UK: Three Somali Muslims Jailed for Gang Raping Teenage Girls

Four more Muslims walked free. The result of Muslim immigration is never good for the girls and women of the receiving country. The result is #RapeJihad. It’s happening in the U.S. too. Source: Somali Muslim Rape Gang Jailed for Raping Teenage Girls

Three men of Somali origin in an alleged Muslim rape gang have been jailed for the “chilling”, “degrading”, and sometimes “violent” sexual abuse of teenage girls in Bristol.

One was sentenced to 16 years and two to eight years at Bristol Crown Court on Tuesday, after girls as young as 14 were groomed, trafficked, and sometimes raped by multiple men.

The case is just the latest in a series of prosecutions brought against Somali men for child sexual exploitation in the area. In two earlier trials, in 2014, 14 men were jailed for more than 100 years between them.

In a statement issued through police, the Bristol Somali community said: “Our community, a Muslim and black minority ethnic community, in Bristol would like to underline that we sincerely condemn the nature of these crimes.”

In a description familiar to other Muslim rape gang trials in Rotherham, Oxford, Bradford and elsewhere, the court heard how the abuse became “routine” and the men regarded their victims as “cheap and easy”, The Guardian reports.

In all, seven men of Somali origin went on trial, accused of 46 charges. The jury convicted three of the men of 14 charges, including trafficking, sexual assault, and rape, after 11 days of deliberations.

Judge Peter Blair, QC, jailed Sakariya Sheikh, 23, for 16 years, and Mohammed Dahir, 24, and Abdirashid Abdulahi, 23, both for eight years.

The rest of the alleged gang, Abdirahman Galal, 26, Mohammed Osman, 29, Nuridin Mohamoud, 22, and Nasir Mahamoud, 23, were acquitted of charges against them or else the jury could not reach a verdict.

Passing sentence, the judge told the men: “You are not worthy of very much further attention in this courtroom. My attention is focused upon the victims of your crimes.

“They were four children trying to find their way in life, some of them struggling with difficult issues at home. You used your older age, your personal freedom and your relative stronger power to manipulate and coerce them into becoming for you little more than objects to satisfy you sexually.”

The judge said the abuse had left the victims feeling “worthless”, adding: “Their pain goes on and so it will for you now.”

“They are at long last receiving some measure of justice from your convictions. Their very brave and difficult decision to give evidence against you has been vindicated and I pay tribute to them,” he continued.

3 thoughts on “UK: Three Somali Muslims Jailed for Gang Raping Teenage Girls

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  2. Good muslims, those that follow the Koran and emulate the perfect Muhammad are coached daily that they are divinely commanded to rape and murder the Kafir
    Islam is at war with the West, those that give aid and comfort to the enemy are guilty of High Treason!!!!

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