Holland: School children taken to mosque, forced to pray to allah (pic)

Source: La scuola olandese sottomette i bimbi ad Allah – IlGiornale.it   h/t: Vlad Tepes

“Our submission is in this photograph where the teachers forced the students to pray to allah”

This image may go down in history as one of the emblematic moments of the Islamization of Europe.

The photo dates from 30 October 2014. Show girls and boys of primary school Vinkenbuurt, native Dutch blond lying prostrate to pray to Allah in Ghulzar-e-Madina mosque in Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijssel, in the east-central area of ‘Holland.

The imam probably had them recite the shahada, meaning, in the eyes of Muslims that these kids are now…

Update: via Twitter

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A quick search on Youtube finds many similar situations in the US and elsewhere.

25 Responses

  1. The islamisation of the west must be stopped at any costs. We must shut them down everywhere!

    • Islam is peace , so that western ppl converted to
      Islam , I advise you to understand what is Islam before you judge what you don’t know!

      • Not all Europeans are stupid. You are a liar. WHAT about all the Christians killed by ISIS? WHY are y o u raping women? WHY are you attacking and killing innocent people on the streets of Europe? OUR GOD is Life, is Truth, is Charity.

      • @burkan. It’s so unfortunate, but YOU are the one who is misjudging and blaspheming the name of God! Your allah is NO God whatsoever! At best “he” may be described as a DEMON ENTITY! He has NO power and lives only in the warped imaginations and misguided minds of FOOLS! mohammed is even as I write these words, howling in the torments of hell fire because the LORD is not a God of hatred–BUT YOU MUSLIMS HAVE MADE YOUR god OUT TO BE NOTHING BUT HATRED AND VIOLENCE! Are you SO BLIND, ‘burkan’, that you cannot see all of the hatred and bloodshed which YOU MUSLIMS have inflicted upon the innocent people of the world–primarily upon peace-loving, God-fearing Christians and Jews???? Tell me this, OH THOU MOST-EST HOLY-EST, PEACEFUL-EST ONE (yeah, I wrote that correctly to show you how STUPID your beliefs really are), tell me this, BURKAN,–are Dr. Billy Graham, Mother Theresa and the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ (many of whom died for their faith in Jesus)–are they all INFIDELS, KUFARS AND BLASPHEMERS???? Well, trust me, you’re a complete fool if you believe that–AND YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!!!!! KNOW JESUS = KNOW PEACE!! BUT–no Jesus = NO peace!!!!

      • U are a fck liar.Take ur bloody religion back to middle east.

  2. Stupid does as stupid is.

  3. My pig took a dump and when I looked at it I knew I was looking at allah.

    • Ok, so if this is “just an exercise in learning about world religions” AS THE SCHOOL AUTHORITIES WILL OBVIOUSLY INSIST ON–then why, oh why, don’t the adults in the room have their a-holes stuck up in the air to allah just like all of the kids do????? I know I’m probably dreaming, but can we at least HOPE that some of the parents who learned about this CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR BY THESE SCHOOL AUTHORITIES, at least some of the offended parents, HOPEFULLY, filed legal actions against the school FOR MILLIONS OF EUROS OR DUTCH GILDERS (whatever they use there)!!!! I promise you, that if I were ever to hear that a school child of mine were ever subjected to this kind of CRIMINAL SUBJUGATION–I’d have that Principal and the complete School Authority completely SHUT DOWN, or I’d know the reason why–AND SO WOULDN’T EVERYBODY ELSE KNOW WHY!!!!!

  4. Once, your child is taken in by Government Schools, your child is gone forever. What if the parents were
    a part of this monstrosity, I fear to think what kind of lives, these poor children in Holland & elsewhere live.
    In America, the GOV schools have tried very similar acts, but the small children are told, Not To Tell A Parent.
    Have all Western Governments sold their citizens to Old Allah?

  5. Wasn’t this photo taken in NYC?

  6. It totally goes w/o saying, that these kids were told to recite the MUZZLUM SHAHADA (UNDER DURESS AND TOTAL FEAR OF INTIMIDATION)! That means that, according to the MUZZRAT INDOCRINATION CRAP–that they are all GOOD LITTLE MUZZLUMZ NOW–which is another way of saying they can NEVER AGAIN claim any other faith, under the penalty of DEATH!!!!! And don’t think the imam who conducted this exercise in ENTRAPMENT didn’t make it abundantly clear to these kids that–ONCE A MUZZSCUM–ALWAYS A MUZZSCUM–TILL DEATH!!!!!

  7. They are the modern day Nazis and the stupid citizens don’t even know it. Islam is NOT a religion, it is a totalitarian political movement.It can only be stopped by physical force.

  8. Le Créateur de L’Univers LE GRAND JÉHOVAH – DIEU , A T’IL DEMANDÉ CELA !!!!!!!?????

  9. When I was in a Catholic High School in the 1970’s I took a class called Comparative Religions, where we learned about other major religions, but we sure as hell didn’t practice them!

