Tennessee: Another parent finds Islamic indoctrination in curriculum, wants textbook change (video)

Source: Sullivan County parent complains about Islam curriculum, wants textbook change | WJHL

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- A Sullivan County mother, upset about the way Islam is taught in her child’s school took her concerns to the board of education Monday night.

Michelle Edmisten was the only parent to speak during public comment about how Islam is being taught in schools.

She pleaded with the board asking for an immediate change.


“It is time as parents, teachers, and administrators we stand up and take back our families, our schools, and our country,” Edmisten said.

Edmisten said her daughter just finished the Islam unit, and felt some of the assignments went against her beliefs as a Christian.

She said her daughter refused to complete some of the assignments regarding Islam because of those beliefs, and as a result failed several of those assignments.

Monday night, she asked board members to change the curriculum.

“I would like to see the Pearson book yanked from the school immediately. I would like to see parents, Christians, veterans, anyone that’s anyone, stand up for this fight. How can I, as a Christian, say that I have these values? And I want to instill these values in my daughter, but then say its okay go ahead and do it,” Edmisten said.

Board of Education members listened, but said changing a textbook involves a process.

Board of Education Chair, Michael Hughes, said the state of Tennessee currently is reviewing the way Social Studies is taught.

“Its not like we have the option to get rid of the book, and get a book that don’t have those standards, so then the question becomes, can we find a textbook that is that much different, and is it worth it,” Edmisten said.

One board member, Mark Ireson, did make a last-minute motion at the end of the meeting to remove the textbook.

Director of Schools Evelyn Rafalowski said there is a protocol to follow, and no timeline was set on when they will take up that discussion again.

A public comment period is underway on the state’s draft for the new social study curriculum.

You have the chance to comment on the proposed changes until October 28th.

The question all parents should be asking is, if it’s so hard and time consuming to get the Islamic propaganda out of the curriculum then how – and who was responsible – for putting in the curriculum. The answer is supremacist Muslims who infiltrate school boards, corporations, etc. and they’ve been working on the sharia agenda for a long time.

Please reference our post last week that confirms there are basically no changes in the “new” curriculum and Tennessee: Middle schooler’s will still be indoctrinated with Islam under “new” standards.

Then click the link, review the non-changes and comment. Share with your friends in Tennesseestan.

Also read this piece, of which the conclusion is excerpted below, Teaching About Islam In Tennessee:

If you are not Muslim, what would you most want to know about Islam? Surely you would want to find out what is said about non-Muslims in the Qur’an and Hadith. Students should not be shielded from the many passages in the Qur’an that denounce the Unbelievers; they have a right to know, and teachers a duty to teach, this aspect of Islam, rather than have it remain unremarked, or deliberately hidden. It is not too late for the parents to draw up their own syllabus, one that they should make public, in order to force discussion of all of these unpleasant but indispensable matters. Instead of allowing themselves to be caricatured as the “parents who fear their kids will know too much about this book”— the Qur’an — the parents in Tennessee might consider demanding a fuller study of Islam in the schools, “because we want our children to be able to answer such questions as these”: Why is it so easy to convert to Islam by reciting the Shehada? And why is it so hard – and so dangerous — to leave Islam? Why is Zakat limited only to other Muslims? Why, in the five required daily prayers, is an imprecation against Jews and Christians repeated seventeen times? Why does Islam still permit slavery? Who are the “vilest of creatures”? Who are the “best of peoples”? Who was Aisha? Who was Asma bint Marwan? What is “Jihad”? What is a “dhimmi”? What is “jizyah”?

That’s a start.

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12 thoughts on “Tennessee: Another parent finds Islamic indoctrination in curriculum, wants textbook change (video)

  1. I have spoke up to the head of our school district in North County San Diego and was threatened with C.P.S. and told to keep my mouth shut and many of the other parents that were also helping me fight this stopped for fear of being labeled like I was. Where can we go when you are know in the wilderness alone? Deep research into this so called common core and many evil and bad people are connected such as the Saudis own our education system and an outside the USA have there clutches on our children and parents have NO DAY whatsoever. This is very bad.

  2. 1) What was this mother’s specific objection? The only thing in this entire text or in the video concerning the content is images of the assignment sheet. I don’t see ANYTHING on those questions, even when looking at the video frame-by-frame, that a reasonable person would find objectionable. Even on the bits we see in these worksheets, it’s obvious that questions about Islam are in the context of learning about other religions as well.

    2) I don’t know what the laws are in Tennessee about curricula in government schools. But here in Illinois, the school board, NOT administrators, have final say on curricula and textbooks. But school boards nationally are utterly ineffective in their responsibilities, and most shirk this responsibility. My guess is that’s what’s happening here.

    3) It appears that the discussion was about removing the textbook in toto. Since most current social studies text are biased trash, that’s not entirely unreasonable, but that case hasn’t been made effectively here. Without that, the focus should have been on removing the specific elements that might have been objectionable, rather than the whole textbook, once anyone was told what those elements were.

    4) The school board member who mumbled something about what the law required is totally clueless. State and district standards tend to be wispy, airy pieces of fluff that have very few specifics. Most likely, the standards say something like, “Students shall learn about the history and tenets of world religions”, which is undoubtedly a desirable thing and WAY short of proselytizing. That guy is just an ignorant coward. Instead of saying they’ll look into the specific elements of concern (assuming anyone ever said what they were) he was just doing his best to ignore the issue and get home to watch HBO and have few beers and pretzels.

