Georgia: Protest against proposed mega mosque leads to investigation of militia

Recall this is the 135-Acre Mega Mosque Complex That Called Itself a “Church”…To Fool Citizens.

“…I will leave it up to people in the community to decide for themselves why it was called the Avery Community Church and Cemetery until last week~ District 1 Commissioner John Douglas

As usual, it’s not the mosque or the unknown sources of funding that are being investigated, it’s those who oppose the mosque.

Source: Group calls for armed protest against proposed Newton mosque |

The 111% [sic] Security Force, a self-described militia, is planning an armed protest at the Newton County Courthouse this evening at 6 p.m.

Citing concerns about crowd control and hostile social media posts, Newton County commissioners canceled a Tuesday meeting where they planned to address a Muslim congregation’s proposal to build a burial ground and mosque.

“This decision was not taken without careful deliberation and consideration of concerns regarding crowd control and law enforcement regarding social media postings evidencing hostilities in the community,” read a statement posted to the county’s website Monday afternoon.

Although the commission didn’t say which social media post it viewed as hostile, a spokesperson for the Newton County Sheriff’s Department confirmed it was investigating whether a local militia’s opposition to the mosque and burial ground constitutes a threat.

On Sunday, the 111% Security Force held a protest on the grounds of County Line Baptist Church on Ga. 162, across the street from the 135-acre parcel purchased last year by a Muslim congregation from Doraville.

In a video of the protest posted online over the weekend, Henry County resident Chris Hill said the site was a proposed ISIS training camp and claimed Muslims are followers of the Antichrist. Another man hangs an American Flag from a tree on what appears to be property belonging to the Muslim congregation. The video has since been taken down.

Hill said he stood by his comments but took down the video because of “perception.”

“Hanging a flag on private property, the optics of that look bad, so we pulled it,” Hill said. “It was a little sensationalism. … I still have fundamental differences with Islam.”

Sheriff Ezell Brown decided to open an investigation after viewing the group’s video.

Hill, speaking before the county made its announcement, said his group planned a peaceful, armed protest at the historic county courthouse where the meeting was to take place. Reacting to news of the cancellation, he said he would hold the same protest at the next meeting.

The congregation of Masjid At Taqwa, represented by Al Maad Al Islami non-profit, bought the tract with the intention of building a cemetery, burial preparation facility and mosque. Al Maad Al Islami was issued a county permit in its name for a place of worship in June 2015 when it purchased the land.

But last month, the county commission issued a moratorium on new places of worship in response to local opposition to the project. The commission was expected to lift that moratorium Tuesday after more than a dozen groups complained to the Department of Justice.

The congregation’s imam, Mohammad Islam, said he has not reached out to law enforcement about the video or other threats he has received. He said he would prefer to meet with opponents face to face and lead by example.

“Whatever they want to say, I am ready to hear anything,” he said. “If they tell me ‘You’re a killer, you’re a terrorist,’ whatever, I will keep quiet and I want to listen. … This is the way that I teach my people: Be patient.”

As Hill and a small handful of mosque opponents were holding their protest Sunday, some 40 members of Masjid At Taqwa were mingling with area residents at the Epiphany Lutheran Church in nearby Conyers at the invitation of Pastor David Armstrong-Reiner.

Armstrong-Reiner called any invocation of the Antichrist in reference to Islam, “a complete misreading of scripture.”

“Anything which goes against love of neighbor, to me, is that which goes against Christ,” he said.

Apparently the parts about false prophets didn’t resonate with the pastor. Nor does the Islamic genocide of Christians throughout the Middle East, Africa and elsewhere.

PS: It’s a multi-racial milita.


12 thoughts on “Georgia: Protest against proposed mega mosque leads to investigation of militia

  1. While “good” pastors did nothing, “evil” pastors actively supported the enemies of God, the biblical God, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. THIS is the good vs evil fight that the church is losing.

    • The Satanic Quran is a complete Taqiyya. My advice to the Muslim culture will be to learn how to assimilate into the American culture by burning your Quran, give up the desire for Sharia Law and put a crucifix on the top of every mosque in America. Take catechism classes and learn the Christian way to live and God will forgive you. That means no more treating women and children like cattle and no more raping infidel women and little children, you will then become a proud infidel. Vote for Trump, Trump will help you to become a good infidel. The Christians only have love for you if you repent. The Muslims will have hate for you if you do repent. The Muslim ideology teaches young boys to rape infidel little girls, how sick is this. This Muslim culture appears to have mental illness as their number one goal. The American culture is the greatest forgiving and generous culture in the world. The Muslim culture is the most rotten, barbaric, disgustingly ignorant mentally ill culture in the world. Everywhere the Muslims infiltrate, they do not assimilate, instead they will push to incorporate Sharia Law. The koran teaches hate for all non-Muslims. The Muslim cult is being used by the Obama administration and George Soro to destroy America from within. This will not happen. If the Muslims invade this community you will have to lock your doors and lock and load before going to bed every night.

      • eagle669: “The Muslim cult is being used by the Obama administration and George Soro to destroy America from within. This will not happen.” eagle669, I beg to differ. I will not fight God’s Word, and His Word in Zechariah 14 says Jerusalem will be attacked, which it has in the past, present and future. But the time in Zechariah is a little larger than past attacks. America, presently, will not let that happen. But, in the future, near or not, America does not help Israel stop a greater attack on Jerusalem. So, somehow, either internally or externally, America does not help Israel. I suspect, Hillary will “arrange” her “election,” more Islam invades us, causes more Sharia Law and we in America have a nice little civil war! Some of us folks put-up with some Sharia Law. Dearbornistan is fine for THEM, but if Sharia goes further west, there is trouble. Twin Falls and the rest of Idaho should do some ‘kick-butt’ right now!

  2. His family are not the ones being brutalized by the ‘heroes of the islamic revolution’ COLONIZING the U.S. As Christians we have a theory called ‘just war’ in short stating Christians have a right to defend themselves if they are not the aggressors and all mediation fails. Well…

  3. It really is all about STANDING YOUR GROUND! The ‘Ground Zero’ mosque was stopped by vigilant determined American Patriots! Any capitulation by Christians and/ or their pastors is a step in the wrong direction. RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE FROM YOU! Those are God’s words, written in the HOLY Bible! Muslims go home or SHUT UP! You live in a CHRISTIAN country now and Christ never said we had to let you SLAP us on the cheek for the THIRD TIME! You already got two of our “cheeks” when you blew up TOWERS 1 AND 2! MUZZIES GET OUT–you got that?????

      • Thank you, ‘eagle669’. I just hope I can help to change the thinking of some ‘on-the-fence’ dummy (I mean, dhimmi) to see the light! Our country (actually the whole world) is so naive when it comes to the threat of islam! In 20 years or so, I truly believe we won’t have a country, if islam is allowed to continue to spread. Our only hope as a free people is to expose islam as the diabolical doctrine of demons that it is. People just seem to have the idea that because they were not the ones killed on 9/11, that islam can never touch them! What’s even worse is that even after they’ve seen all of the bloodshed and carnage and hatred caused by MUZZLUMZ (I love to show disrespect to this evil cult), even after people have seen and heard all of the hatred and violence, they STILL want to defend islam as a reputable, PEACE-LOVING “religion”! It makes me totally nauseous!!!

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