Wisconsin: Muslim mother & son indicted in $3,000,000 food stamp fraud

Muslims fraudsters shout "Fuck America"

Muslim fraudsters in NY say “Fuck America” to cameras

Source: 2 accused in $3 million food assistance fraud

An Oak Creek woman and her son have been indicted on allegations of stealing $3 million from the federal government through a benefits program intended to help the poor, according to court records.

The indictment, released late Wednesday, says the fraud was committed at Family Super Saver store, 2301 W. Hopkins St., from 2009 to 2014. The indictment was handed down by the grand jury Tuesday.

Elham M. “Brenda” Abdul Rahim and Ahmad Zaki Abdul Rahim were both indicted on a count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Elham Rahim also was indicted on counts of fraud and unauthorized use of food stamps, while Ahmad Rahim was also indicted on a count of lying to investigators from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The conspiracy count carries up to 20 years in prison, but the defendants are likely to get much less time in prison under federal sentencing guidelines if they are convicted.

Ahmad Rahim said Wednesday he didn’t know that he and his mother had been indicted and he denied being involved in any fraud. He said his father, who has since died, used to run the store and he could not account for how he ran the operation.

According to the indictment:

The Rahims used the store to exchange Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program cards for cash. Through the program, recipients get a debit card. The defendants would swipe the card for a certain amount, say $400, and give half the amount to the recipients in cash and keep the rest. The store would charge the government for the entire $400.

Ahmad Rahim also was charged with lying because in February he told investigators from the Department of Agriculture that he was “100% certain” that such fraud had not occurred. The indictment says that was false because he had personally committed the fraud.

No court date has been set in the case.

Through the scheme, the store received about $3 million more than it was entitled to receive.

Remember, stealing from the “federal government” is stealing from taxpaying American citizens – even if the corrupt government acts like it’s their money.

Click the “fraud” hyperlink below to see how billions of your tax dollars are being stolen by Muslim settlers across the U.S.

11 thoughts on “Wisconsin: Muslim mother & son indicted in $3,000,000 food stamp fraud

  1. Islam the religion of Satan, that commands its follows to murder innocent ppl, rape women and children
    The Quran, a playbook for destruction, giving mandates to murder and rape; with detailed instruction of the “how too’s”.
    Muhammed, a demon possessed man who raped women and children!
    Muslims, elievers in the religion Islam, who are followers of the teachings of the Quran and Muhammed.
    Question ….Why would anyone think anything “Good” would come from “Anyone” who follow such a evil, dark, perverted path??

  2. This is part of Obama’s redistribution of wealth, we must get trum in for real change. Our tax money is going into our enemies pockets, we must stop funding islam here and abroad.

  3. Ain’t that a bitch. And I worry when I bump up my donation on my taxes to the red cross from 5 dollars to 10 and these Muslim slimebags are raping the taxpayers with the Presidents blessing.

  4. More and more stories are coming out abut food stamp and other fraudulent acts by Muslim store owners and the like. You have to understand that where they came from originally lying, cheating, stealing and using the system to their advantage is a way of life. They just imported their twisted way of thinking to poor USA that wasn’t prepared for the massive amounts of criminal activity these people engage in.

    • Actually, Carole, I’d say it goes a bit deeper than just importing their twisted way of thinking to poor USA. Truth be told, these pervs and psychos NEVER had anything called WELFARE in the depraved 3rd world rat holes where most of them come from! It’s really not so much about importing anything from their old way of life, but it’s all about taking advantage of the kindness of Americans and then rubbing it in our noses! You’re right about the “lying, cheating and stealing” but ‘USING THE SYSTEM to their advantage’ is something that most of them never had access to, until they came here! And, of course, THAT’S THE REASON EXACTAMUNDO THAT THEY WANT TO COME HERE–are you listening HILLARY CLINTON?????

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