  10. On my twitter website of 5000 Trump supporters I tell the women to buy a handgun, because after seeing these Muslim men the way they treat females they need to defend themselves. A bullet in the leg, arm or privates will stop them dead?

  11. Islam will dominate the world , this is God’s promise no one can stop god’s desire.

    • I’ll see your
      Jihad you muzzrat, and raise you one crusade. MoHAMmad a false prophet and a pedophile.

    • @burkan. Hey burky, so how would YOU know so g-damnd much about what GOD wants anyhow? Does HE speak to you??? BTW, here’s one for you, burky,–inquiring minds REALLY want to know this….. Your “prophet” (falsely so-called) insisted throughout your koran (ad nauseam) that your allah-god was totally unique and singular in his person-hood–to the EXCLUSION of having a Son or any other member of the Holy Trinity–i.e., “one god”! Ok, that’s is YOUR BELIEF as a muslim–and it’s what every ayatollah, imam, sheikh and mullah will AFFIRM on a stack of a million korans! YOU HAVE TO AGREE WITH ME THAT THAT IS WHAT YOU MUSLIMS BELIEVE!!!!! Ok, so please explain this one to me–(inquiring minds REALLY want to know)! Beginning with verse (sura) 2.23 and continuing on with 2.34; 2.35; 2.39; 43.78; 43.79; 43.80 and on and on and on….. Mohammed QUOTES–YES HE QUOTES VERBATIM how that allah refers to himself in the PLURAL FORM, i.e., he uses the pronouns “WE”, “OUR” and “US” WHEN REFERRING TO HIMSELF! Hmmmm!!!! Just a slight bit confusing, wouldn’t ya say????? Ok, you want proof–“We have sent down upon Our servant [Mohammed]….”– 2.23. “We…brought you the truth…” — 43.78. “We are devising a plan…” — 43.79. “We hear their private conversations, Our messengers are with them recording….” 43.80. Hey burky, WHO GOOFED HERE????? mohmmahad (misspelled, so who the hell cares anyhow?) — Did your pedophile, misogynist, blood-thirsty LIAR “prophet” get this MOST IMPORTANT MUZZLUM DOCTRINE WRONG???? Or did your allah-god FORGET WHO THE HELL HE REALLY IS???????? Any takers–all you most-est brilliant-est, holy-est, pious-est PINHEAD zhitheads out there WHO CLAIM TO SPEAK FOR THE “god” of IZZLAM?????

  12. I don’t know if those idiot teachers understand that half of those kids, the little girls, in a proper islamic institution, would be yanked out of that room and stuffed into head to toe black garbage bags as befits their status of 3rd class (just barely) human beings

  13. time for a bit of education: christians and Muslims both split off from Hebrew hence the “god” of all three are the same god. what is different is the ideals and beliefs of the followers. Hebrew only uses the old testament. christians use the old and new testament. Islam uses the old, new and another with the teachings of Mohammad. And this part is going to piss off lots of people. Only Orthodox Christians are true Christians anyway. All other forms of Christianity are watered down versions. Orthodox is the first form of Christianity taught by Christ, and his Disciples after him. next the Roman Catholics split from the Orthodox Christians and after that the number of splits/denominations just got ridiculous

    • Hey Troy… Hmmm…. Your comment is classic IGNORANCE! You literally sound like a puppet on a string! Have you even bothered to verify your claims that muslims, Christians and Jews “all three are the same god”? You claim as an Orthodox Christian, to be the ONLY true representation of Christ. You sound exactly like the religious hypocrites in Jesus’ day, who were the very ones who cried “CRUCIFY HIM”! Here’s a tip for you to ponder, Jesus Christ is a REAL LIVING EXALTED human being who was is and forever shall be GOD ALMIGHTY, come to Earth–He’s not just some alternative religious idea! I know this will probably disappoint you, T.S., but Christ does not care what religious label you wear on your lapel. He sees inside your heart! Religious PRIDE will blind you from having a relationship with Him! P.S. Last I checked, Christians in Africa and the Middle East are being slaughtered wholesale and their churches are being destroyed–BY MUSLIMS! If anyone needs “a bit of education”, Troy, IT’S YOU!!! P.S.S. DON’T EQUATE MUSLIM IGNORANCE AND SAVAGERY with ancient Judaism and/ or Jesus Christ–there is no comparison!!!! Everything mohammed MISquoted from sacred texts in his hateful book of lies, he plagiarized and/ or distorted to justify his own aberrant lifestyle of ignorance, brutality and bloodshed!!

  14. Jebać Allahuja !!!

  15. Where is Islam there is Sharia
    Sharia is incompatible with Western values!
    Islamis an totalitarian Ideology…a rather a political system than religion!
    Name one democratic Muslim country!
    Why because they suppress woman gays and any others who disagree with them!
    Religion of peace stoning beheading hanging or killing in any possible way to defend the retard ideology!

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