Undercover Journalist in Full Burka Allowed to Vote as Huma Abedin (Video)

In this video, a Project Veritas journalist is offered Huma Abedin’s ballot while dressed in full burka in New York City. Alan Schulkin, a Democratic Elections Commissioner in NYC explains how voter fraud can be committed when people wear burkas inside polling locations on Election Day.

h/t Jihad Watch who writes:

This hesitancy to “discriminate” even to stop voter fraud could be the death of the republic, and it all flows from today’s general solicitude toward Muslims and anxiousness to avoid charges of “Islamophobia.”

6 thoughts on “Undercover Journalist in Full Burka Allowed to Vote as Huma Abedin (Video)

  1. Voting in America is a sacred duty and a right of its citizens. Those who are not legal citizens have no right to vote as that is stealing and its stealing of our country and children’s heritage illegal voting should be punishable by immediate jailing and eviction from our country.

    • This video clip proves exactly what Donald Trump has claimed all along. This is VOTER FRAUD ON STEROIDS!!!!! To begin with, this muzzPIG-HAG in the black garbage bag HAS NO RIGHT TO VOTE without proper VERIFIABLE ID!!!! Second place, she’s UNregistered so WHO THE HELL KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT HER???? She’s undoubtedly NOT EVEN AN AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!! What’s more, this kind of fraud can be duplicated over and over and over again…. Clearly, this BAG-HAG (I’d say “baglady” but this ‘THANG’ AIN’T NO LADY)–clearly, this BAG-HAG can very easily go from poling place to poling place to poling place TOTALLY INCOGNITO–WITH NO IDENTIFICATION and duplicate her “vote” multiplied times over!!!! And, for that matter, this kind of voter fraud is virtually limitless as to how many others (MUZZTURDS, ALL OF THEM) ARE DOING THIS VERY SAME THING and totally undetectable! There could be (and doubtless are) multiplied 100’s if not 1000’s of these incognito FRAUDULENT VOTERS casting these kind of FRAUDULENT VOTES cast by NON-EXISTENT PEOPLE dressed in BLACK GARBAGE BAGS!!!! This is an insidious VILE plot–as only a MUZZRAT is capable of doing!!!! As the old saying goes, “WHEN YOU SEE ONE RAT INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, YOU BETTER BELIEVE THERE ARE 20 MORE HIDING BEHIND THE WALLS”!!! THESE MUZZRATS MUST BE STOPPED!!! This poling place MUST BE INVESTIGATED and ALL BALLOTS MUST BE VERIFIED!!!!! The alternative of course, is that ALL ballots from this poling place should be DISQUALIFIED and THROWN OUT!!!!! GOD HELP US!!!! To quote a “special” (ahemm) former Sec’y of State, Madam M. Albright, “There’s a special place in hell” for these kinds of g-damnd LYIN’ TRASH muzzturds!!!!

    • Ok, I get it now. I failed to see “undercover”. Unfortunately, a lot of my previous comment still applies, b/c this vote-taker lady behind the desk, made no attempt to tell this “imposter” that she would not be given a ballot. Instead, she offered her an alternative way of voting so that–even with NO ID and NO PRIOR REGISTRATION this NON-EXISTENT “person” still was given the opportunity TO FRAUDULENTLY cast her vote!!! What a mess!!!!!

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