Coincidence? Men Who Took NYC Bomb From Suitcase Are Egyptian Muslims

But don’t worry, they’re just witnesses according to the NYPD and FBI.

Source: NYC Bomb Investigation: FBI IDs Men With Suitcase, Officials Say – ABC News

The FBI has identified the two men seen on surveillance camera taking a suitcase that had held one of the explosive devices that failed to detonate earlier this month in Manhattan, according to law enforcement officials.

Authorities had previously said the men were not considered suspects in the attempted bombing and appear to have removed the device from the bag on Manhattan’s 27th street in order to lug away the suitcase.

The two men are believed to work for an Egyptian airline and are presumed to have returned to Egypt, officials said. At this point remain witnesses in the case.

Authorities say the men picked up the bag shortly after it was left on 27th street on the evening of Sept. 17 by Ahmad Rahami, an American citizen from Afghanistan. Rahami has been charged with a number of purported crimes related to that bomb, another that exploded on 23rd street the same night and several other devices discovered in New Jersey, most of which failed to detonate. At least 29 people were injured in the 23rd street blast.

NYPD chief of counterterrorism James Waters said last week the men who took the bag were “very, very lucky” after perhaps unknowingly handling the explosive device.

Very lucky? What are the chances?

Of all the people in New York City, two Muslims from Egypt randomly find a suitcase with a bomb in it, remove the bomb and take the suitcase. Then, rather than provide investigators with information, they fled the U.S. immediately.

4 thoughts on “Coincidence? Men Who Took NYC Bomb From Suitcase Are Egyptian Muslims

  1. After Bill Clinton’s ” chance” meeting with Loretta Should be Lynched on the tarmac at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix and FBI Director Comeys’ recommendation that no charges be brought against Killary Clinton for her careless handling of our nations’ secrets and so many other botched investigations concerning the security and safety of America and Americans, what else can we expect beside more corruption?

  2. Another coincidence? Gas explosion in Patterson NJ. on 10/04/16 ? Take a look at those photos , or on youtube. That does not look like the result of a gas explosion. More like military high explosive!

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