New York: Muslim college student killed waging jihad for Islamic State

Once again destroying the myth that Muslim terrorists are poor, uneducated souls who are lacking opportunities. This Muslim jihadist was attending college…in pricey Manhattan. The media apparently won’t reveal what college he attended (was he an MSA member?) or his immigration status.

Source: Goshen grad killed fighting for ISIS, prosecutors say | Goshen and Chester NY | Local News

— A 2008 Goshen High School graduate killed fighting for the Islamic State group in Syria made a video trying to clear the name of an Arizona man who was charged with helping him join, prosecutors said.

The 24-year-old student’s November death was revealed in papers filed Monday and Tuesday in Manhattan federal court. The student was identified in court papers as Samy El-Goarany.

The Arizona man, Ahmed Mohammed el Gammal, who’s accused of helping the student travel to Syria and receive military and religious-style training, was arrested last year and has pleaded not guilty. His lawyers said the video is unreliable and “overly prejudicial” and should be precluded from a trial scheduled for December.

Prosecutors say El-Goarany left his parents’ home in Middletown, New York, in January 2015, telling them he was returning to his Manhattan college. Instead, the government said, he flew to Turkey and then Syria.

Reached by phone, El-Goarany’s father said the family didn’t wish to speak. Court papers did not identify El-Goarany’s college.

Prosecutors said an unidentified person contacted a relative in November to say El-Goarany was killed fighting in Syria. The person provided photographs of a handwritten note in which the student said, “If you’re reading this then know that I’ve been killed in battle,” prosecutors said.

The government also said it had found a YouTube video in which El-Goarany, clad in military fatigues, said on Sept. 8, 2015, two weeks after el Gammal’s arrest, that he was in the “Islamic State.”

Prosecutors said El-Goarany claimed in the video in an “unabashed effort to falsely exculpate el Gammal — that no one assisted him in traveling to Syria, including ‘Ahmed Mohammed El Gammal.”‘

Prosecutors argued in the court papers that the video should be admissible at trial to show El-Goarany went to Syria to join the Islamic State group and that he and his co-conspirators took extensive measures to maintain secrecy in the group’s methods for recruiting personnel and helping recruits travel.

El-Goarany’s lawyers said in court papers that the video depicts their client sitting on a mat in a sparsely decorated room. They say he states his name, explains he is a U.S. citizen “currently residing in the Islamic State” and says el Gammal did not assist him in his travels.

The lawyers said the video should not be shown to jurors because it “constitutes inadmissible hearsay.”

“Additionally, the entire video should be precluded as overly prejudicial,” they wrote, noting that El-Goarany is unavailable to testify at el Gammal’s trial and cannot further explain how el Gammal did not facilitate his travel.

The defense lawyers also challenged the admissibility of El-Goarany’s handwritten note, saying claims of his death were “unreliable,” especially since he had written to his brother weeks earlier to say he might have to fall out of contact because he was being monitored.

“It is not beyond the stretch of the imagination that the letter was written so that El-Goarany could ‘disappear,”‘ the lawyers wrote.

According to The Chronicle archives, Samy M. El-Goarany graduated in 2008 with a Regent’s Diploma.

The lawyer makes a good point, he may not be dead and if not, may attempt to come back into the U.S. at any time as a Syrian “refugee.”

6 thoughts on “New York: Muslim college student killed waging jihad for Islamic State

  1. I, for one, am SOOO totally fed up with these scumbag defense attorneys who will pull every trick out of the hat in order to justify obvious criminal behavior! It’s one thing to defend someone who is possibly being falsely accused, but anyone who posts stuff on YouTube and Facebook about ISIS capitulation and involvement does not deserve defending–much less, most of these muzzturd criminals have COURT APPOINTED LAWYERS–AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!! Let’s hope this POS has truly met his fate–IN HELL!!!!

  2. One of our western weaknesses is that we often fail to convince our young that we can live lives of meaning and value. Capitalism, consumerism, secularism, commercialism, TV, drugs, etc. are almost ubiquitous. This leaves our youth without a solid foundation and they try to find meaning where they can and they are ripe for the plucking by Islamist ideologues. It remains an open question how we can re-infuse our culture with meaning and value and capture the minds and hearts of our young for forces of good, freedom, justice, creativity, etc. This is what I ponder…

    • @Dori J. At the risk of sounding like a “racist, homophobic, bigoted, biased, anti-islamic, hate-mongering, right-wing radical”….ahemm….allow me to introduce you (and all others who “ponder” to find TRUE REALITY….at the risk of sounding like a neolithic blithering moron….allow me to introduce to you, Jesus Christ! He really and truly actually did say words like, COME UNTO ME, I WILL GIVE YOU REST and I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE! Yeah, and last I heard, they still can’t find his grave…. hmmmm!!! Oh yeah, and there’s that little thing called the Golden Rule too–I believe He may possibly have had something to do with that too! NO OFFENSE, DORI–Jesus really is the way–He’s not some alternative “religion”–He’s the Living, breathing, all-powerful Ruler and Sustainer of the Universe! Like they used to say back in Sunday School, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’….. Wow! Can we really hope for a ‘better’ way to “re-infuse” the hearts of our young people with “forces of good, freedom, justice and creativity, etc, etc, etc”???….. “Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling…..”

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