Michigan: Terror-linked CAIR & DOJ Shakedown Township for $1.7M to Build Islamic School

The citizens don’t want a massive Islamic school that will teach hatred of non-Muslims and other dictates of the Koran and sharia in their neighborhood, nor all the negatives that come with it (traffic, parking and eventually a mega mosque). But the DOJ is forcing Islam on America. The results will not be pretty for future generations. And it all stems from mass immigration (legal and illegal) and refugee resettlement of Muslims.


CAIR is a named terrorist group. Source: Michigan Township to Pay $1.7 Million to Islamic School for Banning Its Construction

A Michigan township will pay an Islamic school $1.7 million as part of a settlement reached after a majority of the planning commission voted against a Muslim group’s request to build the facility.

Earlier this week, Pittsfield Township agreed to pay the sum of $1.7 million and allow the Michigan Islamic Academy to begin construction of a 70,000-square-foot school.

Pittsfield agreed to the settlement which was reached after two lawsuits were filed against it by the U.S. Justice Department and the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

In a statement released Thursday, CAIR-MI said the settlement is one of the largest ever settled based on the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000.

“We welcome the settlement with Pittsfield Township and hope the outcome of this case will serve as a deterrent to other municipalities throughout the country seeking to deny Muslim institutions the right to build or expand their facilities on the basis of religion,” stated CAIR-MI Legal Director Lena Masri.

In August 2011, the Pittsfield Township Planning Commission rejected in a vote of 3-2 a request by the Islamic Academy to build a school in the area.

“About 125 residents attended and about 50 spoke during public comment. Most of those opposed to the plan stressed that they have no issue with the school being Islamic, but said their concerns centered around traffic, children’s safety and the school being inconsistent with the master plan,” the Ann Arbor News reported in 2011.

Later in October 2011, the Pittsfield Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously to affirm the recommendation from the planning commission to reject the rezoning request of the Islamic Academy.

In February 2012, the Islamic Academy and CAIR filed a lawsuit against Pittsfield in district court, accusing the Township of violating their religious liberty under RLUIPA.

The Justice Department eventually filed a suit against Pittsfield in October 2015, with U.S. District Attorney Barbara McQuade writing in a statement that they filed the lawsuit “to protect the right of all Americans to practice their religion and receive the religious instruction and education of their choice.”

“This complaint alleges that Pittsfield Township denied the Michigan Islamic Academy’s request to build a school in violation of that law,” continued McQuade.

“The law prohibits the government from imposing land use regulations that substantially burden religious exercise unless there is a compelling government interest and uses the least restrictive means of doing so.”

Township Supervisor Mandy Grewal said in a statement earlier this week that the board’s decision to reach a settlement on the two lawsuits does not mean that the Township admits to wrongdoing.

“The township and the board of trustees emphatically deny any wrongdoing, discrimination or violation of law,” stated Grewal, as published Thursday by the Detroit News.

“The township’s position from the beginning was and continues to be about protecting existing residents in this region from land uses that were not originally envisioned when they purchased their homes.”

Hillary Clinton will continue the transformation of the U.S. into a Muslim nation at a rapid pace.

17 thoughts on “Michigan: Terror-linked CAIR & DOJ Shakedown Township for $1.7M to Build Islamic School

  1. “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge….” –that’s Biblical for WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROTTEN CORPSES, PEOPLE! The article states that most of the objections to this monstrosity deal with “PARKING AND TRAFFIC” issues, but that most local people had no problem with the “religion” of islam. PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!! For 1400 years this DEATH CULT has done nothing but savagely oppress, murder, enslave and pillage EVERY SOCIETY where they’ve been allowed in!!!! It’s high time we got our noses out of our sacroiliacs and JUST SAY NO!!! George W. Bush told us we were fighting “radical” islam OVER THERE so we wouldn’t have to fight them here. Well guess what–WE DIDN’T HEED THE ADVICE cause now they’re here and we’re still letting them destroy us! JUST SAY NO, NO NO!!!!! NO!!!!!

