Canada: Mosque demands neighboring brewery’s liquor license be revoked

Imposing the sharia on non-Muslims.

Source: Islamic centre calls for end to Good Robot Brewery’s liquor licence | The Chronicle Herald

A north-end Halifax Islamic centre is calling for the immediate cancellation of their next-door neighbour’s liquor licence for what they call a “frontal attack to our way of life.”

The Centre for Islamic Development and the Ishan Academy issued a formal complaint against their Robie Street neighbours, the Good Robot Brewing Company, to the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel, Tobacco Division on Sept. 28.

The facility is calling for Good Robot’s licence to be revoked under section 29 of the Liquor Licensing Regulations which allows for someone to ask in writing to have a liquor licence cancelled or limited based on the establishment “interfering with the quiet enjoyment of neighbouring properties.”

John MacDonald, executive director of the Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel, Tobacco Division of Access Nova Scotia, referred the matter to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board on Oct. 12. The board has not yet issued directions on the matter.

Among the many complaints, the centre says it has faced increased cleaning, insurance and security costs, loud music, a marijuana smell and loitering.

“They installed tables against the side of our neighbouring window to them and the party began, much to our dismay,” Juan Carlos Canales-Leyton, a member of the Islamic centre, wrote in the document.

The religious group purchased the property in 2001 with the hope of turning it into a community centre, a place of worship and a temporary home for Muslims in difficult situations.

In 2014, the group had completed a multi-million-dollar renovation to their aging facility. The centre is now a fully-functioning Mosque, school and community centre.

“Generally speaking, we have had no disruptions or distractions worth mentioning until the Good Robot Brewing Company came to the neighbourhood,” Canales-Leyton wrote.

According to Canales-Leyton, the centre has been forced “to operate with closed windows, even in the hottest of days, to reduce the (vulgar) noise that invades us.

“The granting of a Liquor License to a neighbouring property has resulted in our loss of enjoyment of the property we built for religious and educational purposes.”

Good Robot opened in May 2015 with the mission to “take beer, but not ourselves, seriously.” A call and email to the company were not returned.

MacDonald wrote in his response to the complaint that Good Robot received their liquor licence because Service Nova Scotia followed the proper procedure for application and without any objections.

Muslim occupiers in Tennessee tried to do the same but Sharia was slowed in Tennessee, spirits to flow against mosque demands.

9 thoughts on “Canada: Mosque demands neighboring brewery’s liquor license be revoked

  1. move the mosque to the dump where it should be; what idiot allowed it there in the first place; oh, i forgot, saudi is pouring millions into the building of mosques; if hillary hole gets in there will be one on every corner; payback for their ‘donations’ or buying their way in

  2. That mosque shouldn’t be there if it can’t live peacefully with it’s neighbour, the brewing company. This is not an Islamic country. This is a liberal western democracy.

    • Very responsible answer.Dont let this Sharia law take hold.It is primative and backward.Iam a Canadian and wecare faced with exactly the same threats.These people do not want to asimilate there are going to first change rules ,laws and get as many people in power as money
      To buy people until they get their foot in tge political arena.Watch out!

  3. I think Canada should go the whole hog here.. and build a pig farm or bacon factory on the other side of the mosque. If the mosque objects, they are welcome to move! After all, who was there first, Islamists or Canadians?

  4. Obaaama’s interest in Cuba is because Turkey wants to build a mosque there. A key place for the islamification of N. and S. America. Every place the muslims infect becomes a trouble spot till there is only islam

  5. STOP BEING INTIMIDATED, CANADA AND AMERICA!!!! These brewery owners need to counter-sue these stinking VERMIN (for at least a million bucks) on the basis of ILLEGAL AND MALICIOUS HARASSMENT of a peaceable, law-abiding and non-invasive entrepreneurial establishment! These third-world INBRED invaders and hate-mongers MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS! They are HELL-BENT on stripping all Western democratic gov’ts and people of their God-given Constitutional liberties! It is beyond all doubt that they are WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING and will stop at NOTHING to destroy our democratic WAY OF LIFE!!!!! Their claim that we are disrupting their free practice of their “religious” liberties MUST BE de-legitimized and proven to be fallacious on it’s very head! It is a PROVEN FACT that ALL MUZZLUMZ “pray” (in their so-called “religious” services) for the annihilation and total destruction of ALL “infidels” and non-compliant NON-MUSLIMS!!!!! AND THAT MEANS YOU, if you don’t totally kowtow to their SAVAGE sharia laws! That, on it’s very surface, should be a sufficient legal claim to de-legitimize all of their diabolical malicious law-suits! WE CANNOT LET THIS CONTINUE TO HAPPEN!!!!!!! OUR VERY LIVES ARE AT STAKE HERE!!!!!!

  6. Well they did not object before the place was built, so if they want it to move they should be forced to buy the business or pay full compensation.

  7. Sorry but I always though Canada was a a Christian country. It’s those Muslims that are the interlopers. So if you are not happy Piss off back to your outdated Shit Hole

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