Toronto Islamist: “It is certainly possible to apply Shariah in the North American society”


Taha Ghayyur – creepy sharia pusher

Creeping sharia defined.

Source: “It is certainly possible to apply Shariah in the North American society” – CIJNews English  h/t Jihad Watch

Taha Ghayyur, a Toronto Muslim activist and a board member of DawaNet, believes that the Islamic Law can be gradually implemented in North America.

“The principles of Shariah are universal and are not bound by the limitations of time and culture.

It is certainly possible to apply Shariah in the North American society only if three conditions are fulfilled:

  • One, when an environment is developed, provisioned with preventative measures, that is conductive to a just and productive lifestyle, which is often not compatible with a consumer lifestyle.

  • Two, if the Shariah laws are implemented gradually, accompanied by continuous public education and training on the importance of justice, freedom, and one’s purpose on this earth, the way it was revealed and practiced, as a strategy of pre-crime social reform, over a period of twenty three years at the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the first generation of Muslims.

  • Three, if the punishments in the Shariah are given their due place, only to be used as a last resort, and not to be practiced in isolation from the other major objectives of the Shariah.

“If a comprehensive approach to Shariah is not adopted then one may expect to witness horrific images of extremist, selective, and literal application of the Islamic text, the likes of which we have witnessed in recent times.

Sharia is horrific wherever it is practiced. Be sure Ghayyur – along with all the other Saudi-funded front groups – is working hard to implement the sharia in North America.

11 thoughts on “Toronto Islamist: “It is certainly possible to apply Shariah in the North American society”

  1. We hope and pray that the Trump campaign is using the internet effectively because important stories like this certainly won’t be
    covered by the lame-street media. We remember that cyber communication is what elected obamanation.

  2. nice try..i dont know about American’s but it in canada..1 we were raised to repect women 2 if a Canadian male saw a female getting abused in anyway.we would kick the shit out the person doing the least i know i would. .

    • Brian, here in America, one has to be very careful before stepping in and stopping a woman who is getting abused. Years ago if you stepped in and it turned out that it was a husband and wife, you could get your ass sued or end up fighting both of them.

    • Problem in Canada is that we have a witless, narcissistic imbecile for a Prime Minister. When asked why his cabinet is 50% women he replies “Because it’s 2015”, then turns around and sucks up yo a militant Islamic Muslim mosque that segregates and subjugates women. Brilliant!

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