Former US General: Muslims Plan ‘To Infiltrate Every Element of Our Society, Including the Church’

Source: Gen. Boykin: Radical Muslims Plan ‘To Infiltrate Every Element of Our Society, Including the Church’

During a discussion about radical Islam and how its followers seek to damage the United States, Lt. Gen. (ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin, former head of Special Operations Command, noted the jihadist document “Explanatory Memorandum,” which was uncovered in 2004, and said the radical Islamists plan to “infiltrate every element of our society, including the church.”

“It’s a five-phase plan to take over America,” said Boykin at the Breaking the Silence conference in August in Colorado Springs. “It’s unfolding right now. Now, there are more specific plans that they have for how they’re going to take over. And as Kamal Saleem [a former jihadist] said, they’re going to infiltrate every element of our society, including the church.”

In the lead up to those remarks, a panelist asked about the document. Gen. Boykin explained that it was uncovered during a federal investigation of fundraising for the terrorist group Hamas and the Holy Land Foundation.

“It’s called the Explanatory Memorandum,” said Boykin.   “It was found in 2004 in Annandale, Virgina, in the basement of the guy that ultimately was discovered was – what would you say? – operations officer for the Muslim Brotherhood. They found this Explanatory Memorandum. In the book, that John [Guandolo] was part of writing that book – the book is called Sharia: The Threat – and there’s a copy of it [Explanatory Memorandum] in there. It lays out a five-phase plan.”

11 thoughts on “Former US General: Muslims Plan ‘To Infiltrate Every Element of Our Society, Including the Church’

  1. As long as we have the 2nd Amendment, these clowns are doing nothing more than setting themselves up for a MAJOR ass-whooping! Iraq will look like a walk in the park…

  2. We need to go from the bottom-up, to “make” our “leadership” to see the light that Gen. Boykin is telling. However, it ends up the same way, America is trashed by terrorists, or by a civil war. I’ll be a preacher, Yeshua, Jesus is the answer.

  3. Seems as if MOST American’s today do NOT care enough about their Country to get off of their a** and educate themselves about this threat!! Or do anything to stop it (how about putting pressure on your Congresspersons to stop this?} Damnit America–WAKE UP!!!

  4. The writing is on the wall of demographic research. It is only a matter of time before Islam breeds itself I to world domination ! We may have won the battle this year by electing Trump but in a few years we are going to lose the war!
    God said to be fruitful and multiply. The western world in its great prosperity and human wisdom cried out population. Explosion! The only people groups growing big families are religious fundimentals. Bible prophecy come true. This last civilization is unlike any before it. It grinds people up!

  5. And they already have made many inroads with “interfaith” groups with mission statements like this from St Cloud Evangelical Network for Transformation (STEM): To equip and mobilize the collective evangelical church in the St Cloud area to evangelize and disciple cross-culturally.

    How many Marxist words can YOU find? They did an Understanding Islam and LOVING Our Somali Neighbors community event. How do you understand anything if the truth is not allowed? We were given the same “love your neighbor/enemies” lecture. They forget that the gospel is not just love, but also JUSTICE and does not call us ignore the prescence and danger of EVIL and the duty to protect our neighborhood, country and families.

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