Trump adviser says next president will move to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

In light of one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. more notorious division’s – CAIR – recent call for Muslims to overthrow the U.S. government, this is timely and critical. 


Maybe that’s why the Muslim Brotherhood called the Trump victory a “disaster.”

8 thoughts on “Trump adviser says next president will move to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group

  1. Yes we can real hope and change really trying not to be a complete smart ass or make a celebration out of the magnificent appreciation both for Donald and finally seeing the most important legislative measure in 50 years but hell yes Muslim brotherhood and participating Islamist organizations can go fuck themselves make America great again transformation

  2. Thats why I voted Trump. I bet many folks dont know that Huma Abedin and her parents are Muslim brotherhood members. Remember it was Muslim Obama who supported the overthrow of Mubarrak and helped replace him with Morsi and the brotherhood. The members of the Muslim brotherhood have been regular visitors to the White House with Obama president. Imagine what the future would be had Hillary won and Huma and the brotherhood calling the shots.

  3. God of the Universe and Creator of all mankind, Let your wisdom and power be abundantly in our new President-Elect, Mr. Donald J. Trump! Forgive and embolden him with supernatural courage from on high! Make him immovable and unshakable in his resolve to right the wrongs within our broken land! Give him the holy boldness to withstand the forces of evil that will try to undermine and intimidate him! Stand behind him and go before him and protect him from all those who will try to destroy him, both physically and morally! Oh Lord, show us, just this once more, that YOU still cherish and watch over us jealously as the ‘apple of your eye’! Protect and embolden your other chosen people, the children of Israel, from their sworn enemies who seek to shed innocent blood and destroy your Great Name! Through the Almighty power and grace of your Eternal Son, our Lord and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ! Let it be done! Amen and amen!!!!

  4. The LA Times is reporting that the DNC is considering Keith Ellison as their next chairman. Great! This will clearly brand the DNC as a lackey of the Muslim Brotherhood. It may also accelerate the passage of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act (H.R. 3892).

    We need YOUR help in getting Sen. Cruz’s bill moving in the Senate! Why won’t Sen. Corker (RINO-TN), chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee hold hearings on Sen. Cruz’s NATIONAL SECURITY bill he filed on November 3, 2015, S. 2230 titled ‘‘Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015’’?

    E-mail “RINO” Corker and ask him to hold hearings and uphold his oath of office/affirmation, our NATIONAL SECURITY, and our Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 “provide for common defense” of this nation.

    E-mail him here:

    Sen. Corker’s committee must hold hearings on the bill before there can be a full senate vote and send it on to Obama so he can either pass it or veto it. What will be exposed is the ultimate goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is the same as ISIS/ISIL/Islamic state, Boko Haram, Hamas, al-Qa’ida, the 57 Muslim nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the other Muslim groups and that is a global caliphate, an ummah ruled by Shariah/Islamic law only the tactics and the time to reach it is different. This bill will require the Secretary of State to submit a report to Congress on the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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