Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost (To Islamic Insurgency)

Source: In This War Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost – Understanding the Threat

After spending all of last week in Minnesota, UTT’s professional assessment of the enemy situation is this:  the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota – known as the “Twin Cities” – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a collaborative jihadist/marxist element there.


The jihadi network in America is documented by UTT here, here and here, as well as in Raising a Jihadi Generation.

The Islamic jihadi network in the United States includes the most prominent Islamic organizations in America, as well as most of the 3,000+ Islamic Centers/mosques, all of the 700+ Muslim Students Associations (MSAs), all of the Islamic Societies and Islamic Associations (Hamas), and a large number of the Islamic non-profits created in 1993 forward.

The purpose of the Islamic Movement here – per their stated doctrine – is to wage Civilization Jihad until America becomes an Islamic State under sharia (Islamic Law).

One of the most popular junior high school text book in Islamic schools in the United States (Emmerick, Yahya, 1999, What Islam is All About, page 382) states:

“The duty of Muslim citizens is to be loyal to the Islamic State.”

Enemy Strength

Minnesota is home to the largest Somali population in America.  It is estimated that over 125,000 Somalis live there, most of whom are in the Minneapolis area.  This community sent at least 22 Islamic jihadi fighters overseas to fight for the terrorist group Al Shabaab, although some estimate the number is closer to four dozen.

The  Cedar Riverside neighborhood is also called “Little Mogadishu” in reference to Somalia’s capital.  Some Minneapolis residents feel parts of their city have become like a third world nation.

Inside a 10 mile radius of Minneapolis city-center, there are at least 29 Islamic Centers/mosques, and an unknown number of home-mosques.  The Twin Cities area is home to Hamas organizations including CAIR and Islamic Associations.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim Students Associations (MSAs) are on at least 21 Minnesota college and university campuses. There are MSAs in at least 11 Minnesota high schools recruiting jihadis and turning public opinion towards the Palestinian Cause (Hamas) and away from Israel.

Other Muslim Brotherhood (jihadi) organizations in and around the Twin Cities area include the Islamic Societies in Woodbury and Willmar, the Muslim American Society (MAS), and others.

The Twin Cities is home to the first official organization representing Al-Azhar University in Egypt -the Islamic University of Minnesota (IUM).  Al-Azhar is the oldest and most authoritative school of Islamic jurisprudence on the planet.  At IUM students are taught that killing Jews, waging jihad, and imposing sharia on the world are obligations for all Muslims.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are also home to the Minnesota Dawah Institute.  This Institute focuses on spreading Islamic Dawah, the call to Islam, a mandatory requirement before jihad can be waged.

As a result of this invasion of Minnesota, the average Muslim on the street wants to overturn U.S. law and live by sharia.  This includes the open support of killing people who mock Mohammad, Islam’s prophet.  For a realistic view, see the Ami Horowitz short video on the streets of the Muslim Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, also known as the “West Bank” of the University of Minnesota, HERE.

Elected Leadership

Without exception, elected officials in the Twin Cities’ area have not only surrendered to local Islamic leaders, they are using the force of their positions to silence and attack Minnesota citizens who want to keep their freedom.

America’s first Muslim Congressman, Keith Ellison, represents the 5th District of Minnesota, which includes Minneapolis.  Ellison has been a vocal supporter of Hamas (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood. Congressman Ellison is actively working to silence any criticism of Islam or jihad here in the United States, and works directly with the first Islamic political party here, the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations.

Watch the Congressional testimony of UTT’s Chris Gaubatz HERE about Congressman Ellison’s attendance at a Muslim Brotherhood event.


U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison speaks at the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO) made up of many jihadi/Muslim Brotherhood leaders in America


MN Governor Mark Dayton speaking at the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muslim American Society

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton made his position clear when he told citizens of that state if they do not like the growing Muslim Somali population in Minnesota they can leave.

Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith is a hard-left Marxist who was the former Vice President of Planned Parenthood for Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Both Governor Dayton and Lieutenant Governor Smith have forged a strong working relationship with Hamas (CAIR) in Minneapolis.


MN Lt Governor Tina Smith (l) and MN Governor Dayton at HAMAS (CAIR) event

Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges has bowed to the Islamic community, and advocates stopping “Islamophobia” instead of dealing with jihadi attacks in the United States and her state.


Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges speaking to Somali elders and others in Minneapolis

Under the watch of Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, the jihadi threat has increased exponentially. There are 83 Islamic Centers/masjids/mosques and Islamic Societies in Hennepin County. Sheriff Stanek has refused briefings on the threat from UTT, yet works with jihadis in the community.


Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek (l) and President Barak Obama (r)

In March 2016, Sheriff Stanek and other law enforcement organizations from around Minneapolis hosted the jihadi community in the Hennepin County Public Safety Office.  The message to the Muslims was that the law enforcement community would protect Muslims from “hate crimes and backlash” despite the fact FBI Criminal data shows no such threat exists in the U.S.   Yet, despite the threat from increasing jihadi attacks, including the recent stabbing by a Muslim jihadi in a mall in St. Cloud on September 17, 2016, numerous Muslims are being recruited in Minneapolis for terrorist groups, and no measures have been taken by the Sheriff to deter the threat other than outreach to the Muslim community.

