Indiana: ACLU forces sharia law on Boone County Jail, halal adopted

acluNo compulsion, just litigation jihad. Source: Boone County Jail adopts halal meal plan after RFRA lawsuit

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana is dismissing its religious freedom lawsuit against the Boone County Sheriff’s Office after the county jail implemented plans to offer inmates the option of a halal diet.

The ACLU in August employed the state’s controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act in a complaint that alleged staff at the Boone County Jail violated the rights of a Muslim inmate when they refused to supply him with food that adheres to a halal diet, which excludes pork and includes other meat only if it is slaughtered under certain conditions. The suit also alleged the sheriff’s office violated the First Amendment rights of the inmate, Gannon Thomas.

It was among early uses of the state’s religious freedom law, which Gov. Mike Pence signed in 2015 amid controversy that placed the state in the national spotlight because some opponents believed it could be twisted to discriminate against gay and lesbian Hoosiers. Experts, though, said this suit represents the type of claim such laws are meant to address.

The Boone County Jail has adopted a six-week halal meal plan that includes necessary proteins and nutrients, the sheriff’s office said in a news release Wednesday. The meal plan follows a vegetarian diet that includes bread, cheese, rice, fruits and vegetables.gannon-thomas-muslim

ACLU staff attorney Ken Falk filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which was granted by a federal judge Friday.

Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielsen said in a statement that his office conducted an internal investigation and consulted a nutritionist about the diet.

“The Boone County Sheriff’s Office continuously strives to provide safe and secure detention while respecting each inmate’s constitutional rights,” he said in the statement.

Back story. This is the probation-violating Muslim thief (not to be confused with his pro-bono legal jihadists):

Thomas repeatedly asked the jail commander to be served food that adheres to a halal diet, which excludes pork and only includes other meat if it is slaughtered under certain conditions.

The commander told Thomas, the suit alleges, that the jail will only provide special dietary foods to inmates if it is a medical necessity. He said special diets based on choice, such as vegan, vegetarian or religious diets, were not provided, the suit says.

The jail continued to serve Thomas pork, as well as what he believed was non-halal meat, after he raised grievances, the lawsuit says. Thomas was booked in June on a charge of burglary and a probation violation.


The Islamization of The ACLU


5 thoughts on “Indiana: ACLU forces sharia law on Boone County Jail, halal adopted

  1. if he wasnt a criminal he wouldnt be in jail. i seriously doubt he ate halallll food when not in jail; just another aclu screw up; aclu should be banned just as well as cair and mb; they’re all alike; ignorant as hell

  2. Another frivolous ACLU muzzlum lawsuit to enforce the SAVAGES’ hell-al food for demons! As usual, these lawsuits have absolutely NOTHING to do with alleged “religious liberties”–but they have EVERYTHING to do with turning our Courts into totally emasculated enablers to our sworn enemies. SHARIA MEANS DEATH TO AMERICA–THIS MEANS YOU!!!!!

  3. The Constitution of the United States of America is the touchstone of all American law. No one, regardless of race, color, creed, or culture, unwilling to support and defend the Constitution should ever make or enforce laws.

  4. Screw them and their ‘special privileges’!
    We would not get this in their filthy rat hole of a disgusting country! Now would we?
    They use our laws against us, and try to manipulate us at every turn! They hate us and everyone who is not Muslim! They think they will dominate the world!
    News flash, for ya Islam!

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