San Diego: Man pleads guilty to lying about jihadist brother

…who was killed waging jihad.


Dead jihadi aka “Duale ThaslaveofAllah”

An update on this post almost a year to the day, via Source: San Diego man pleads guilty to lying about jihadist brother –

A San Diego man pleaded guilty Monday to lying during a terrorism investigation of his brother, who was killed while fighting for the Islamic State in Syria.

Marchello McCain, 34, acknowledged in a plea agreement that he supplied the FBI with false information about his brother’s plans to be a jihadist in Syria and the financing for his brother’s overseas trip, federal prosecutors said.

McCain faces up to eight years in federal prison when he is sentenced in December.

“Lying during a terrorism investigation is a very serious crime because the security of our nation and citizens is at stake,” U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in a statement. “This case is particularly important because it involves … a brutal foreign terrorist organization that threatens to induce our youth into committing violence against foreigners and U.S. citizens alike.”

But, but, he “reverted to Islam” almost ten years before ISIS even existed. The names may change but the root is still the same: Islam.

McCain’s brother, Douglas McCain, 33, was reportedly killed in 2014 while fighting with the Islamic State, the extremist group trying to overthrow the government of President Bashar Assad. He was believed to be the first American jihadist with the group to die there.

The San Diego man traveled to Syria to follow his basketball buddy from Minneapolis into the terrorism fight.

Marchello McCain pleaded guilty to making false statements involving international terrorism. He had denied knowing that his brother planned to fight for the terrorist group and told the FBI that he thought his brother was going to Turkey to play music and teach English.

In his plea agreement, McCain acknowledged that he allowed his brother to use a debit/credit card belonging to McCain’s wife to buy airline tickets to Turkey and put money to cover the purchase into his wife’s account.

McCain’s brother left the United States in March 2014 and five months later was reported killed fighting against the Free Syrian Army.

In 2005, Marchello McCain was convicted of shooting at two people in Minnesota. This January, he pleaded guilty to six counts of being a felon in possession of guns, ammunition and body armor.

In that plea agreement, McCain acknowledged that about three weeks before his brother departed, the two went to a San Diego gun range and shot weapons that included a semi-automatic-style rifle and a shotgun, federal prosecutors said.

More on the now dead brother and so-called Homegrown terrorist, aka “Duale ThaslaveofAllah”:

McCain was born in Illinois, but grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He graduated from high school in New Hope, a Minneapolis suburb, in 1991.

Eventually, McCain moved to San Diego. He attended a mosque in the area and worked at a Somali restaurant.

He began writing about his faith on his social media profiles. His Twitter bio read “Its Islam over everything,” and a tweet from May explained he “reverted to Islam 10 years ago and I must say In sha Allah I will never look back the best thing that ever happen to me.” On Facebook, he called himself “Duale ThaslaveofAllah.”

He grew up in a terrorist hotspot in Minnesota, relocated to another terror hotspot in San Diego, attended a mosque, worked at a Somali restaurant and they say he was homegrown? Is it any wonder we’re losing this battle?

One thought on “San Diego: Man pleads guilty to lying about jihadist brother

  1. These g-damd American-born bunch of traitors! They’ve grown up with all of the amenities of all of the white people…(AND MORE SO, b/c of politicians like Ted Kennedy and the Clintons)…of all the white people that they so detest! God forbid they should ever get their heads out of their butt cracks and actually show some gratitude! Oh no, no! They have to PROVE THEIR POINT that Washington and Jefferson were “SLAVERS” and “CRACKERS”–never mind that there is NOT ONE recorded historical incident where our Founding Fathers EVER abused or mistreated their black slaves! (And don’t think that the ACLU and the BLM wouldn’t be all over it, if there were such recorded incidents!) And TRUTH BE TOLD, there were actually hundreds (if not more) of slaves who, after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, actually returned to the plantations b/c they actually loved and respected their WHITE SLAVE-OWNERS! In fact, literally thousands of freed slaves actually took their WHITE SLAVE-OWNER surnames–AND MOST BLACKS STILL GO BY THOSE NAMES! I blame BHO for all of this insanity and foolishness! He was well educated in the “college of racial prejudice” by his alleged “pastor” and mentor, the most SANCTIMONIOUS and SELF-RIGHTEOUS, the unequaled and “most incredible”, the “great and most excellent”, the REV. Wrong–ahemm, Wright! Good riddance to you Barack (Ack-bar) Hussein Obama, i.e., “OSAMA”–GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!

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