Hillary Clinton Meets with Homophobic Muslim 9/11 Truther Days Before Election


Reader’s here are well aware of Missouri’s MD Alam. Here’s a recap:

  1. Homophobic 911 Truther’s 2015 Ramadan Dinner with Kansas City Mayor
  2. Muslim Democratic Secretary of State Candidate Says 9/11 was Official Jewish Holiday
  3. Barrack Obama Sends Holiday Card to Missouri Muslim 9/11 Truther

As Wikileaks continues to lay bare the corruption of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle including her ex-president husband, Hillary was taking pictures with a gay-hating Muslim (oxymoron?) 9/11 truther. Original post from MD Alam earlier today. h/t @CausingFitna


And previous MD Alam post on his anti-gay homophobic plea:


Keep in mind, the Hillary Clinton campaign also invited to a rally the father of the Muslim jihadi who slaughtered 49 gay people at The Pulse nightclub in Orlando. The father stated ‘allah will punish the gays‘.


For the latest on Hillary Clinton’s literally sickening and sadistic activities, search #SpiritCooking and the Podesta emails.


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Meets with Homophobic Muslim 9/11 Truther Days Before Election

  1. Lotsa money for the clinton brand to mine. Their experience puts them in the lead. What would happen if Justice was empowered to investigate the way clintons(hillery was involved in the resignation), the way Justice did Nixon? Would she and bj run to a neutral country, say Russia or Iran?

    • Mudslimes have a sixth sense about Hillary Clinton, just as they do about Barack (ack-bar) Hussein! They inertly know they have an easy pushover here! Izzslime is all about replacing our Democracy with sharia tyranny! These COLONISTS know that with an HC presidency they’ve got this thing in the BAG–and that is why the hell THEY ARE ALL SMILES in this picture!!!! Truth be told, I seriously doubt if ‘DOOFUS Hillary’ even suspects what she’s got herself into–SHE’S THAT BRAINWASHED AND BRAIN-DEAD BY HER PC BIAS!!!!!

      • You got that right. I also think she is GREEDY and ARROGANT! In her perfect clinton world it isn’t illegal until/if you are caught and prosecuted.

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