Bloomington, Indiana about to become a Muslim refugee enclave

As is Charleston, West Virginia. no-refugees-demonstration

Source: As Trump wins, Bloomington community grapples with immigration first-hand

The city is set to become a resettlement community in January, when the group Exodus Refugee Immigration sets up an office, with plans to start bringing in refugees as early as March. Those refugees could come from Syria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but that’s not set in stone.

“Bloomington has an amazing amount of support for the refugees,” Diane Legomsky, who has organized the Bloomington Refugee Support Network, said.

However, Wednesday’s forum was put on by the group Grassroots Conservatives, who have questioned and even opposed the resettlement.

“We’re really concerned about the safety of our community,” leader Robert Hall said.

Hall said that there are those in Bloomington who have profound concerns, including safety, cost to taxpayers, and impact on the community.

Donald Trump’s election led everyone to question the future, too. In Hall’s case, he said it shows that those who are concerned are not alone.

“He said he will make sure that there are extreme vetting of refugees and stop the flow until they have a better process,” Hall said.

Still, with Trump taking office in January and the plan already in place, even Hall was unsure if it would make a difference.

“Depending on what President Trump does, he may be able to stop it, I don’t know,” Hall said,

Legomsky and Elizabeth Dunn, an IU Professor who has consulted and helped organize the resettlement effort, said they expect it to move forward as planned and want to see Bloomington aid its neighbors around the world.

“Whoever governs, and now it will be the Trump administration, is going to have to make plans to deal with the humanitarian crisis that’s happening around the world,” Dunn said.

“The best thing (opponents) can do is work with all of us together,” Legomsky said.

Bullshit. The best thing residents of Bloomington can do is expose the so-called refugee agencies secrecy, funding and not allow them to operate in the state. So-called “refugees” in no way benefit the people of Bloomington or any other American city.

At last count in September, Indiana taxpayer’s were already supporting 150 Syrian refugees imported this year. The number is likely higher by now.

Be sure Legomsky and Dunn won’t be taking in any Muslim refugee families into their homes now or ever.

Important PS: Indiana is home-base for the Muslim Brotherhood group ISNA:

Indianapolis is home to the largest and single most influential Muslim organization in the United States. For 36 years, the Islamic Society for North America has been hiding in plain sight on a spacious, well-tended campus on South County Road, just west of the Indianapolis International Airport in Plainfield, IN.

According to its own telling, ISNA was created by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1980 “to be a nucleus for the Islamic Movement in North America” and has been run by a succession of senior Muslim Brotherhood leaders who have turned it into the largest and most powerful Muslim Brotherhood organization in the country.

17 thoughts on “Bloomington, Indiana about to become a Muslim refugee enclave

  1. My sympathy goes out to the Bloomington, Indiana
    Community, which is about to be culturally enriched by the Third World Muslim Hordes.
    Remember, that you in Bloomington, will become virtual hostages to the wishes of CAIR, & no complaints about this new Protected Victim Group, will
    be tolerated, by your local GOV. Again, my sympathy to y’all.

  2. Indiana University is in Bloomington. Wonder if COLONIES are selected considering nearby Higher education where moslem student union can operate.

  3. Unbelievable, Bloomington Indiana is an awesome town and now it is going to be invaded by people who are diametrically opposed to the values we hold dear. It will be the ruin of Indiana University and Southern Indiana. I am glad my kids are almost out of there.

  4. I live in Bloomington, and it is in no way, an awesome town, not anymore. Our factories, gone, our good paying jobs, gone, but what we now have is more drugs, more crime, more homeless, more hungry, and a new I-69 right through our country side and turned 37 into a death trap. Rape and the rate of std is climbing to an all time high. Maybe all those on the IU twitter feed, excited about going to college here knew about this, wouldn’t be so excited to drop their kids off?!?
    The liberals in this town are beyond simple commies, they are down right brain washing our children. The gay community might as well be germany storm troopers.
    So I say to you,…if you know anyone planning to send their children to IU,…..inform them,…or ask Lauren Spierer family, about sending your kids to school here.
    I know this refugee resettlement, must be stopped. Try walking down kirkwood, already its a mess, co.ewwww along way since Jack & Diane

  5. If anyone needs to riot in the streets, it’s the business people and property owners in this city! This kind of infiltration can only be stopped if the liberal politicians and so-called “refugee” agencies are forced to rescind ALL MUZZLUM COLONIZATION, POST HASTE! Since when is America the garbage DUMP for all the world’s TRASH?????

  6. This website is garbage. Refugees are people – men, women, and children escaping war – that have been vetted and deserve a shot at life. We ought to love. What ever happened to innocent before proven guilty?

    • Ok, anonymous, you just go right on ahead and preach your “all Christians and white Americans are the terrorists” STUPIDITY–AHEM–not what you said???? OH YES IT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU’RE SAYING!!!!! Here’s one for you, anon, PUT YOUR OWN HEAD IN THE LION’S MOUTH–YOU’RE A STUPID ASS!!!!! The truth is this–Even if we could adequately vet all of these “refugees”, i.e., RAPEFUGEES, we can’t VERIFY anything they tell us B/C MOST OF THEM are liars to begin with and THEY DON’T CARRY ANY ID’s!!!! OMG–who knew???? Tell you what, anon, I sincerely HOPE you enjoy it when they DUMP about 2 or 3 dozen of them in your neck of the woods! Yeah, there ya go….. On the other hand, Pres-Elect Trump wants to create Safe Zones in their own countries–Oh yeah, I almost forgot, YOU VOTED FOR KILLARY!!!!!

    • Are you racist? Have issues with gay, Christian,Jews and non believers? You seem to love the fact these invaders are wanting to take over America, when any half wit knows, in order for them to do that;
      Gays must be killed
      Blacks enslaved
      Jews killed
      Christians must pay a tax or die
      And any non believers will be killed.
      …you sound like the real hater.

    • Anonymous: From 60 to 80 percent of these so called “refugees” are young men between 15 and 50. Why are they leaving all their wives, children and girlfriends at home? They are not vetted. There is no way to vet them because they have no documentation and there are no records in the places they are “fleeing”.

      You are an idiot. Islam has ONE GOAL. That is the takeover of the entire world for Allah. It is a commission that they have received from their religion. Just like Jesus gave the “great commission” to Christians to “go forth into all the world and preach the Gospel to all people” Islam has received a command from Allah to claim the entire world for Allah.

      That can be done in one of two ways. People can voluntarily convert to Islam, or if people refuse to convert, force is a perfectly acceptable means of conversion as far as Islam is concerned. Islam has killed more people than all the other ideologies combined. They have taken over dozens and dozens of entire countries that used to be free.

      They have done this in the same way they are taking over Europe. They move into an area; they breed at astronomical rates (it is nothing for a Muslim woman to have 8 children) then they start moving into government positions, running for office etc., until they have enough people in places of power to completely change the laws they don’t like and put Sharia law in place.

      This is exactly what will happen here, and it will happen quickly. Do you have children? Grandchildren? Do you really want your children and grandchildren forced to bow to Allah or be taxed? A dhimmī is a non-Muslim person living in an Islamic state. They have no human rights. They can keep their own religion only if they pay a tax.

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