Canada: Students stop Saudi Muslim from beheading woman in UBC dorm


Thamer Hameed Almestadi (Facebook)

Source: ‘I put him in a chokehold’: Students stopped attack in UBC dorm | CTV Vancouver News

A Good Samaritan who interrupted a violent attack at a University of British Columbia dormitory is crediting his martial arts training for his quick actions that led to the suspect’s arrest.

Adam Casey, an engineering student at the school, said he ran up the stairs after witnesses ran out of the Salish House residence on Tuesday looking for help.

Witnesses said they saw a male student holding down a young woman with a knife to her throat. Her neck was partially cut when they ran through the open door.

“I tried to get his hands off of her neck but he was holding quite tightly,” Casey told CTV News.

“I had to go to him and put him in a chokehold.”

Casey said he acted without thinking, something he credits to years of martial arts training.

Luka Berg, who arrived at the scene of the attack a short time after Casey, said the incident was “pretty traumatizing.”

Police were called to the scene, and arrived a short time later to find a suspect detained by Casey and other students.

On Wednesday, officers announced that charges had been laid against an 18-year-old in connection with the frightening attack.

Court records show counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon have all been approved against Thamer Hameed Almestadi, one day after the assault that left some on campus feeling uneasy.

The victim, a first-year student, was rushed to hospital where she is expected to recover from non-life-threatening injuries.

Investigators with the RCMP’s university detachment haven’t verified the details of witness accounts provided to CTV News, but did confirm that the attack occurred at Salish House around 11:30 a.m.

Police said the attack was not random, and that the victim and suspect know each other.

Friends of the suspect and the victim told CTV News both are first-year students who lived inside the residence where the crime occurred, but they aren’t known to be acquaintances. It is believed that the victim lived on the third floor, and the suspect lived on the fourth.

The suspect is an international student from Saudi Arabia, and was studying engineering. He has been banned from the campus following the charges, and remains in police custody.

Following the attack on Wednesday, some students said the assault made them nervous about living on campus.

“Before this, I definitely felt safe all over campus, I had no concerns,” one student told CTV News.

“Obviously on campus you always want to do what you can to be safe but I had felt very safe. Now this makes me question it.”

Another student said she always travels as part of a group, and if she is going anywhere alone she uses UBC Safewalk, a free service that will assign someone to accompany people who feel unsafe walking alone on campus.

In a statement, Sgt. Annie Linteau said the “E” Division Major Crimes Unit is helping to investigate and the public is not at risk.

14 thoughts on “Canada: Students stop Saudi Muslim from beheading woman in UBC dorm

  1. Adam Casey, you’re one Brave & Effective Hero, God Bless you for being able to stop a 3rd World Savage from having his Month of Fame, by murdering an Innocent Victim.
    Why is Hameed’s Puss plastered all over the media, after receiving the School’s Mild Punishment of being banned from

  2. Islam is like a Rabbit Dog and a pestilent disease, which creeps up without the knowledge on how to subdue it! Then it is too late to put it down and stop the spread of the infection! You can only segregate them, sent them back to their Islamic paradise of over 60 Sharia law governed countries, completely run and dominated by a handful of delusional ill educated males who have strong anti-feminist stance, impose enslavement of all who are not Islamic and all other sects of Islamic culture that they can conquer or destroy. Islamic culture, it’s ethic’s, and Morality will never ever change!

      • I agree… chopping off anybody’s head because they’re non-Islamic is NOT a punishment. It’s a greedy, barberric, illegal, and selfish act. To me… Islam is NOT religion. Women should be respected. I don’t believe in raping someone. Rape culture should be BANNED for good.

        • Now, now, Aaron, I mean…. You don’t actually mean to infer that the MUZZRATS should actually be “punished” for their crimes, do you? Don’t you know that it’s a “holy” and “purely righteous” act of “worship” when these “HARMLESS, PIOUS” FOLK CHOP OFF THE INFIDELS’ HEADS??? Ahemmm!!!!! I mean, how DARE we infer that these INBRED PSYCHOPATHS are a bunch of sicko, DEMONS FROM HELL???? How DARE WE?????

  3. Deported, hell he should be tried for attempted murder and shot or hung by the neck. Something the Muslims know well. Wake up your politicians that are brain dead because they are always campaigning.

    • @William. Kill him???? Naw!!! Just tell him that he’s a very “naughty” boy and that “we condemn his actions” with the most-est awful-est terms. Ya know–the NORMAL way that our Western court systems always treat these SAVAGES! Hey, the SAVAGES have their rights too, ya know!!!!!

  4. Hey, nothing to see here, folks–just another doofus, brain-dead, “soldier of the allah-god”, zhit-head!!!!! As for all of you oh soooo ‘fair-minded’, ‘religiously-tolerant’ Canadians who CAN’T WAIT to infiltrate your country with more of this SCUM-OF-THE-EARTH bunch of low-lifes–HOW’S THAT WORKING OUT FOR YA?????

  5. There is a case where safe spaces are really needed. Thank God for the student who reacted to the trigger warning and committed a macro-aggression. I just hope he won’t be disciplined for not writing a memo to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion first before taking the law into his own hands.

  6. safe spaces hell, dont let them in for any reason; dont they have schools in their country or they aren’t good as ours??? just another ploy to infiltrate and do their dirty deeds and enjoy the freedoms of our country which they do not have at home; hang the bastard and any more like him

  7. The question I have is why would a student from Saudi Arabia want to be housed in a coed dorm? Unmarried women cannot even be in the same room with a male unless she is accompanied by a family member. This is what happens when someone from a sexually repressive country is brought into a liberated society and is expected to assimilate without some indoctrination. This was a disaster waiting to happen in my opinion. Why didn’t this kid live off campus with other male students not interested in dorm life?

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