Pennsylvania: Bristol Township Catholic Church to Become Mosque, Bought by Turkish Muslim Group

Sold out. The Islamic takeover continues. Source: Closed Catholic Church Sold To Muslim Cultural Association –   h/t Euro News

A closed Catholic church has been purchased by a Muslim cultural group.

The Immaculate Conception B.V.M. Catholic Church property on Emilie Road in Bristol Township was sold last Friday to the United American Muslim Society of Brooklyn, New York for $1,775,000. The United American Muslim Society is the parent corporation for the Turkish American Muslim Cultural Association on Levittown Parkway in Bristol Township.

The church was merged with the Queen of the Universe Parish in 2014 and remained opened as a worship site until January 1.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia spokesman Ken Gavin told Queen of the Universe Father Mike Hennelly “worked with is parish and pastoral councils regarding the future disposition of the property.”

“The new owners of the former Immaculate Conception campus are community neighbors that have been present on the Levittown Parkway since 1991.  They are widely known as people of faith, family, prayer and education in the moral life for their children and the families of Bristol Township,” Gavin said.

The money from the sale of the property will go to pay down a debt total of $963,041.03. Gavin said $704, 997 of the debt belonged to Immaculate Conception and $258,042 belonged to Queen of the Universe. Remaining money will go to parish savings.

The real estate transaction was announced during weekend masses at Queen of the Universe Parish. The announcement was “positively received by parishioners,” Gavin said.

A phone number attached to the new owners of the property was not answered Monday.

Expect the “cultural” desecration to begin soon as Muslims tear down all crosses, statues and images of Christianity – as they did in Syracuse and as ISIS does in the Middle East.

Also recall the ACLU and a Muslim supremacist filed a frivolous lawsuit on a New Jersey school a few years ago arguing the Muslim student could not participate in a high school graduation held at a rented space in a church. It’s quite clear Muslims have no problem entering or using churches when it suits them.

5 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: Bristol Township Catholic Church to Become Mosque, Bought by Turkish Muslim Group

  1. I hope the people of Levittown are ready to put up with the ear-splitting, gut-wrenching, nauseating howl of the muzzlum demonic CALL TO CURSE ALL INFIDELS FIVE TIMES A DAY!!! Way to go, Bristol Township Catholics,–WAY TO GO….. BTW, here’s a thought–BEFORE YOU CLOSE YOUR DOORS FOR THE LAST TIME–take all the crosses and remnants of Christianity with you (including the cross on the rooftop) unless you like seeing them all smashed before your eyes!!!!!

  2. There are many abandoned churches being turned into mosques. Because Christians aren’t using them, why not? Don’t blame Muslims for Christians leaving their religion.

    • #ms katie FLOWER CHILD. Wow! Oh my, looks like we meet again! Dare I say, it must be something about my comments–THAT CLEARLY HAS HIT A NERVE with you! Then again, truth be told, it clearly has NOTHING to do with ME! You are obviously CLEARLY a very confused individual, who is either a MUZZLIMA or you’re afflicted with some kind of Stockholm syndrome, causing your brain to short circuit and identify with PPL WHO WANT TO KILL YOU!!! Here’s the thing, Katie FLOWER CHILD–if the caliphate ever takes a hold and you survive the conflict, you can look forward to being one of the first to lose your head! MUZZLUMZ HATE LOUD-MOUTHED WOMEN, DON’CHA KNOW????? Then again, maybe you’re one of those women who likes it when her husband BEATS HER!!!!! Ok, so why not sell off all the “abandoned” churches to the MUZZRATS????? B/C THEY TURN THEM INTO ANTI-AMERICAN MILITARY COMPOUNDS AND ARSENALS–YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, dummkopf!!!!!

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