Video: Dearbornistan, Michigan 2016

It’s only going to get worse, as yesterday’s video warned, and many more cities will be Dearborned.

7 thoughts on “Video: Dearbornistan, Michigan 2016

  1. our church in dearborn had to be decomissioned because of the moslems.
    there were few people left as the jobs were gone and the ladies arriving for church were yelled at.
    ladies serving behind counters in stores were denigrated by subsequent numbers of male moslems all day long and couldn’t stand it any more. [you cannot call these evildoers men.]
    outside money is buying cars, et cetera for moslems while they juice the system.
    wish i had that kind of money coming in.
    the church property was sold to moslems in the end.

    • @deborah harvey. I truly believe I would have infested that building with rats, roaches and pigs blood before I would have let the muzzlumz get their filthy hands on it. Better to take a total loss than to sell out to the ENEMY!!!! Your church leaders have to know that now that former church building is a RECRUITMENT CENTER for BLOODY JIHAD!!!!!

  2. A few years ago on radio program I heard one Muslim immigrant from Lebanon tell journalist that Muslims in Lebenon took notice of how many Christian Lebanese had settled in Dearborn. He said that many Lebanese Muslims began to think well, if the Christians were welcomed and succeeded there that they could live there too!

  3. Assuming that this radio caller was telling the truth, I’d say this is a classic case of ‘bait and switch’ (to no fault of the Christians)! And it just proves for absolute certain, that muzzlumz are deviant slimeballs! Any muzzlum who came here on the coattails of the peaceable Christian immigrants, did so knowing that he had NO intention of assimilating and/ or of becoming “American”! Chances are, as soon as the muslim Lebanese started showing up in Dearborn, the Christian Lebanese people disappeared into other parts of the country. It’s a fact that Lebanon used to be predominantly CHRISTIAN until the slimeballs took over!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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