Same week as 9/11, Six Flags Holding ‘Muslim Family Day’ at Multiple Parks

Yesterday, Thousands of Americans were evacuated from Six Flags America after phoned-in bomb threat in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Coincidentally, or not, that same park will be holding a Muslim Family Day just days after 9/11. 

However, if the average American citizen viewed the Six Flags Park Operating Schedule, they would have no idea the Muslim Family Day event was taking place and may take their own family to the park and be quite shocked by the large presence of Islamic supremacists. Why wouldn’t this event be on the calendar?


Is is all over the ummah’s:


Source: Cities | Muslim Family Day

Baltimore/Washington DC

Muslim Family Day at Six Flags America

Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm 

The park hijacking is also taking place this week at Six Flags in San Francisco and New Jersey.

As noted in previous posts, below, this event originally barred non-Muslims from attending. Now, it dictates how non-Muslim employees can dress – all not to offend Muslims (ala sharia law).

Six Flags Muslim Family Day & Terror (video)

Does Six Flags have any idea who ICNA is or what ICNA represents? Here is just a little background on ICNA:

ICNA has established a reputation for bringing anti-American radicals to speak at its annual conferences. Moreover, experts have long documented the organization’s ties to Islamic terrorist groups.

On numerous occasions, ICNA has explicitly excluded non-Muslims from its public gatherings. In September 2004, for example, ICNA sparked widespread controversy when, in cooperation with the management of the Great Adventure Theme Park in New Jersey, it organized a “Great Muslim Adventure Day” that barred non-Muslims from the park on that day. This annual tradition is still observed.

In 2000, made public a press release, originally posted on a Middle Eastern website, from a July 2000 ICNA meeting, which read: “Jamaat e-Islami’s supporters have an organization in America known as ICNA …” The press release also recounted some of the views expressed at the aforementioned ICNA meeting. These included an exhortation that “Islam must be translated into political dominance”; pleas for support for “jihad” in “Chechnya, Kashmir, Palestine, Iraq [against U.S. forces], southern Sudan, and … in Bosnia/Kosova [sic]“; an appeal for unity among Pakistani Muslims against “Hindu Brahmins and Zionist Jews”; and an endorsement of Muslim women’s inclusion in carrying out jihad.

ICNA works closely with the Muslim American Society (MAS). Speaking at a December 2002 conference sponsored by ICNA and MAS, Muslim cleric Shaker Elsayed complained in Arabic “about the subject unfairly named suicide bomber, homicide bomber, murderers, or killers. Our answer to this issue is simple … The Islamic scholars said whenever there is an attack on an Islamic state or occupation, or the honor of the Muslims has been violated, the Jihad is a must for everyone, a child, a lady and a man. They have to make Jihad with every tool that they can get in their hand … and if they don’t have anything in their hand then they can fight with their hand without weapons.

More of ICNA’s terrorist ties at the AAH website, and from this video:

14 thoughts on “Same week as 9/11, Six Flags Holding ‘Muslim Family Day’ at Multiple Parks

  1. There is no country that has ever benefited from letting muslims in. Islam is the enemy of everything my forefathers believed and fought for and everything I believe, islam is the enemy. Example: My God does not promise me that I will be rewarded with 72 virgins for my perverted needs if I kill a non believer. They bring nothing good to the table, they don’t bring anything to make my country better, safer and will never boost the GDP of any country or any region of any country. The only thing they bring is misery, for generations to come my descendants will face terrorism for no good reason.

  2. Our governments have endangered all of us for generations to come. My children and my children’s children will be forced to live in a police state to keep the muslims in line until the day their (the muslims) numbers have grown large enough to make us refugees.

  3. this is taking politically correct too far; why do they need their own day; can they not mix with kafirs??? very stupid move; parkshouldbe shut down permanently.

  4. I’ve never had the opportunity to visit a Six Flags park. Now, I never will.

    Never forget 9/11 and never forgive those who willingly do.

  5. Muslims are clear .
    When in majority destroy minority completely.
    2. when in minority and majority is fool and confused torture them with little attacks and scare them .
    3. When in minority and majority is strong surrender but wait till you are strong and majority is confused . Start killing them,
    When our leaders Media will wake up and educate our own citizen who built these great nation getting destroy by leaders like OBAMA ,HILLARY whoa are confusing masses by lebeling ISLAM is religion of peace.

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    • Not true – the multiple websites are still up and advertising the events, no mention of cancellations or the parks being closed due to the bombings

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