California Passes Bill Giving Muslims Special Protections (aka Sharia Law)

Muslims supremacists have again succeeding in elevating themselves above all others in America. Just like in Kansas City and New York. Plague-like.

Taxpayers will fund this effort. Source: California Gov. Signs Law to Address Muslim, Sikh, South Asian American Bullying – NBC News

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed new legislation last week aimed at giving students a safer school environment, according to his office.

Bill AB-2845, also known as the “Safe Place to Learn Act,” seeks to address bullying of South Asian, Muslim-, and Sikh-American students as well as those mistaken to belong to those groups by providing school staff with school-site and community resources as well as require the superintendent of public instruction to publish anti-bullying resources related to religious and perceived religious affiliation on its website, according to Asian-Americans Advancing Justice — California (AAAJ-CA), one of the organizations behind the law.

The law was sponsored by Assemblymember Das Williams (D-37) and developed in collaboration with The Sikh Coalition, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF), AAAJ-CA, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

“This is a landmark bill for California that will curb bullying and discrimination in the classroom,” Harjit Kaur, community development manager for The Sikh Coalition, told NBC News. “AB 2845 ensures the right of every child to practice his/her faith freely in public schools. We look forward to implementing this bill and engaging with communities and schools across California to address bullying and discrimination in the classroom.”

The bill passed unanimously in the California Assembly 79 to 0 and passed 34 to 3 in the California Senate.

Comment from the terrorist-named Muslim organization CAIR removed.

Suffice it to say they dragged along (or propped up) the Sikhs, whom would normally be a target of jihadists outside the US just like all other non-Muslims.

American students – if you question Islam, speak ill of Islam or are merely accused of looking at a Muslim funny – you will go to jail in California. That is sharia law.


19 Responses

  1. ‘Governor Moonbeam’ is alive and well. Is this puff for election purposes? Will it morph into …..

  2. WOW. shared to my public fb with my added comments:



  3. “…ensures the right of every child to practice his/her faith freely in public schools.”

    Except Christians, of course. I’m sure they would still be suspended for reading a Bible in class.

  4. Lol!! I’m visualizing all the little prayer rugs in between desks….and however many times a day…the ignorant, innocent kids get on their rugs to pray while the teacher is trying to teach and all the other kids are just staring at them……..You know…I like the anti-bullying part of this law, but catering to everyone’s religions is a real problem….

  5. I bet this won’t apply to Muzzies. PERIOD!

    • Maybe next will be permits to cull the herd when they grow too populous and start moving into politicians’ neighborhoods.

  6. “… ensures the right of every child to practice his/her faith freely in public schools.” So Christian students are afforded the same protections and freedoms to practice their faith in public schools as well? Can’t wait to hear about the unintended consequences.;

  7. but it still ok to bully the white kids

    • Bully to include teachers who advance shari’a law in the classroom by teaching the religion of peace.

  8. But it’s okay to bash a Christian and take away free speech. Some day those who voted for moonbeam will regret it. It will happen when their rights are taken. But unfortunately, it will be too late.

  9. Nothing trumps the us constitution.These tpye of bills or laws will not work! I”m still going to say my opinion about things! Muslims have for 1400s years been plaguing the globe with their Islamic jihad! And part of that is to play victim of their behavior!!! Talk openly about the quran or Muhammads bio. What is in Muslim sources ( the truth) and you will see very quick how Muslims will try to shut you down..They do not what people to learn. Only do what they are told to do. That is why so many Muslims are jihadist! You have to learn Muslim sources info the away it is written.

  10. Everyone in California is a member of a protected special class, except straight white males. As for this “landmark bill for California…” expect bullying and discrimination towards straight white males to skyrocket.

    • You might add police to your list. Next it will be a law requiring moslems etc to take out a license to cull the police population. I absolutely hate what has happened to law and order in our country.

  11. This country is under attack from within and it was and could only be elected leaders who made this attack against this country possible, our Founding Fathers warned us against such leaders. These elected leaders have abandoned their oath of office and any allegiance and loyalty they may have had to the U.S. Constitution, their actions are dangerous, disgraceful and a direct threat to everything America stands for. President Obama has compared himself to our 3rd. President Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson helped build this country, defended and supported the Liberties and Freedoms that he believed all men should have and fight to keep. President Obama has been attacking those Liberties and Freedoms that made this country great. if President Obama had lived during the time of Thomas Jefferson, they would not see eye to eye on much of anything nor would Thomas Jefferson trust the actions of a man who funds, supports and places Muslim Terrorists/ Terrorist supporters in U.S. Government positions, and if former President Thomas Jefferson were alive today it would be no different. Thomas Jefferson would continue to support and defend the Liberties and Freedoms of this country against any attack foreign or domestic. While President Obama is fighting to destroy our Right to Bear Arms and our Freedom of Speech, Thomas Jefferson would be defending them nor would he bow down, apologize or make excuses for Muslim Terrorists behavior, while blaming America. Thomas Jefferson’s only purpose for reading the Koran was to better understand his enemy (Islam) which after reading the Koran and having a better understanding of what the Muslim Terrorists believed he then sent the Navy and Marines to destroy the Muslim Terrorists which they did handedly. President Obama on the other hand funded and continues today to support Muslim Terrorists, he continues to flood the United States with the same radical Muslims that has only brought havoc to every host country throughout Europe.

  12. No religious activity should take place at any school other than private school.

  13. It’s face it we can think Obama for the spread of this.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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