Canada: More taxpayer-funded sharia segregated swimming, males banned

A Canadian reader shared this with us:

Early morning on October 10, 2016 is the next shariah-compliant swim at Coqutlam Aquatic Centre, BC, a local property tax-funded public recreation facility.

Freedom of Information documents reveal that the ‘women only’ event was started after lobbyists from the local significant-size Persian community (do they represent the Bahai’s and secularists also?) asked City Hall to not have to swim in mixed company.

Boys under five years of age will be the only males permitted to swim. Men even entering the lobby will be asked to leave. Respondent questionnaires reveal that some women feel uncomfortable being ‘ogled’ and bullied. And just who might those men be doing the bullying?

Windows will be covered over and no male staff will be present. This means no male cashiers or cleaners, not just no male lifeguards.

Didn’t we fight this sort of sectarian and sexist crap in the 1970s and 1980s? Canada is going backwards! But this ultra-conservatism disguised as feminism is limited mostly to the politicians and civil service. According to my random polling, most swimmers are opposed to special accommodation for Muslims. And not so surprisingly, it is Muslim men who are the most enthusiastic supporters of shariah swims, more than the women.

And a quick look confirms the schedule on the website of the City Centre Aquatic Complex

Women’s  Swims

We are offering extended hours on statutory holidays for women only swims. From 8 – 10 a.m. we will be open to women only and with female staff. Regular admission rates apply.

  • Upcoming swims: Mon, Oct. 10 | Fri, Nov. 11 | Mon, Dec. 26

Also from the website:

Please share your feedback and comments about our programs and tell us how we’re doing.

We used the word “more” in the title because it’s not the first time sharia supremacists have taken over Canada’s public swimming pools.

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6 thoughts on “Canada: More taxpayer-funded sharia segregated swimming, males banned

  1. Ironic, Leftist collusion with the restriction on civil liberties upon Religious Request. Can you imagine the Left acceding to the request if it were a Christian or Jewish Religious Group. Of course not, they would say it was contrary to the principles of the Country. Yet, Islam or Muslim romanticizes the aura and acceptances of these ‘minor’ concessions, just like school curricula, 2-standards for Racism Rule 56, 50,000 immigrants learning the layout of military bases as they live there.

  2. However, transgender or any genetic males who ‘self-identify’ as females will be welcome to swim with the ladies. This was tested several days ago in Toronto. So if a dozen cross-dressers happen to show up at 8 a.m. on Thanksgivings Monday…


    According to my casual poll conducted by asking 64 attendees of normal public swims, the reaction to these is events is pretty much split three ways into for, against and indifferent. But, when full details are explained (covered windows, zero males present, not even cleaners) that ratio changes to about half each way. The only group overwhelmingly for the ‘women only’ events are recently arrived Muslim men from Western Asia. Middle Eastern women generally support it, but are less absolute in how good it must be for them. In numerous cases their husbands talked for them!

    At the opposite end of the spectrum of opinions are ethnic Russians (men and women). Some got livid when they heard about it! Women 16-23 tend to be for it, but even many of them (including apparent lesbians) said “So, when’s the men only swim?” – a common response from many respondents. Almost everyone, except most Muslims, and some Hindus and Sikhs, thought the windows blocked out and zero male staff anywhere was extreme. Ethnic Chinese and Koreans (both Buddhists and Christians) were generally indifferent, with a slight leaning towards ‘well, that’s kind of silly’. I didn’t talk to any girls or boys under 16, so I don’t have any idea of the opinions of youth.

    Persian community, the members of which first requested the event in 2011, were also mixed in their responses. Several middle age men got upset hearing the news, saying things like “This is why I left Iran, all this religious bullshit!” The strongest negative reaction I got was from a Russian Jew who stormed out of the sauna in a fury because I wouldn’t tell him my opinion (I was trying to be neutral in my intelligence gathering). The only belligerent response I got was in the hot tub from a group of Persian men in their 20’s, who not only supported the event but insisted I tell them my opinion. Their tone was aggressive and threatening.

    What struck me as most remarkable was that everyone (well. 80%, at least of anyone over 35) immediately interpreted the event as described as a Muslim swim. I never mentioned ‘Muslim’, ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islam. I just described the event’s rules. People figured it out. By themselves. With no hints. In seconds. They gave their opinion whether Muslim values should be accommodated or not. The poll respondents saw it as a religious issue. The wording of my questions did not.

    The conclusion I brought from talking to so many people is that the biggest factors were …

    1. where grew up (to age 12)
    2. how long have lived in Canada (6 months, 20 years?)
    3. religion (I made it clear that by religion, I didn’t mean if they were religious)

    So, a woman born and raised in Saskatchewan who is a non-practicing Catholic was more likely to say ‘maybe not such a good idea’ whereas an Afghan man still getting his new immigrant cheque was very likely to say something like ‘women need to be protected’ How noble.

    The City of Coquitlam did its own poll *but only of attendees to the women only swim*. Duh, not exactly a control double-blind study!

    Freedom of Information data reveals some of the City’s internal communications as antagonistic or condescending to critics. And much was blocked out – such as anything that would reveal non-City Hall people’s names, one audio recording, minutes from internal meetings, and advice from their lawyer(s) [which I think we can pretty much assume was ‘guys, you can’t present this as a religious issue, Come up with something else’ – which City hall did. It’s for rape victims, and for women who have body-image issues. Yeah, sure…] . Entire pages were black. I know for certain that certain communications were missing. Telephone message from myself for example.

    There is a Town hall meeting at Coquitlam City Hall October 13 from 7 to 10 pm. There will be an open mic, with opportunities for five minutes presentations/questions.

  3. No one showed up for the protest except me. So, for a second time my preparations and promotions were wasted. I contacted dozens of Canadian radio, TV, and print press. Zero were interested apparently, or it is too much to ask to show up at 8 a.m. on a holiday. Rebel Media cancelled sending their reporter because one of their own reporters (in Toronto) did a similar action four days earlier. Co-incidence? I doubt it.

    Complete lethargy in Canada to these issues. But the worst of it is the leak. I cannot even trust those who I expect to be allies.

    I spoke with two Iranians to strategize – a Christian and an atheist. Both believe that there is more to the Persian lobby than meets the eye (agents for the Islamic Republic of Iran).

    • Thanks – read through – is the video link available?

      Seems the local officials were in denial that it had anything to do with Islam or that it promotes sharia, particularly harmful to women in Canada.

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