The most extraordinary Presidential campaign in modern history ends in utter humiliation for Hillary, the pollsters, and elites of business, media and show business as the voters America forgot sweep Donald to a stunning victory.

To the corrupt media who did their best to deceive Americans: (nsf work or kids):


With that out of the way, Trump’s victory speech.


4 thoughts on “YUUUUUUUGE! TRUMP WINS!!

  1. Now is the time to let President-Elect Trump know that we the people won’t let him down either and that we will give him an entirely new congress that will work WITH him. Do not re-elect any one of them – vote them ALL out.

  2. Lets see who are appointed to key posts. Justice? Will the clinton brand survive? Will the Donald free small business from insurance disease? Will the obama library be built underground. When will the clintons leave the U.S.? And the list goes on. Would love to ask the clinton(s) how it feels to be has beens.

  3. .
    The most important job has been accomplished, thank you God in Heaven!
    This is definitely a DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!! moment. with the headline:

    Now we can think about prosecuting the bastards. So many questions. What is the legal ability of BO to shield all the criminals from prosecution & will he do it?

    Will he pardon the Clintons? LoisLerner, JohnKoskinen, Podesta, et al? Will he pardon himself? So much work. Shredding all BO’s unconst’l ExecOrders, ripping up stupid Iran deal, NAFTA, Pacific trade deal.

    Finally we have a Chief Exec who’ll act like one, putting Russia, China, Iran, & N Korea on notice there’s a new sheriff in town, who’s never worn mom jeans while wearing a silly little biker’s helmet riding a girl’s bike with training wheels. A President who remains upright, unapologetic, & businesslike while looking right into the eyes of a World Leader when he greets them.

    The era of a ‘Mr Cool,’ metrosexual Obama, bending over in a subordinate manner to every 2-bit despot is finished. Nor must we suffer the foolishness of HC who’d burst out in fake laughter at the slightest levity offered up a foreign host.

    We now have a President that won’t resort to stupid, silly, gadgety ‘reset’ buttons, & who Russia’s Putin & Xi Jinping of China will consider a formidable adversary on the other side of the table, instead of a clownish amateur to laugh at when they leave the room.

    What a different world from 24hrs ago.

    How does the MSM ever redeem itself? Will anybody but the stupidest among us ever buy into their dishonest narratives again? What about poor Nate Silver? The Prognostication Guru has TWO black eyes, getting post season & World Series wrong, and now, fumbling away massive credibility on the Election.

    I don’t have the answers to any of these questions, but I do know they’re wonderful problems to have on this November 9, 2016.

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