VIDEO: Should We Deport the Families of Muslim Terrorists?

Source: Yes, we should deport the families of terrorists – The Rebel

After every terrorist attack, the U.S. and Canada should deport every one of the terrorist’s relatives.

But no: We’re so tolerant, we let the radical Muslim mayor of London throw out the first pitch at the Met’s game the day after an Islamic attack in the city.

Does this sound mean? I don’t care.

If you’re too tolerant, you’re part of the problem.

Worse, after a 3-day terror spree by Muslims in the U.S., New York City rolled out a taxpayer-funded campaign to TEACH and SPREAD ISLAM! And prosecute those who oppose it! Check it out and vote in the poll below.


9 thoughts on “VIDEO: Should We Deport the Families of Muslim Terrorists?

  1. Kith and Kin works. If you make it likely that their families will suffer, they may be less likely to commit an act of terror.

    • I like Gavin McInnes. He isn’t scared to speak his mind about this evil CULT! And he’s definitely right about deporting whole families b/c THEY ALL KNOW what one of their family members does! This bunch of CRAP about “lone wolves” is total rubbish! When one family member commits acts of terrorism, you can bet the WHOLE FAMILY is behind it–100%!!!!

      • Remember jehadi john from England that would give a speech before he would cut of someones head? Even though he kept his face covered I bet his family and friends knew who it was and was over joyed. They must have been proud of him or they would have alerted the athorities. I say deport friends and families.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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