NY: Muslim Indicted for Alleged Death Threats Against Controversial SUNY Professor

No word on his immigration status or background. Source: Former SUNY Potsdam Student Indicted In Death Threat Case | WWNY TV 7 – h/t FreeRepublic

A former SUNY Potsdam student has been indicted in connection with death threats and hate messages directed at an African American professor as well as the college community.

Amjad Hussain was arraigned Monday in St. Lawrence County Court on two felony counts of second-degree aggravated harassment as a hate crime and one count of fourth-degree criminal solicitation.

The 23 year old Elmira man is charged with delivering two messages to the professor that included death threats and racist and homophobic language. The messages also threatened the professor’s family.

Hussain is also charged with soliciting another individual to deliver a third threatening note to the professor.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the news of the indictment Monday.

“Nobody should be made to feel unsafe or subject to harassment in their workplace, least of all our state’s hardworking, dedicated teachers,” Schneiderman said in a news release. “This indictment sends the message, loud and clear, that racist and homophobic threats will be treated with the utmost concern, and those responsible for such harassment will be held accountable.”

According to filed documents and statements made in court, on two separate occasions in April 2015, Hussain delivered two notes to the professor’s office containing homophobic and racist pictures and language, threatening physical harm and death to the professor and the professor’s family.

Following his arrest in November 2015, Hussain allegedly solicited another individual to deliver a third note, also containing threats and racist and homophobic language directed at the professor.

Hussain faces up to four years in state prison on each felony count if convicted.

During his arraignment, Hussain pleaded not guilty.

He was released under probation supervision and ordered to stay away from the alleged victim.

The next court date is October 11 at noon.

Curious timing on the indictment…nine months after he was arrested for the threats against the race-baiting professor.

It follows a flurry of other terror-related sentencings and announcements by the feds this week, just days after four terror attacks in the U.S.


4 thoughts on “NY: Muslim Indicted for Alleged Death Threats Against Controversial SUNY Professor

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