  2. There are too many Muslins in our Federal govt (thanks to obama).. Islam does not have to take over my force… we are inviting them in( thanks again to obama and Hilary). Then when they are totally in control of all our public offices then they will overtly start killing anyone who does not convert to Islam. We don’t have a chance. TRUMP WILL STOP LETTING MORE Islamic factions into our country b ut it has to be done asap. We are all doomed otherwise.

    • When Obama and his minions are gone, we can root out the Muslims from government. We will have to send all back to their countries. Islam has a religious counterpart but it is mainly a political power cult that will attempt to colonize America and replace the Constitution and legal system with shariah law. There will be less bloodshed if we fight them now. As you know, they have declared war (jihad) against America. Eternal vigilance is the watchword for liberty and freedom and the attack by Islam is a worse menace than Hitler’s nazi Germany and Tojo’s Japan ever was.

  3. I will settle for nothing less than Islam’s complete and permanent expulsion from the USofA, their destination: the OIC, not to one of our precious civilized countries.

  4. Islam is an arrogant, intolerant, bigoted, male chauvinistic, female subjugating, hate filled, violent, slave ideology! It’s goal is to dominate and subjugate, not integrate into any Western society. It is incompatible with Western values and culture!
    I have no respect for it!

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  6. We need to outlaw foreign financing of mosques and Islamic schools and also carefully monitor foreign immans and Islamic scholars, and there will be fewer cases like this. There is a compelling state interest to stop the influence of anti-democratic governments. Much of the funds come from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

      • The sooner all Americans and freedom-loving people get it thru their impossibly thick heads that ISLAM at its very core, from its outset in the 7th century, is EVIL, VIOLENT AND HAS ABSOLUTELY NO REDEEMING VALUES WHATSOEVER, the sooner we’ll all be able to sleep better at night! It is totally imperative that we see IZZLAM for the “religion” from HELL that it is. You don’t necessarily have to hate muslims, BUT YOU HAVE TO ABSOLUTELY HATE THE DIABOLICAL BLOOD-CULT THAT THEY REPRESENT!!!! A word to the wise–WAKE UP AND SMELL THE STINKING ROTTEN CADAVERS IN THE ROOM!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

        • Islam does not want to integrate or assimilate, it’s goal is to dominate. Western society is ignorant or in denial concerning this! The Trojan Horse has infiltrated, now is not the time to go to sleep!

          • I truly believe we can defeat this thing called islam if we can get enough level-headed Americans to stop making excuses for THE RELIGION FROM HELL! You don’t have to be a born-again Christian (as I am) to see through islam. You just have to look at islam’s track record down thru history. It’s a trail of blood and guts from mohammed till the present day. There have NEVER been muslims or muslim societies who have welcomed freedom of thought and open discussion of ideas. And who exactly makes the rules in islam–God??? Not hardly! The rules are written to be broken! Every practicing muslim knows that IT’S THE IMAMS AND MULLAHS AND SHEIKHS who lay down the laws! The only consistent thing that exists about islam is that it teaches hatred and bloodshed! Oh, ah, and the other thing about islam which never changes is that everything which represents TRUE ISLAM, i.e., hatred of all non-muslims and death to the “infidel” is somehow non-islamic anymore when you ask a muzzlum to explain why they refuse to assimilate and insist upon returning kindness with hatred and prejudice! Muzzlumz THINK that I’m going to hell, b/c I’m a Christian, but I absolutely KNOW that all practicing muslims don’t have a ‘prayer in hell’ if they think their “religion” represents an eternal God of love and mercy! They’re the blind leading the blind, and Jesus Christ said, “they’ll both fall in the ditch”!!!

  7. When your legal system is riddled with laws that your enemy can use to attack and rot your society from within, it is time to realize that mistakes were made in the past, and change the laws.

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