Governor to Obama: Maine will stop cooperating with federal refugee resettlement

Source: LePage to Obama: Maine will stop cooperating with federal refugee resettlement — Politics — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

PORTLAND, Maine — Just days before the presidential election, Gov. Paul LePage has announced that Maine state government will no longer cooperate with the federal Refugee Resettlement Program.

In a letter addressed to President Barack Obama, LePage cited concerns about how refugees coming to the state are screened.

“I have lost confidence in the federal government’s ability to safely and responsibly run the refugee program and no longer want the state of Maine associated with that shortcoming,” wrote the governor.

Dated Nov. 4, four days before Election Day, the governor’s letter may score political points with anti-immigration voters, but it is unlikely to affect whether refugees continue to come to Maine.

Republican nominee Donald Trump — whom LePage has endorsed — has made curtailing immigration to the United States a signature issue in his run for the White House, calling at various points for a wall along the Mexican border and a ban on Muslims entering the United States. Trump is seeking to capture at least one of Maine’s four Electoral College votes by winning the more conservative, less diverse 2nd Congressional District.

The letter came nearly a year after LePage announced he would “take every lawful measure in my power to prevent” the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Maine.

But immigration is the purview of the federal government, and states cannot bar people from crossing their borders. This is why private organizations such as Catholic Charities have been able to work with the federal government to resettle Syrian refugees in Maine, despite the governor’s outspoken opposition.

LePage’s letter articulates acute anxieties about terrorism that are shared by many of his political bent, and in part driving support for Trump. The governor in the letter points to Adnan Fazeli, an Iranian refugee, who left Maine to fight for the Islamic State, as an example of the failure in how refugees are screened. However, evidence gathered by the FBI in the Fazeli case suggests that he was radicalized while living in the United States.

Refugees go through a multi-phase screening administered by the United Nations, U.S. State Department, the Department of Homeland Security and several other government agencies before they are admitted to the country. The process includes lengthy interviews with trained Homeland Security officials and usually takes between 18 and 24 months, according to the State Department.

The governor also claimed that refugees have become a burden on Maine’s social services. His administration has sought to end General Assistance benefits for refugees and asylum seekers, a move that triggered a lawsuit by Portland, Westbrook and advocates for new Americans

Abdullahi Ahmed, a Somali refugee and an assistant principal at Portland’s Deering High School, said that the governor is out of step with the “very welcoming people” of Maine. And he took exception to the suggestion that refugees drain, rather than contribute to, the state.

“We are a nation of immigrants and people who came here,” said Ahmed. “What he’s doing is picking on the poor and unfortunate and the weakest among us.”

LePage is far from alone in his concerns with refugees coming to the country. Texas recently severed its ties with the federal refugee resettlement program. Kansas and New Jersey previously did so, but refugees have continued to arrive in those states.

5 thoughts on “Governor to Obama: Maine will stop cooperating with federal refugee resettlement

  1. A basic fact: If a person follows islam, The Koran and Muhammad he cannot ever become an American as their political agenda is to destroy the constitution and install sharia. Islam is at war with America, followers of islam are enemy agents.
    Abdullahi Ahmed as assistant principle of a school is insanity on the part of those who allowed him to be in this position to corrupt the minds of our children.

  2. Mr Trump is now the President of The United States and the President has the legal power to shut down refugee programs if he deems them a danger to the U.S. He has already said more times than one that he will not allow any more Syrian refugees to enter the country he has said we will set up refugee camps in a safe zone close to their own country to help there. This is our Brexit!!! YA

  3. I have something to add to my comment, France has closed at least 22 Mosques because it is a breeding ground for terrorists. Its the Imams that is preaching this terror. France is another EU country that may take the Brexit way out so they can close up their borders to protect their population from these attacks. That is what Holland may do too. Go over to because Wilders gave one of the best speeches about what is happening in Holland I have heard coming from someone in one of the EU countries.

    • I truly believe that Mr. Trump has re-awakened the conscience and sensitivities of the entire world! PC insanity is hopelessly ignorant and PRO-MUZZLUM! Donald Trump has jolted us all back to a sense of reality! Let’s hope the EU begins to fight back against this “sharia” bigotry and tyranny!!!

  4. We do not want Muslims in Maine at all. Nor in the USA. They are prohibited under the McCarran-Walter Act. This is due to the fact that Islam is a totalitarian group. The McCarran-Walter Act prohibits any and all totalitarian groups from entering the USA. Islam is certainly a totalitarian group, as any fool can find out in fifteen minutes of Internet research.

    Therefore, Islam and practicing Moslems should never be allowed to set foot in this country; the ones already here should be deported to the deserts and other wastelands of the world ASAP. Moslems who abandon Islam completely and believably, should be considered for immigration status, especially if the non-Moslem victims of Islam are helped first.

    Of course this is one reason why Obama wanted Open Borders, so that no one would ever be able to be picky about whom the immigrants might be. You know, if you have a right and duty to screen your visitors and immigrants, some smarty pants might actually begin to study what a Moslem is. You wouldn’t want that, because if you are a Moslem or Moslem-symp traitor against the USA like President Obama is, you want those Moslem brutes to have free access to everything in your country, starting with your Open Borders.

    Open Borders is the biggest lie foisted on gullible liberal majorities in Western nations since Adolf Hitler’s Big Lie. Open Borders redefines border jumpers as fine upstanding citizens, when half of them are some of the most vile people on Earth. And we are supposed to sit idly by, letting these vermin in, amongst all the wonderful dreamers of the world? I don’t think so. We had borders for a god damned reason.

    I’m arming and training to defend this homeland of ours and I expect other mature adults in good health and legally permitted to do so, will do the same. With wide open borders, the next border is your town, your land. and your front doorstep. So be ready.,

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