Georgia: Atlanta Mosque Blares Islamic Call to Prayer Through Neighborhood


And the Chicago Tribune says, Georgia communities struggle with Muslims’ arrival.” 

Masjid Al-Mu’minun, a mosque in south Atlanta, is one of the few that play the call to prayer over external speakers, letting the sound drift through the neighborhood. Ahmed Najee-ullah, a leader in the congregation, said neighbors set their watches by it.

“We are in those parts of the African-American community where a lot of people wouldn’t venture and the communities that we’re in appreciate us being there,” he said. “They have this perception that we represent the best in them.”

The article fails to align with its title and explains little about the “arrival” of Muslims, where they are coming from and who is struggling at what. It’s mostly about black converts to Islam and opposition to mosques with at least one hate crime hoax mixed in by terror-front group CAIR. Nary a mention of the actual problems caused by Muslim immigrants, jihadis and the imposition of sharia on others in Georgia that reader’s can find here.

As the U.S. Muslim population grows, communities are seeking to establish Islamic institutions such as mosques, schools and cemeteries in otherwise homogenous suburban and rural areas.

Homogeneous areas like, “the African-American community where a lot of people wouldn’t venture”? Surely not. In fact, often times they are in residential areas.

When opponents of the Newton County mosque called it a terrorist training ground, Imam Mohammad Islam counseled his congregation, which bought the property to use primarily as a cemetery, to be patient.

That paragraph encapsulates the deception that is inherent in Islam. They bought the property as a cemetery all the while intending it to be a full blown Islamic center, school, mosque, etc. Islam is patient. It creeps along.

Just like many African Americans deceived by the Democrats who use and abuse them, we repeat from the second paragraph above:

“They have this perception that we represent the best in them.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s how it sounds in Hamtramck, Michigan (now occupied territory):

24 thoughts on “Georgia: Atlanta Mosque Blares Islamic Call to Prayer Through Neighborhood

  1. Are there no Atheists or Agnostics in Georgia that “hate” religion intrusion being forced upon them.

    I actually laugh when I think of Atheists and Agnostis having to listen to this cat-ter-wallering !! Serves them right! These are the same ppl who can’t stand to see a cross, hear the words, I’ll pray for you, Merry Christmas, or Praise God!

    • This PROBLEM is NOT President Elect Trump’s issue! He’s got enough headaches with trying to undo Obumma’s mess! There is NO devil in hell that can stand up to the GOSPEL–THIS COUNTRY NEEDS JESUS CHRIST! We’re in this mess b/c we have shoved our middle finger in the face of GOD!!! Christians have taken a back seat for FAR TOO LONG!!! Jesus said, “…the Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence (permits righteous indignation)…” It’s long past due that we take to the streets with the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel! Yes, that means conducting OLD FASHIONED OUTDOOR GOSPEL TENT REVIVAL MEETINGS just like our great-grand parents had!!!! If these mudscums can blare this kind of ear-splitting rubbish straight from the pit of HELL and force their filth upon us, then Christians have every right to broadcast loud and clear, “GOD BLESS AMERICA” and “Onward Christian Soldiers”!!!!! The alternative to revival is WW3!!!! Take your pick!

  2. Play good ole gospel music at the same volume level 5 times a day in the same neighborhood. Only a hypocrite would complain. So yes, the Muslims will complain.

  3. The Mulims are testing us to see how far they
    can spread their anti-American Views.
    Shut up
    The Mosques & Cut Off their Electricity. We in
    America, are no longer able to hear the sound of
    Church Bells, but the Scream for War from the
    Evil Minarets, is GOV Approved.
    The Obama Mulim GOV has got to be crushed or
    America will become another Black Mulim Third World Hell!

    • I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. I’m sure the Muslims will feel more comfortable elsewhere. I certainly will feel more comfortable if they are elsewhere. So sending them elsewhere seems like a clear Win-Win.

      Isn’t democracy wonderful?

      • TO: JIMJFOX & the thought offender. Funny, isn’t it, that Christians are OVERWHELMINGLY the “bigots” just b/c some of us oppose this kind of COLONIZATION and RUDE INVASION by the muzzlum BIGOTS! I suppose you hate the sound of church bells too, huh? You really deserve what you get, when these anti-American MUDSCUMS gain a majority in our country and start enforcing their “sharia” tyranny! Yeah, there ya go….

  4. The Muslim take over is right on schedule. Soon to be in every neighborhood. CAIR will make sure you have no say in this. Enjoy the piece and quiet while you have it. This cult is anti-American and Anti-constitution. There must be some way to get this scourge out of this country.

  5. Cities and towns need to make laws now to prevent noise pollution. There is no reason to have a “call to prayer”- everyone now either has a watch or a phone to alert them. I am waiting for muslim brotherhood/cai r and muslim student association to be labeled terror organizations and banned.
    Church bells that ring now are grandfathered in but no “call to prayer”!

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