New York: Muslim broad caught abusing food stamps says ‘Fuck America’ (video)

The racist, foul-mouthed Muslim broad cursed America, American taxpayers, and had a particular disdain for the “white boy” who caught her in the act.muslim-fraud


While the ‘white boy’ who claims to be a lawyer for the state thinks she should go home, she claims her home is Detroit. This is Islam in America today.

The SNAP website states the soda is eligible but only for home consumption and it is highly unlikely that two shopping carts full of soda being stuffed into a nice SUV will be used for and surely not what food stamps were meant for. 

No word from food czar Michelle Obama and not likely the state will investigate the blatant theft of taxpayer money either.

Original video here.

Rumor has it she is related to or this is in the same area as the Muslim food stamp fraudsters in Buffalo who also said “fuck America.” She even seemed to reference that incident in the video above.

10 thoughts on “New York: Muslim broad caught abusing food stamps says ‘Fuck America’ (video)

  1. I remember reading about Food Stamp Fraud whereby purchases were make using the Electronic Benefits Card and for items that were subsequently sold by a Convenience Store that was run by an accomplice. In such case, the Taxpayers are stocking the Convenience Store with items that are marked up and resold, resulting in a very high profit. When you consider that many convenience stores are being run by immigrants, the likelihood that this is happening elsewhere is very real. The aforementioned is not only egregious, it is criminal. But that’s not all!…. If the Internal Revenue Service looked into this, they would most likely find that such a scheme of Reselling Items Purchased with Food Stamps creates an Obligation for the Seller to pay Income Tax on the Profits.

  2. Plenty of Muslims moving in to my area. Overweight and obviously well-fed, they sit around all day having barbecue after barbecue, watching TV, doing nothing. Very noisy group, btw.

    Meanwhile, nothing but English-speaking white males living in the homeless camps dotting the banks of the Santa Ana River, all up and down the length of the 57 freeway…

  3. same in Florida you always seen the street beggers always to be white or black and the the lines in wall marts filled with (Snap/gov welfare card users of middle eastern descent filling their minie vanes with cases of goods.

    • This muzzlima PIG speaks American English TOO WELL, not to be born here! She is obviously some filthy Middle Easterner’s BITch! It’s my guess she probably comes from some well-to-do, Hillary supporting family in Detroit (exactly where she said she comes from)! She really needs to learn what a hateful bunch of slime-balls she has chosen to be friends with. Let’s hope this lawyer making the video, files charges against her–and that the judge who hears the case isn’t some MUDSLIME PIG that gives her a pitty-pat on the wrist!!!!! This kind of fraud against our system should be punishable with no less than 20 years in the slammer! What’s more, there ought to be some kind of charges brought against the store owner, who is permitting this kind of fraud to go forward!!!

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