Sweden Bans Christmas Street Lights, To Avoid Offending Muslims

Islam means submission. Source: Sweden Bans Christmas Street Lights; To Avoid Offending Muslim Migrants?

Towns across Sweden have banned Christmas street lights in the name of “security,” but the real reason is almost certainly because the country has completely capitulated to Islam after importing countless Muslim migrants over the last two years.

According to an SVT report, The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) will not allow municipalities to erect Christmas street lights on light poles that the authority manages, meaning that many towns will have no festival lights at all on major streets.

According to Speisa, “The change is a victory for those who want to tone down the reminder of the country’s Christian traditions, but according to the Swedish Transport Administration, the decision for the drastic change is “security”.

“Poles are not designed for the weight of Christmas lights, and we have to remove anything that should not be there,” said Eilin Isaksson, national coordinator at the Swedish Transport Administration.

The argument that the lights are too heavy and pose a safety risk sounds like complete baloney.

Swedes are being asked to believe that lights normally held up by tree branches are now too weighty to be supported by metal poles.

Despite there being no safety issue with the street lights for decades, this new rule has been instituted right after record numbers of Muslim migrants flooded into the country – just a coincidence I’m sure.

In reality, the Christmas lights ban is almost certainly an effort to avoid offending Muslim migrants who are causing chaos in cities like Malmo, where the firebombing of cars and businesses in or near Muslim ghetto ‘no-go areas’ is becoming a routine occurrence.

As we previously reported, a top Swedish Bishop advocated removing crosses from a Christian church and replacing them with Islamic symbols in order to please Muslims.

Last Christmas, it was also announced that a Christmas Eve special broadcast on public television would be hosted by a Muslim woman.

Some areas of Sweden are even capitulating to returning ISIS terrorists by offering jihadists free driving licenses and housing benefits to help them “reintegrate into the job market”.

14 thoughts on “Sweden Bans Christmas Street Lights, To Avoid Offending Muslims

  1. Because of this Winter will not come to Sweden. All those Christmas lights heated the air causing it to rise. The vacuum produced sucks the freezing air down from the arctic causing the winter cold. ( This is just as likely as global warming)

  2. Hey, sounds to me like the light poles in Sweden must be all made out of some kind of plastic muzzlum-made junk or something! I mean, only a muzzlum-made light pole could possibly be incapable of sustaining the weight of CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! Funny thing–I just wonder, wonder, wonder, how the hell do those “overloaded” poles still manage to hold up all of the other telephone lines and electric wires, etc???? Hmmm!!! I’d say, they should probably just go ahead and take down all of those other wires too–CAUSE SWEDEN IS ALREADY COMPLETELY IN THE DARK!!!!!

  3. when people inmigrate to a country…the country should not change to accomodate the new comers…the new comers should accomodate to the country religion…rules…ideas…and respect the rules and regulations of the country…

    • The victory of Jan Sobieski over the Turks saved Vienna from Islamic domination… Its a big shame that Sweden that was previously a powerful empire in 1700 would now cower to filthy Islam!

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