Another fake anti-Muslim hate-crime exposed

Last week a Muslim in Louisiana admitted she lied about being attacked – and now faces charges of filing a false report. The tweet pictured below is one of several examples exposed in There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave in ‘Trump’s America’ – Hit & Run :

All the incidents share a similarly odd coincidence – police in those areas never heard of the supposed attacks or the suspects who were supposedly apprehended. Why? Because they never happened.

More fake hate crimes exposed here.

2 thoughts on “Another fake anti-Muslim hate-crime exposed

  1. Ho-hum! Nothing to see here folks–just another SLIMEBALL muzzloid PIG, doin’ what muzzloids do BEST–hmmm–LYIN’ THRU THEIR F…in’ teeth!!! OMG–who knew?????

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