Kansas City Public Schools Submit non-Muslims to Islamic Supremacy & Sharia

Source: KC Public Schools Submit to Islamic Supremacy 2016 | causingfitna

The standard mis-truths and outright lies from the KC Board’s website:

Condemning violence and hate speech, expressing support for Muslim students and those perceived as Muslims

Adopted by the Kansas City Public Schools Board of Education September 28, 2016

WHEREAS the United States was founded by immigrants, many fleeing religious persecution, who enshrined freedom of religion as one of our nation’s fundamental legal and ethical principles; and

WHEREAS there are more than 3 million Muslims living in the United States today, and
approximately 30,000 living in the Greater Kansas City area, making invaluable contributions to our economy, our social and political life, and our culture; and

WHEREAS discrimination on the basis of religion, and against Muslims and those perceived as Muslims in particular, is deeply embedded within our country’s long history of racism and xenophobia; and

WHEREAS there has been an unprecedented backlash since the September 11th attacks in the form of hate crimes and employment discrimination toward Arab and Muslim Americans and those perceived as Muslims; and

WHEREAS Muslims, Muslim Americans, and those perceived as Muslims, are frequently the targets of abusive and discriminatory police practices sanctioned by the state including surveillance in their neighbor hoods and places of worship; and

WHEREAS the recent escalation of hateful rhetoric against Muslims, those perceived as Muslims, immigrants, and people of color is especially harmful to children, as it has a negative impact on their psychological well-being, the health of their peer relationships, and their ability to thrive in school; and

WHEREAS Muslim students, and those perceived as Muslims, across the country have reported instances of bullying and disproportionate school discipline on account of their religion and/or race; and

WHEREAS approximately 653 Kansas City Public Schools’ families have designated Somali, Arabic, and other Muslim languages being spoken in their homes; and

WHEREAS Muslim students in the Kansas City Public school district contribute in numerous ways to the vitality of the learning environment, and
their parents form an integral part of their school communities; and

WHEREAS providing a safe school environment that ensures both the physical and emotional safety of students and staff creates the conditions necessary to foster academic achievement; and

WHEREAS it is the responsibility of schools to educate students about the social, cultural and ethnic diversity of the United States, to promote awareness of a wide range of religious and cultural traditions, and to teach students to think critically about their own biases; and

WHEREAS we, as the leaders of the Kansas City Public Schools have a responsibility to ensure that all of our students are supported in their academic and personal development:

Now therefore be it resolved, that the Kansas City Public Schools

(1) Condemns all hateful speech and violent action directed at Muslims, those perceived as Muslims, immigrants and people of color;
(2) Commits to fostering a school environment that promotes respect for and curiosity about all religions and cultures, affirms the equal humanity of all members of the community, and rejects all forms of bullying and discrimination;
(3) Commits to instituting school policies and setting an educational curriculum that reflects the values expressed in this resolution via training of staff and teachers, the inclusion of diverse resources to supplement in-class curricula, and the creation of safe spaces for students to address school-based bullying.

Here’s some reality the resolution ignores…since 9/11 and during September 2016:


Here’s a long and growing list of Islamic Terror on American Soilbut only attacks in which fatalities occurred. Will students in Kansas City learn about this?

And more of the usual suspects that seem to have infiltrated the Kansas City board of education and worked in the sharia resolution:


We will double check, but the language reads closely to the New York City effort to submit non-Muslims to sharia law as well.

Essentially, what this resolution and others like it says is that no matter how many terrorist acts Muslims commit in the name of Islam and to spread sharia law, no matter how many women are raped by Muslims or killed while Muslims scream ‘allah akbar’, no matter how many women die in so-called ‘honor killings’, no matter how many non-Muslims are beheaded by Muslims – you must remain SILENT. You are no longer permitted to question or criticize or suggest that Islam is anything but perfect. If you do, you will face not only the wrath of blood thirsty Muslims and their co-religionist legal jihadists, but the U.S. government and local law enforcement who will hunt you down and arrest you. 

This resolution goes further and includes pretty much anyone who is not a white American.

PS: To understand how KC got to this point of submission, see what’s happened over the last eight years by reviewing Creeping Sharia posts on Kansas City here. And remember, Hamas was meeting in Kansas City’s Bartle Hall calling for bloodshed long before this blog existed.

21 thoughts on “Kansas City Public Schools Submit non-Muslims to Islamic Supremacy & Sharia

    • The dumbing down was a carefully laid plan, in fact it’s on record as far back as 1935 when then president of the American Communist party was calling on the government to take control of our schools, In 1963 there was Congressional hearing about the 45 goals of the American Communist party this same goal was listed, why so important; they wanted to feed the youth of America Communist propaganda on a national and a uniform level, imagine the celebrations when Marxist, Islam lover Jimmy Carter signed of on the Department of so-called Education. Our schools from grade one through university are deplorable propaganda camps. With the so-called “White Privilege” which is total b-s it doesn’t exist but it’s working and creating what I call white Oikophobes which are self loathing, country hating, despisers of white culture morons.

  1. shard to my public fb page with my added comments:



  2. Don’y you love what the faculty lounge lizards can dream up. And you thought all the crazies were locked away.

  3. This just indicates we, Americans in general, have some TOTAL IDIOTS on schools boards, county commissioners, State governments AND ALL the Federal people are not much better. The “believe” all the lies told by Muslims and are too stupid to actually READ the books Muslims use as their textbooks: the Quran, Hadith and Sir.

    Us kafirs, who HAVE read the books, say otherwise, but our voices are not listened to. We’ll die with the rest of these idiots.

  4. No one who is against this garbage should have their child in a Kansas city school. If few children attend and most that do are these uh things that pay no taxes the schools will suffer as they should. The muzz students pay nothing to attend school. It is time for public schools to suffer. Homeschooling or private.

    • Luckily, they’re mostly black, so you should probably go hide in your whitebread little slice of heaven that’s taken away by all those people that want your guns or your religious freedom or whatever the hell your overlords have decided you should be afraid of next!

      • @sjfjhe. Ok, so now you proved to everyone that you’re a “big, bad” MUZZSCUM…. I heard that there’s a nice HOT PAD reserved and waiting with YOUR NAME on it–in HELL! YOU REALLY OUGHT TO GO CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF! Go right ahead and check it out for yourself–or maybe I should just say, Go right and Be-head yourself…. hmmm….

  5. KC, MO Christians must take this resolution and change Muslim to Christian NOW and get it in front of the board at the next meeting. If they will not pass it or allow it to be heard, then Christians must refuse to pay for these schools which clearly persecute Christians and make special protections for Muslims. GET YOUR CHRISTIAN KIDS OUT AND GET YOUR CHURCH TO SETUP A SCHOOL TO GET THEM OUT OF THESE INDOCTRINATION CENTERS!

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  8. “making invaluable contributions to our economy, our social and political life, and our culture”, name them, you lying piece of pig shit.

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