NYC: Muslim gets 9 years for smashing gay guy with chair at BBQ joint

Source: Man gets 9 years for assault on gay couple at Dallas BBQ – NY Daily News

Bayna Lekheim El-Amin, 42, who had about two dozen supporters in the courtroom, may have been slapped by one of the victims with a canvas bag but had no right to react with the brutal beating, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arlene Goldberg said as she handed down the stiff sentence to the remorseless brute.

“That you did not cause serious physical injury to them was only by luck,” Goldberg said.

El-Amin, who is 6 feet 6 inches and 280 pounds, is seen on cell phone footage from May 2015 getting whacked by a canvas bag carried by Jonathan Snipes, who said he thought he heard El-Amin refer to him and his boyfriend Ethan York-Adams as “f—-ts.”

An enraged El-Amin then knocked Snipes to the ground and stomped on his head. After a long time passed and the incident seemed to be over, he picked up a chair and swung it at their heads.

A loud thud can be heard on the footage from the impact on York-Adams’ skull.

El-Amin, who faced 3½ to 15 years behind bars, complained he had been railroaded and did not apologize for his conduct.

He claimed Snipes had a “weapon,” which was disputed by evidence, and that discrimination was the driving factor in his fate.

“I feel like my race was involved in that … if the situation was reversed and I would have went up to them, it would have been different. It wouldn’t have come out the same,” he said.

He also insisted he never said the homophobic slur he was suspected of and pointed to his history of working as an LGBT activist.

Goldberg fired back that the fact the district attorney declined to prosecute Snipes for the bag swatting was irrelevant.

She also said she didn’t see a connection to his race in the scenario. “I just do not see there was any evidence of that,” she said.

Here’s the video from our post at the time: New York: Muslim Brutally Beats Gay Couple in Restaurant (VIDEO)

8 thoughts on “NYC: Muslim gets 9 years for smashing gay guy with chair at BBQ joint

    • I agree, wholeheartedly. As a taxpayer, I’d take the POS to the nearest bar in Texas and let justice to be served.
      All these animals believe that the Quran trumps human rights in our country, the great U.S.
      Our Constitution trumps their cult any day of the week.

  1. If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that nothing is for certain with these MUZZRATS! One day you hear that they’re throwing gays off of rooftops, next you hear that a GAY MUZZLUM shoots up a gay bar in Orlando and kills a dozen people. Now this POS muzzlum is hanging out in a gay bar and tries to kill somebody, allegedly b/c he felt “rejected”. I guess the GAY MUZZLUMZ all forgot that they themselves were GAY!!!! If there’s one other thing for certain about these dirtbags, it’s that all PRACTICING MUZZLUMZ ARE SCUMS and need to be deported–YESTERDAY!!!!!

  2. Don’t stereotype Sharia laws with the misconducts of bad muslims. Sharia is about justice for everyone. Just compare crime rates of Saudi with your beloved America where every second there are murdering and robbing. If this is what you called “first world”.

    • @presa1200 Ya know, oh thou most-est, wise-est and brilliant-est one, YOU’RE A REAL PIECE-A-WORK!!! Here’s one for you–and your dumbass sharia crap…. The only justice that sharia laws bring to anybody is EQUAL DEATH AND SUFFERING enforced by PERVERTED HYPOCRITICAL SCUMBAGS LIKE YOURSELF! Your disgusting, sick and demented sharia is responsible for UMPTEEN THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of UNJUST SLAYINGS OF INNOCENT JEWS AND CHRISTIANS AND EVEN THOUSANDS OF hapless muslims! Fact is, muslims don’t know what to do with themselves IF THEY CAN’T FIND SOMEBODY TO KILL! islam is the bloodiest, most inhumane, god-awful, slaughterhouse system of EVIL that ever reared its ugly demonic head from HELL! Btw, under sharia law, women are NEVER permitted to defend themselves against their accusers! A woman has absolutely NO RIGHTS WHATSOEVER under your filthy sharia laws! And same goes for the Christians and Jews who YOU STINKING SLIMEBALLS are constantly wrongfully imprisoning and/ or executing in some god-awful heinous bloody SHARIA slaughter! Btw, speaking of slaughter–the same goes for animal slaughter too. You muzzlumz and your filthy sharia laws are the literal SCUM of the earth! PA-LEEZE, go chop your head off! And while you’re at it chop off your right hand and left foot–‘CAUSE YOU’RE A STINKING LIAR–and your zhitt really DOES STINK–TO HIGH HEAVEN!!!!! Right now, we Americans still have LIBERTY–with all of the imperfections which that form of gov’t permits. “Give me Liberty OR GIVE ME DEATH!” You muzzlumz will NEVER have Liberty and Justice for all, b/c “equal justice under sharia” is a complete oxymoron–YOU IDIOT!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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