Philadelphia Police Officers Served Breakfast by Terror-listed Muslim Group

Sept. 25, 2016: Members of the Muslim American Society serving breakfast at their North Philadelphia mosque to Philadelphia Police officers before the Puerto Rican Day parade. NBC10 – Karen Araiza


Not a Muslim woman nor a Muslim smile anywhere in site. Source: Muslim American Society Treats Hundreds of Philadelphia Police Officers to Breakfast | NBC 10 Philadelphia

Philadelphia Police and Muslim American Society leaders feel like the breakfast is especially significant this year given recent events like police shootings and mass shootings. Both groups feel like they have a shared experience — they both know what it’s like when society makes negative assumptions about police officers or Muslims. Mosque leaders said they feel it’s important to continually reinforce to the broader community that they are good people doing good things in Philadelphia.

Are these police officers aware that MAS is a Muslim Brotherhood entity, listed as a terrorist group in the UAE, with leaders who espouse jihad?

A UAE leader explains Why the Muslim American Society (MAS) and CAIR are listed as terrorist organizations:

“…we cannot accept incitement or funding when we look at some of these organizations…for many countries the definition of terror is that you have have to carry a weapon and terrorize people for us it’s far beyond that…we cannot tolerate even the smallest and tiniest amount of terrorism”

UAE Designates American Muslim Groups – CAIR & MAS – as Terrorist Organizations

Imprisoned US Brotherhood Leader Testifies that Muslim American Society (MAS) is the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim American Society official calls bin Laden a “Visionary” (updated)

Muslim American Society leader admits group is part of the Muslim Brotherhood

If that weren’t enough, Muslims have a history of killing cops in Philadelphia:

Pennsylvania: Muslim Abdul Wahi shoots cop in the face multiple times

Philadelphia: Muslim Attempts to Assassinate Cop, Says Did It in Name of Islam (Video)

Philly: Muslims convicted of murder in officer’s death

Jailhouse Islam – The Radicals Among Us (Philly)

Philadelphia Cop Killings Due To Jailhouse Islam


20 thoughts on “Philadelphia Police Officers Served Breakfast by Terror-listed Muslim Group

    • There is no way I would eat anything they served, it would be a perfect way to poison the police officers, but these alphabet Muslim organizations’ leaders are too smart for that, cultivating the officers to their side is much more important, those that think the adherents of this religion poses no threat to America are complete fools; almost 1400 years of ISIS like atrocities committed against innocent men, women and children proves they’re fools. Some of these Muslim organizations are behind the huge rise in Israel/Jew haters on many college campuses, these ignoramuses are being led by their nose and are too stupid to understand, they’re actually blaming Israel while supporting terrorist organizations over Israel and are abusing Jewish students, this includes Muslim professors as well. How did this country produce so many Fools? it has to be through our schools, our so-called news media and entertainment media. As far back as 1935 then president of the American Communist party was calling for the government to take control of our schools, they final got it in 1980 when Marxist Jimmy Carter signed off on the Department of so-called Education, the Communists could now feed America’s youth Communist propaganda not only on a national level but on a uniform level as well

      • More on my first post: In 1963 Congress looked into the 45 goals of the American Communist party these goals have all been achieved, getting control of our schools in my opinion was the most important goal, one research polling group , not sure which one but their poll showed 50% of adults want higher taxes and to distribute wealth. It’s not a matter if America becomes a third world country it’s when, as each year passes there are more pro-Communists, oh no they don’t look at themselves as Communists, they’re Progressives, there is no difference between today’s Progressivism and Communism. One of the 45 goals was to divide the races to shame the whites as racists, we see this playing out today in our schools from grade one all the way through university, I call these white students Oikophobes for lack of a more fitting name they’re self loathing, despising the white culture, blaming the white man for all the ills of the world, this is called ‘White Privilege” which is total B.S it doesn’t exist, yet it’s working. How can we fix the problem when so few even understand there’s is a problem, much less the cause.

  1. They are CRAZY to eat anything touching by the FILTH of Islamic hands. If this becomes a routine event, look for hundreds of police to wind up dead from poisoning.

    NEVER trust a filthy Muslim.

  2. “Do not eat food sacrificed to other gods.” Boy, is the Philadelphia Police Officers in satanic trouble now! Knowing it’s only to keep their jobs that they allow themselves to be deceived by evil, demonic muslims, I really feel sorry for them. They have allowed themselves to become part of the problem of what’s tearing America down. Ignorance of the truth is no excuse.

  3. But they don’t wash their hands I heard. So after using bathroom they handle Food? And why do the police eat knowing they may get ill from feces and more?

  4. Boston’s Love Affair, with Muslim Terrorists, is downright disgusting. The Murdering Tsarnev Klan is
    Treated like royalty by the Politicians in Boston, & Now
    the Cops are eating out of the unwashed hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. Perhaps, we should build a wall
    around Boston, where a Haven for Muslim Terrorists has been established, to contain Islamic Terror

  5. Breakfast in Philadelphia while the rest of the U.S. takes a bite out of a giant shit sandwich on obamabread called islam.

    • If I was one of those police officers and it was an order for me to eat there, I would pretend it was a great idea but at the last minute I would think up a good excuse not to go, it’s not a sin to contaminate the infidels food. As a whole we keep bowing to Muslims.

  6. Ok, so now that we’ve all sat down together and eaten rat food and poison how about we all take it one step further in the name of solidarity–come to my church so we can all pray to Jesus together. Hahahaha! What? Christians are all apes and pigs, you say? Oh well, so much for all your ‘peace-n-luv’ crap! Geez, and here I thought for a minute you actually DIDN’T want to chop my head off, so we could all be ‘just friends’! BTW, I just wonder, wonder, wonder what mo-damn-head would have to say about your gallivantin’ around with kuffars and infidels like me??? I’d say it’s time to go stick your azz-salute up in the air to your allah-god. He’s probably really mad at you right about now!!!!!

      • Well David, if there’s one thing that we all know beyond all doubt (at least all of us who have a brain), it’s that MUZZLUMZ never ever “socialize” with the “kuffars” w/o some ulterior sinister sick motive! Believe me, this “breakfast” is NOT about singing cum-bye-ya around the campfire with the ‘most honorable and venerable’ Officers of the Law! Hahahaha!!! This is just one more way that the MUZZTURDS wrap the noose just a little tighter around the unsuspecting, naive infidels’ necks! It just makes it that much easier to kick the rock out from underneath the infidels’ feet!!!!!

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