Indiana: Muslim teen who sought local targets, indicted for terror support

Source: US grand jury indicts Indiana teenager on terrorism charge | WANE

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — A suburban Indianapolis teenager accused of trying to travel overseas to join the Islamic State militant group has been formally indicted.

A federal grand jury indicted Akram Musleh on Wednesday on a charge of providing material support to a terrorist organization. The Brownsburg man, who was 18 at the time of his June arrest, faces a Sept. 23 initial hearing. He’s being held in federal custody.

FBI agents arrested Musleh as he tried to board a bus to New York. Prosecutors have said he planned to fly to Morocco and on to territory controlled by the Islamic State. A criminal complaint alleges Musleh intended to join the terror group.

Messages seeking comment were left for two of Musleh’s attorneys.

As we noted here, Musleh is a big fan of Barrack Hussein Obama: Indiana: Muslim high school student tried to join ISIS, sought local targets

In addition to trying to travel to the Middle East, the FBI alleges Musleh “conducted extensive internet searches on explosive materials, including: dynamite, flash powder, explosive precursors, instructions on constructing explosive devices and explosive chemical recipes.” An agent conducting surveillance on Musleh reportedly observed him shopping for pressure cookers at the Brownsburg Walmart.

The criminal complaint includes a number of alleged conversations between Musleh and an unidentified person in which Musleh expresses his desire to be in an Islamic State propaganda video. The two also allegedly discussed the possibility of Musleh attacking a “drone place.”

FBI agents obtained a court order in May to search Musleh’s phone. Investigators reportedly recovered files related to jihad, martyrdom and the Islamic State on the device.akram-musleh-isisMusleh searched online for information about potential terror targets in Indiana, explosive materials and pressure cookers.

3 thoughts on “Indiana: Muslim teen who sought local targets, indicted for terror support

  1. What about the 2016 Meetings of Obama/Congress meeting with CAIR( Unindicted Co-Conspiritors to Islamist Terror) 325 Times? Not only did CAIR have an open Invitation to WH, but Apparently an Opened House for this Terror Org., in the CONGRESS!
    This is sickening & another “Black Eye” for the DEM/GOPe Congress!

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