Texas: ‘No to wall, Islam or die’ spray-painted on San Antonio church


Source: ‘No to wall, Islam or die’ spray-painted on San Antonio church entrance | Crime | Dallas News

Police are investigating the defacement of a San Antonio church after vandals spray-painted “No to wall” and “Islam or die” next to the entrance.

An unidentified symbol was painted under the words at Gethsemane Lutheran Church in the 600 block of Avalon Street, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

Eric Miletti, the pastor at Gethsemane, told the Express-News that he first noticed the graffiti Monday morning.

He said he wasn’t sure whether the vandalism had anything to do with Donald Trump’s signature presidential campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Miletti said police were notified of the vandalism and a report was filed. He said he would ask the city to remove the paint once police give the OK.

A former CIA analyst tweeted it wasn’t an “unidentified symbol”, rather it was an attempt to write the Islamic war cry “allah akbar” although a Muslim noted it was spelled incorrectly.

7 thoughts on “Texas: ‘No to wall, Islam or die’ spray-painted on San Antonio church

  1. That was a good sized stencil, the perps should have been caught on camera. Good grounds for a hate crime charge as it’s Islamo-Fascism against a Christian church, I’ll be interested in seeing what follows

  2. It appears to me that a whole lot of Latinos, skipping across the border, are actually Muslimos. These two Genetic Groups are indistinguishable. The only difference, that I can spot, is the protruding Nose of the
    Muslims. That’s from the Islamic habit of continually picking at their disgusting body cavities.

  3. Words……

    I thought I would leave you with a few words from a speech given long ago, and while you listen to Kennedy consider the state of our press and media today, consider the actions of men, patriots like Snowden and Assange…….

    Pour a cup of coffee, a glass of brandy, light a candle, turn out the lights and sit quietly in a darkened room, looking out a window if you can, and listen and think, reflect on the events that are unfolding around the world…..

    Then if you have the time look up the speech these words in the video below are extracted from.

    ………”The President and the Press: Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961″……….

    Then, if opportunity allows, look up and read Theodore Roosevelt’s speech given at the Sorbonne, Paris, France on April 23, 1910. It was called “Citizenship in a Republic”. From this speech came the famous paragraphs relative to “The Man in the Arena”

    As these days pass by us, never at anytime in history are Kennedy’s words to be heard as a strangled cry from our countries, a plea from our civilized societies, unashamed begging from our republics, as, on their knees, the daggers of barbarians, savages and the treacherous at their throats, they look to us, they look to their citizens, to their patriots, to whom they gave so very much, as their last and only hope…….”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for her”…..

    Let us not turn up our collars and walk away, let us meet our enemies with grit teeth and clenched fists, let us honour the gifts given us by our forefathers, let us not betray 1776, 1683, 1861, 1941, 1944 or any of those other moments in history when freedom hung in the balance, let us, as the poet said, hold the torch high, let us hold it high in honour of those failing hands.

    Franklin Ordinary
    Alabama, USA

  4. It seems President Kennedy knew about the muslim brotherhood then; so unfortunate he was murdered; he would have been great for our country. obamahole could have learned from Mr. Kennedy; instead we have a communist/socialist/America hater/Islam in office. saddest day ever for our country when obamahole elected; and takers did it twice.

  5. many terrorists are coming through the southern borders; we need to quadruple our forces and keep them out. they are not wanted here ever.

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  7. There are terrorists working with the drug cartels in Mexico just across the border from El Paso so its very easy for them to be escorted across because of drug cartels. A number of years ago I guy that was living in Mexico said there were a lot of people from the Middle East living there, they own businesses and learn the language along with dressing just like the natives. I have a good idea that there are literally thousands of terrorists living in the U.S. now since Obama has refused to allow the Border Patrol and ICE to do their jobs. What’s being done to the church’s will only increase until they start burning them down exactly like what is being done in the Middle East.

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