Muslim Attacks NYC Cop With Meat Cleaver, Gashing Him in Face (Updated)


NYPD Officer Brian O’Donnell was discharged from Bellevue Hospital on Friday, a day after he was attacked by a Muslim with a meat cleaver


Source: Man Fleeing Police Near Penn Station Attacks Cop With Cleaver, Gashing Him in Face: NYPD | NBC New York

A man attacked an off-duty NYPD officer with a cleaver near Penn Station at the height of the evening rush hour Thursday, wounding the cop in the face before being shot at 18 times by police, officials say.

Police initially confronted 32-year-old Akram Joudeh near West 31st Street and Broadway as they caught him trying to remove a boot from his car, NYPD Chief of Department and incoming NYPD Commissioner Jimmy O’Neill said at a briefing Thursday evening.

Video obtained exclusively by NBC 4 New York shows a frustrated Joudeh trying to remove the boot, pulling tool after tool from his packed car. Bystanders thought it was a joke until police arrived.joudeh

Joudeh pulled out an 11-inch cleaver from his waistband and began running toward Sixth Avenue, officials said. Officers chased after him, with others joining the pursuit along the way, and one uniformed sergeant deployed a stun gun to no effect.


This is the 11-inch cleaver that was used to attack O’Donnell

A man with a cleaver attacked NYPD officers outside Penn Station, striking one of them in the face before he was shot by police, law enforcement sources say. (Published 2 hours ago)

The suspect continued running westbound on West 32nd Street toward Seventh Avenue, and in the middle of the block, mounted the front grill of a marked NYPD car, O’Neill said.

That’s when an off-duty detective, who was walking to Penn Station to catch a Long Island Rail Road train home after work, saw the chase coming toward him, law enforcement officials told NBC 4 New York. He decided to engage and went to tackle the suspect.

The two struggled, and Joudeh hit him in the head with the cleaver, leaving a six-inch gash from the temple to the jaw, said O’Neill.

Three uniformed NYPD officers fired a total of 18 gunshots at Joudeh, striking him several times. Up until that point, officers ordered the suspect to drop the cleaver multiple times, O’Neill said and police radio transmissions reveal.

“Keep in mind [the suspect] had just attacked an off-duty officer who’s got a six-inch gash on his face. He’s got an 11-inch cleaver,” O’Neill said. “They shot until the threat was stopped.”

The off-duty detective, identified by sources as 16-year veteran Det. Brian O’Donnell, was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he’s listed in serious condition, officials said. Doctors are assessing the damage, and surgeons have said reconstructive surgery will be needed.

O’Donnell has spent most of his time on the force in the 19th Precinct, and became a detective in March 2015.

Two other officers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries from the encounter, though it’s not clear how they got hurt.

Joudeh was also taken to Bellevue Hospital, and he’s in critical but stable condition, said O’Neill. He has been moved to the operating room.

The attack happened near the busy Midtown commuter hub at the height of the evening rush hour. Bratton said the officers acted bravely in subduing the suspect in the crowded shopping and transit district, and that “sufficient shots” were fired to stop the “character running down the street waving a cleaver.”

Witness Steven Coyle, who recorded video of officers shooting at the suspect, agreed.

“He was a threat to the officers and anyone in the area,” he said.

Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives Endowment Association, said in a statement, “An incident like this proves that you are really never off duty. Our detective engaged the perpetrator because the suspect was carrying a meat cleaver and the detective was worried about the crowded conditions on the street given that it was rush hour full of residents, tourists and commuters.”

Joudeh has 15 prior arrests, including one on July 27 after he was found carrying knives near a synagogue in the Manhattan Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn. His last known address was in Queens, though police say he may have been living in his car.

The other arrests stretching back to 2009 include charges for driving while impaired by drugs, criminal possession of a weapon, menacing with a weapon and criminal trespassing, sources said.

West 32nd Street between Sixth and Seventh avenues was temporarily shut down as police investigated. The FBI also sent agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force to the scene as a precaution, an official said.

In Thursday’s incident, a federal official told NBC News “based on what we know of how this started, and on his priors, we don’t currently think this was an act of terrorism.”

Another law enforcement source told NBC 4 that investigators actively looked into whether Joudeh had any interest in or connection to terror planning after he was caught outside the synagogue in July with the knives. But they did not find any evidence of terrorism.

Just an ordinary Muslim.

8 thoughts on “Muslim Attacks NYC Cop With Meat Cleaver, Gashing Him in Face (Updated)

    Police booted his car. As he’s snubbed by Fatass off-duty NYPD officer Akram Joudeh waived meat cleaver to have some attention. To cut the story short Akram Joudeh were shot and critically injured for being a Muslim.
    “Who gives up his liberty for security he ain’t deserves both.” A TIGHTASS Freemason.

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