Taxpayers fund sharia swims at University of Minnesota


Doors that lead to the pool at the University of Minnesota are covered for several hours to ensure privacy for Somali women and girls as they learn to swim. Judy Griesedieck for MPR News

Just like in Canada and other public pools, Muslims who abide by sharia law force Americans to submit to the sharia and no men are allowed. Source: Minnesota Public Radio News

Zahra Hassan, a community outreach coordinator for the Minneapolis nonprofit Fairview Health Services, works to make swim opportunities available to Muslim girls and women as a matter of health. One day a week, her group offers free swimming lessons at the University of Minnesota to Muslim girls and women, with no men allowed.

“It makes it easier for the community to learn when they know that they can be in a pool where they don’t have to worry about wearing a scarf,” she said. “They can wear whatever they want in the pool, as long as the windows are covered, we have a female instructor, a female lifeguard. It’s great.”

And taxpayer-funded MPR shills for Islam and sharia.

What MPR doesn’t tell readers is that the windows are papered over because Muslim women live under the threat of death from Muslim men…even in America.

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6 thoughts on “Taxpayers fund sharia swims at University of Minnesota

  1. Seriously, what the hell, people! If these g-damd moochers are so hep on learning how to swim–LET’EM BUILD THEIR OWN FRICKIN’ SWIMMING POOL!!! We build all this fabulous stuff on our dime and THEY ARE GONNA COME IN HERE AND TELL US WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO WITH IT????? NOT ON MY DIME!!!!! MUZZRATS TAKE A HIKE!!!! And if that don’t suit ya, you can go straight to HELL–AND DO NOT PASS “GO” or collect $200. (Monopoly joke). Seriously, THIS CRAP HAS GOT TO STOP!!!! Can anybody just say NO!!!!!

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