Louisiana: Muslim woman admits faked hate crime, blamed white Trump supporters

The real hate crime was committed by the intolerant Muslim supremacist who made up a complete lie and blamed her fantasy on white American supporters of Donald Trump. Why didn’t the police or media release her name and photograph? Why are Muslim suspects often unnamed and unseen?


She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and deported if here on a student visa, to send a message that the continued faked hate crimes by Muslims against Americans will no longer be tolerated and go unpunished.

Source: Police: UL-Lafayette student made up story of being beaten, robbed of wallet and hijab | Crime/Police | theadvocate.com

A University of Louisiana at Lafayette student admitted Thursday to making up a story about being attacked by two men, one reportedly wearing a “Trump” hat, who yelled ethnic slurs at her and then stole her wallet and hijab head covering, according to Lafayette Police.

The woman, identified only as an 18-year-old of Middle Eastern descent, had initially told police the attack happened about 11 a.m. Wednesday on Smith Street near campus — a story quickly picked up by the national news outlets, sparking a social media firestorm.

Lafayette Police spokesman Officer Karl Ratcliff said the woman admitted to fabricating the story after police began to question her about key details.

“There were a lot of things that didn’t make sense,” he said, commenting that it was unusual that no one else witnessed an attack during a school day so close to campus.

Ratcliff said the woman offered no explanation for lying.

“That’s only one that she can answer,” he said.

Ratcliff said the woman might now face charges herself related to filing a false police report.

“We don’t take this lightly, and it’s made national headlines now,” he said. “…There will be consequences.”

The woman’s claim of being attacked was reported online Thursday morning by almost every major news organization in Louisiana and several national news outlets, including The New York Times, The Huffington Post and ABC News.

The same media that lied through most of the election cycle and openly colluded with Hillary Clinton, bought the hate crime hoax hook, line and sinker. Don’t expect any front page retractions.

In fact, Muslim groups and the anti-American ACLU are claiming to be embarrassed but not because it was as outright Islamic supremacist and racist attack on non-Muslim, white Americans, but because it makes their job of pushing Islam harder.

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