    • @Kevin K. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but honestly, Kevin, you don’t find “ANYTHING” objectionable about this curriculum. You’re a proud progressive liberal, huh??? Well here’s something that might tweak your fancy–MUZZLUMZ believe that the very “recitation” of the ‘shahada’ (the islamic confessional about the allah-god and his alleged “prophet”–falsely so-called)–just the mere recitation thereof, THAT MAKES YOU A MUSLIM!!!! And ONCE A MUSLIM ALWAYS A MUSLIM till DEATH DO US PART!!!! For a man with so much obvious academic prowess–you sure are a dam’d fool!!!! Like I said, correct me if I’m wrong! Defend yourself, if you can!!!!!

      • wellborn: Telling kids that they have to recite the shahada would be very much objectionable, I AGREE!!!!

        However, the article and the video are about the mother’s objection in Sullivan County. There is nothing in the text of this article about that case, nor in the linked video, that suggests that happened or was requested. And, as I said in my post, it’s never clear in the text or video what it is exactly that she IS objecting to.

        And for your information, I’m about as hard-core conservative as you can get. But I feel that the way to make our case effectively is to be accurate in our facts.

        • @Kevin. Ok, you’re right about being “specific” in voicing objections to this curriculum. I can’t speak for this concerned parent. She does state, however, that ‘as a Christian’ she doesn’t feel comfortable with this curriculum, or words to that effect. Maybe that’s not specific enough on her part, and maybe she somehow feels intimidated, since she didn’t exactly receive any shouts from the Amen corner to bolster her courage. My whole claim to fame here is to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS–ISLAM IS AN EVIL DIABOLICAL PHILOSOPHY of hatred and blood! That’s my WHOLE CLAIM TO FAME!!!! I’d stake my very LIFE on it!!!! You give’em one minuscule concession and they’ll lay claim to the WHOLE FARM!! This curriculum is just opening the door to the dirty DEVIL all dressed up to look like a beauty queen in a Miss America pageant! I repeat myself–ISLAM is insidiously DIABOLICAL and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! It should NEVER be viewed or taught as a peaceful or peaceable alternative world religion, and to teach it as such to our children is one of the biggest idiotic travesties of this millennial generation. This kind of a compromised school curriculum is going to COST US–BIG-TIME!!!!! Some people would call me a bigot for my “intolerance”. Then so be it! History will prove that we have failed to shut the door to this MONSTER FROM HELL while there was still time!!!! And just btw, the WHOLE GOAL and ultimate purpose behind this underhanded invasion of introducing our school children to the vile (and violent) philosophy of islam is likewise NEVER specifically stated by those who write these textbooks! These “textbooks” are BIASED with one ulterior motive–and only one–TO CONVERT OUR WESTERN “Christian” democratic society into a CALIPHATE FOR THE allah-god! No offense, but tell me I’m wrong! In the words of one of the greatest statesmen of all time, Winston Churchill–islam, i.e., “mohammedanism”, is one of the most “retrograde” philosophies of all time. (Maybe not a direct quote, but close enough)!!!!!

  3. So tell me, all of you “brave” progressive and oh soooo “tolerant” Tennesseans, HAVE YOU ALL LOST YOUR EVER LIVIN’ LOVIN’ MINDS???? Ya’ll just go right on ahead and teach ya’lls chillens all ’bout IZZLAM. Ya’ll just go on ahead–BUT DON’T GET UPSET WHEN YOUR OWN CHILDREN come home from school one day AND SHOOT YOU IN THE HEAD b/c IZZLAM TOLD THEM TO DO IT!!!! Can anyone in Tennessee still pray to the LORD JESUS CHRIST, or have all of your minds been totally compromised and corrupted???? I’ve got news for you, you and your amoeba-brained Guv’na, YOU NEED A GOOD OLD FASHIONED HOLY GHOST REVIVAL!!!! But never mind me–ya’ll know betta, huh????? I dare anyone from Tennessee tell me I’m wrong!!!!!

  4. Worse happening in Kansas, islam is like rust. It never sleeps and is constantly infiltrating and corrupting every society it comes in contact with. I have been independently studying the koran and it is an insane document that should be purged from the earth.
    Islam is very inventive in ways to murder, poison, destroy and take over governments by corruption from within. The command to all muslims to lie to advance islam was pure evil genuis.

    • Since I reside in Olathe what IS it that is worse in Kansas. Since my kids have been out of school before 9-11 I am unaware of the curriculum. My daughter has home-schooled her kids and I assume she still does as she now lives in China.

      • Not sure what cartman was referring to but we have a growing list of posts on Kansas/Kansas City and the Lawrence/Overland Park/Kansas City area is a known hotspot for Hamas terrorists and Muslims that support them…all in the archives

    • @MrCatman6. ‘A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.’ — Solomon, Prov 25.11. Your comment is sooo RIGHT ON!!! Let me add my two cents here, that what little bit I’ve forced myself to read the online version of the UNholy koran, I’ve practically had to hold a puke bucket next to my computer, as I read it. And here’s something that I’ve posted before–it’s a challenge to any and all MUZZLUMZ! Ahemm! You muslims all say that there is only ONE god and his name is allah. Ahemm…. Ok, then please explain to me how that starting in koran, sura (verse) 2.23, your mohammed QUOTES your allah-god using the PLURAL pronoun, “WE”! He goes on in verse 2.34, 2.35, 2.36, 2.38, 2.49, 2.50, and on and on and on, ad infinitum, using the PLURAL pronouns, “WE”, “OUR” AND “US”, when making DIRECT QUOTES from the mouth of your allah-god! Oh geez, amighty, do ya ‘spose mohammed got it wrong? Or maybe, the allah-god can’t quite figure out who he really is? Ahemmm, oh geez, maybe it’s multiply personality disorder! Oh, geez, now I think I’m gonna need that puke bucket again…..

    • Oops! My proof-reader must’ve gone to sleep on me–“multiply personality disorder” should be “multiple personality disorder”, but then everybody already knew that! Oh well…ahemm….

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