And…citizens in Minnesota voted for these people.

It is worth noting that Minneapolis City Councilman Abdi Warsame from Somalia moved to rename three streets in Minneapolis to Somali names since a large portion of Minneapolis is now Somali.


UTT’s assessment the Twin Cities are lost is based on:

  1. The significant Islamic jihadi network.
  2. The support the jihadis have from all levels of the government in Minneapolis, as well as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor.
  3. A complicit media.
  4. Minnesota citizens are nearly completely unaware of the threat or willfully complacent.
  5. Law enforcement leadership is either defending the jihadis or denying there is a counterintelligence issue.
  6. Pastors and rabbis sit silently.

If Minnesota is to retake its capital city and survive this war, it is the Sheriffs and Pastors who must be pressed by the citizens to do their duties.  The situation in Minnesota, as in the United States in general, constitutes an insurgency. In the counter-insurgency, Minnesota must be retaken County by county.

Good luck with that. The Muslim population will only grow larger and do so more rapidly.

PS: The Clinton’s initiated the Somali Muslim invasion after Bill Clinton’s Black Hawk Down disaster. Hillary Clinton will only create more Islamic no go zones in the U.S. 

The future is already here but it will get worse:

9 thoughts on “Minnesota’s Twin Cities Are Lost (To Islamic Insurgency)

  1. I believe in fairness.

    If Islam is as un-American as is possible to manifest,
    then it is fair that America is as un-Islamic as is possible to manifest.

    They cannot live wherever they please for the same reasons Typhoid Mary couldn’t: death and contagion.

    It is best to act quickly. Islam understands that under the most favorable conditions [like when enjoying unquestioned preference awarded refugees] it is essential to augment numbers quickly, through polygamy, interbreeding, child marriage, as well the planet’s highest whelp rate. Combining that with Islam’s large families means Family Reunification, combined with fraudulent admissions and clandestine arrivals, can accelerate their colonial doubling time, especially when the foolish host pays for it all.

    As a democracy, we can just say no. Be sure to vote.

  2. Hey mark dayton, (I’d capitalize your name and call you guv’na BUT YOU’RE NOT WORTH THE POWDER IT TAKES TO BLOW YOU TO KINGDOM COME)!!!! Guess what, guv–THE EMPEROR AIN’T WEARIN’ ANY CLOTHES AND YOU ARE THE EMPEROR!!!!!

    • OK, wellborn, what’s your problem? why bother commenting if U don’t spell out what U don’t like?

      i’m only guessing here, but i’d venture that U’re on the left, and that U think mark dayton is a racist knuckle-dragger for hating islam. U probably also think that islam is a “brown man’s” religion, and that mark dayton hates it because he also hates brown people.

      so, tell me … what have U read of islam? are U just taking the word of the local imam that islam is a religion of peace? if so, why not look closely at islam for yourself so that U can put us stupid bible-thumping knuckle-dragging fools in our places? wouldn’t it be better to *prove* to us that islam is peaceful, rather than just spouting somebody else’s words?

      • my apologies! just saw your response to esmat below; looks like we’re on the same side. i guess i should read articles more closely; maybe i would have noticed that mark dayton is the leftist governor destroying MN.

  3. What nonsense you are writing! I challenge you to prove that islam orders followers to kill Jews, wage jihad or impose sharia on the world. Jews’ rights are protected under islam just as anyone ‘s else. Could you tell me how Muslims can “impose” sharia on the entire world. Yes Muslims are supposed to “call” non-Muslims to embrace islam just as there are Christian missionaries around the world. Please educate yourself before addressing your audience.

    • If you’re not Muslim there’s no point responding to your questions, so please answer these extremely simple questions with a yes or a no:

      1. Do you believe that the Koran is perfect?

      2. Is Mohammed the ideal Muslim?

      3. Should Muslims pattern their life after Mohammed?

      • Mahomet’s father was a Jewish Rabbi. Allah is Satan. Moslems worship death. If they cannot find an infidel to kill they kill other Moslems even members of their own family. Hijrah is booming in the U.S.
        Kenyan-born Obama is the Antichrist & Pope Francis the False Prophet.
        Arm-up and get ready for The Rapture!

    • @Esmat. Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get them ROSE COLORED GLASSES??? I’ll bet’cha you learnt all o’ yor bukk learnin in one o’ them ivy league edjimication colleeges, huh? They teach all kinds o’ gud stuff like “Jews are all the aggressors” and “Christians are all bigots” and “Mooslums only want to spread LUV”…. Here’s the thing, Esm…. the only idiots who are ignorant enough to fall for “islamification” of our Western way of life, ARE WESTERN-EDUCATED IDIOTS LIKE YOU!!!

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