Statistics Show Over 90% of Child Rapists in UK are Muslim

Jihad isn’t the only problem wrought by mass Muslim immigration. Source: Grooming Gang Statistics — Grooming Gangs in England  h/t

Grooming Gang Statistics

Table showing details of those jailed as members of gangs who targeted white schoolgirls for rape. Muslims are approximately 5% of the UK population, but they are 90% of those convicted for these grooming gang crimes. Here you can see not only the ages of the men, but also the towns with which their crimes were associated. When one considers that logically there must be in excess of 100,000 victims, the convictions below are the tip of a massive iceberg. Convictions are grouped by date of trial conclusion, then by town, then by surname. Norfolk’s pivotal article (2011) had around 50 convictions and this enabled a revolution in how the media responded to this phenomenon. Below there are now over 200 convictions. The name “Mohammed” has been rendered in a bold font.

Click here to access the full, interactive table.

5 thoughts on “Statistics Show Over 90% of Child Rapists in UK are Muslim

  1. If it had of been white men raping Asian girls there would of been riots and mayhem also the police and other authorities would’nt of covered for the rapists..the authorities involved in this massive cover and ongoing should hang their heads in shame..they are just as disgusting as the vile evil rapists..all those little girls they Allowed to be abused deserve better from a civilised society..many innocent lives could of been saved…it’s still going on and still it’s hushed up

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  3. Growing up in in Adelaide, Australia nearly every Moslem man I met tried to rape me. Initially I thought it was because nearly all Lebanese, Pakistani, Iraqi ect men were from a misogynistic environment & thought it their God given right to rape girls. This is the same mistake the rioters in Cronulla made, as we identify by nationality. So they thought it was just the culture of that nation. But it wasn’t. I found that when I had contact w/ Christian Lebanese ect, they didn’t try to rape me. There however is a higher incidence of these males too assaulting you. The problem is if you bring Moslems into your country it reduces the whole standard. Our men aren’t following a rape culture.
    I’m very angry that our powers at large have allowed moz males a free licence to assault & rape us near constantly. The amount of women & girls over the decades that have experienced this is too painful to even think about. You could report it w/out being treated & often called a a slut or a whore.
    Damn every person in power that has permitted this.

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