Arizona: Woman arrested in Chandler on suspicion of terrorism

Source: Officials: Woman arrested in Chandler on suspicion of terrorism

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office along with the Phoenix Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation served two search warrants on a Conspiracy to Commit Terrorism Case.

Law-enforcement agents on Wednesday took a Phoenix-area woman into custody on suspicion of conspiracy to commit terrorism, authorities said.

Agents from the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and the Phoenix office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation served two search warrants Wednesday morning in Chandler and Florence, according to Mia Garcia, an Arizona Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman.

Michelle Bastian was arrested, Garcia said.

In Chandler, law-enforcement activity was evident Wednesday morning at Urban Oven, a locally owned bakery in the 2400 block of North Arizona Avenue.

Garcia said the investigation was continuing, and no further information was available.

This is the second prosecution of a state-level terrorism charge in Arizona.

In a deal made with prosecutors on Friday, Mahin Atif Khan pleaded guilty to terrorism, conspiracy to commit terrorism, and conspiracy to commit misconduct Involving weapons, court records show.

Unlike federal laws, Arizona statutes do not require an “overt act” to prove terrorism conspiracy, [Attorney General Mark] Brnovich said in a July interview.

4 thoughts on “Arizona: Woman arrested in Chandler on suspicion of terrorism

  1. Michelle Bastian, what a silly woman she is, I’m glad that Arizona is able to arrest these terrorists , whether
    sympathizers or full-Blown Terrorists! Arizona, like Florida, is a haven for Muslims, who have the will & means to wreak Havoc on America.
    Another Khan has made a deal with prosecutors, WHAT A HORRID TRIBE OF PAKISTAN!

  2. Arizona’s got the right idea–arrest these dirtbags BEFORE they have a chance to actually kill somebody. If ever there was a Federal law that needs to be rescinded and changed, it’s the one that REQUIRES that an “overt” act of violence or terrorism be committed before an actual arrest can be made. Idle threats and suspicious behavior should be treated in the same manner as overt criminal acts–BECAUSE THEY ARE!!!!!

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