth about Islam, unlike many of the Catholic faith who are pressing for “one world religion”. Listen up, learn as much as you can about how Muslims worship. We must know our enemy! But we all know the end result, the victor over all the earth, and that is our Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! He comes soon!

  3. It’s high time that our Christian leaders (both Catholic and Protestant) declare emphatically, that islam does NOT worship the God of the Bible! What’s more, I get nauseous every time I see or hear someone say that ‘allahu ackbar’ means “God is great”. No no no! The correct rendering is actually ‘allah is greater’ (intentional lower-case). The implied meaning is obviously that the ‘allah-god’ is greater than all other gods TO AND INCLUDING THE GOD OF THE BIBLE! Hell, even the muzzlumz will tell you that allah and Jesus Christ are not one and the same–only to their heretic teaching, Jesus is actually a muslim ‘prophet’ (Issa) who will one day return to Earth to order the KILLING of all Christians and Jews! WOW! WHO KNEW????

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  5. finally someone who is not afraid to speak the truth of what islam really is; a belief founded on pure hate; they dont know the golden rule; or that cause and effect; choices and consequences are the same for everyone on the planet; being awake and aware is necessary to survive.

  6. I’m glad someone from the Catholic religion finally spoke up about these terrorists. This is the first person that I know of from the Catholic Church that actually said anything against the Muslims. Let’s hope others will follow.

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