Tennessee: Middle schooler’s will still be indoctrinated with Islam under “new” standards

A draft of new social studies standards is up for public review.

Except there is nothing new about it, only the titles and location of the information has been shuffled from one page to another.

Source: Islam will still be taught in 7th grade under new draft standards

Students will continue to learn the origin and central features of Islam in middle school under new draft standards proposed by the Tennessee State Board of Education.

The teachings of Islamic culture and history have been a subject of controversy among some parents across the state and there has been a strong backlash to the standards as they were previously written due to what some described as an effort to “indoctrinate students.”

But the changes to the standards for all grades, currently under review, are meant to streamline the content teachers are expected to teach students in any given grade, said Laura Encalade, director of policy and research.

The changes are part of a social studies standards review for all grades started at the beginning of the year.

No cuts targeted one area of history or one religion, but make the standards more manageable for more targeted instruction in any given year,” Encalade said.

So there were no changes.

In total, the department’s social studies review team has cut down the number of 7th grade standards, where Islam is taught, from 75 to 67.

The process has included a name change of standards under the “Islamic World, 400 A.D/C.E.–1500s” to “Southwest Asia and North Africa: 400-1500s C.E.” Some references to the “Islamic World” have been changed to “Africa.”

“I would say that is for consistency sake,” Encalade said. “(The educator advisory team) rooted that change to geographic locations.”

A name change to geographic locations? In other words, they are hiding the teaching of Islam under new headings like Asia and Africa. Areas of the world conquered by Islamic jihad and terror.

And under the new draft standards, students are asked to learn the origins, spread and central features of IslamThese include the founder Mohammed, sacred texts The Quran and The Sunnah and basic beliefs like monotheism and The Five Pillars. The diffusion of Islam, its culture and Arabic language are also still included in the standards.

Will they teach the spread of Islam by jihad? The hundreds beheaded or raped by Mohammed? Never. Just pure indoctrination.

But some of the standards that asked students to go in-depth about religions, including Christianity and Islam, have been removed, according to review of the standards by The Tennessean. The number of changes are slight, with some references integrated into standards elsewhere.

Another shell game. Slight changes were taken from one area and integrated into other standards. They were simply moved. Nothing has changed.

“Overall, some of the streamlining was trying to take in account that standards weren’t age-level appropriate or went too into too much detail,” Encalade said “(The educator advisory team) wanted to reduce the minutia and focus on what are the key concepts to really develop a strong sense of how world history developed and how different historical events progressed.”

Only the historical events that Muslim supremacists want to indoctrinate American children with make it into the textbooks. Jihad, sharia, beheadings, stonings, honor killings and much more are never mentioned.

Last school year, some parents and legislators raised concerns about how Islam was taught in schools, helping spur an early review to the state standards. The state board reviews standards every six years.

Tennessee state board officials also attributed the review to teacher dissatisfaction that the standards asked them to cover too much history in a single year. Teachers also complained the standards asked too much, Encalade said.

“There was a bunch of embedded curriculum in the standards and we removed that to leave the curriculum decisions to local districts, where it belongs,” Encalade said.

Educators across the state reviewed the standards this summer and the draft standards are up for public review. The state’s new social studies standards will be implemented in the 2019-20 school year.

To comment on the standards, open until Oct. 28, visit https://apps.tn.gov/tcas/.

Click the link, review it and comment. Share with your friends in Tennesseestan.

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10 thoughts on “Tennessee: Middle schooler’s will still be indoctrinated with Islam under “new” standards

  1. Don’t just say no, say hell no. Their names shouldn’t cross our lips.
    No wonder they call TN “The Volunteer State”, only volunteers would live there.

  2. I recommend that these school students, at the outset, be tested on whether they are Islam-savvy or Islam-clueless. The venerable website, http://www.SneakyIslam.com, a source of valuable information on Stealth Jihad and the impending Muslim takedown of America, features a pointed self assessment test, “Are you Islam-savvy or Islam-clueless?” on its home page, that handsomely fulfills this function. Check it out!

  3. Tennessee and all of us need a Bill Warner to craft a rebuttal to this outrage. By that I mean dissecting the curriculum point by point dispassionately rebutting the dhimmi diatribe. When COLONISTS try this stuff they rely on the time-worn phrases about being Americans to cover their purposes.

  4. This is NO laughing matter! I predict that if Americans DO NOT OUTLAW all public invasions of sharia law upon our Constitutional system, we will see public executions and dismemberment of hands and feet right here in AMERICA within 5 years! NO JOKE! If Hillary is elected, we don’t have a prayer…..

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