Minnesota: Muslim tells judge “I am a terrorist” as 3 more Muslims sentenced

Silence from Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison who continues to allow sharia and jihad to fester and grow in Minnesota. Source: Minnesota man gets 15 years in Islamic State case

Three Twin Cities men were sentenced to prison Tuesday for plotting to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State group, as a federal judge concluded the second day of sentencings in a case that shined a light on terror recruiting in the state.


Adnan Farah, 20, and Hanad Musse, 21, were each sentenced to 10 years in prison for conspiring to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Hamza Ahmed, 21, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for that count and another count of financial aid fraud.

Musse – “I am a terrorist”


All three were also given at least 20 years of supervised release.

They are among nine men in Minnesota’s large Somali community who prosecutors say were part of a group of friends who inspired and recruited each other to join the militant group. Some of their friends made it to Syria, but the nine who were prosecuted did not.

Their sentencings in Minneapolis come a day after three of their co-defendants were sentenced, including two who cooperated with authorities and were given lighter penalties. Farah, Musse, Ahmed and the other man sentenced Monday all pleaded guilty but did not cooperate with prosecutors.

Three men who went to trial and were convicted on a more serious charge of conspiracy to commit murder outside the U.S. will be sentenced Wednesday. That count carries a possible life sentence, but prosecutors are seeking sentences of 30 or 40 years.


At his hearing, Farah, whose older brother is among those to be sentenced Wednesday, criticized the Somali community for not taking radicalization seriously. But prosecutors said he was shifting blame.

U.S. District Judge Michael Davis addressed the courtroom and said he has no doubt there is a jihadi cell in

Minneapolis. He also addressed Farah’s parents, telling them their children lied.

“I would never want to be in your place, having two sons that are going to go to prison,” Davis said.

During his hearing, Musse apologized for lying to his family and said he committed a serious offense. The judge asked Musse directly whether he was a terrorist, and Musse replied: “I am a terrorist, your honor.”

Musse, Ahmed and two other men took a Greyhound bus from Minneapolis to New York in November 2014 and were stopped by federal agents as they tried to travel overseas from JFK Airport, according to authorities. The men were being watched as part of an ongoing investigation into terror recruiting.

Ahmed told the court on Tuesday that he was grateful he was pulled off the airplane, acknowledging it probably saved his life. He also acknowledged that he has some work to do.

“I want you to understand I am not completely changed,” Ahmed told Davis. “I’m in the process, but nobody changes overnight. I’m trying every day. I want to reach that point.”


When the judge asked Musse why he didn’t cooperate with the government, he replied that he felt he would have lost the support of the community.

Because the Muslim community supports jihad.

8 thoughts on “Minnesota: Muslim tells judge “I am a terrorist” as 3 more Muslims sentenced

  1. To me, it makes no sense to sentence these dirtbag thugs to our American penal institutions! Pres-Elect Trump has the right idea–DEPORT THEM!!!! Sentencing them to our prison system for 10 – 20 years only facilitates more and more jihad! The last thing we need is to place them among other inner-city offenders (who may or may not EVER have considered becoming MUZZLUM)–the last thing we need is to THOROUGHLY INFILTRATE our prison population with these incorrigible sub-human animals (based on their total lack of humanity, not on their race)! Send them back to Somalia! They don’t belong here!!!!! And we don’t need them preaching their hatred and jihad to our already hopelessly lost (and seeking for some kind of notoriety) prison population!

    • #Nomadic100. You might be right. But something tells me they probably came here WITH their parents from Somalia. In any case, the article calls them as being part of the Somali community, which tells me that, for as long as they’ve been living here, neither they nor their parents have any interest in assimilating as American citizens! If, however, you are right about them having been born here, then that really proves positive, how demented and totally psycho that they are, and how evil their blood-thirsty psycho “religion” from HELL really is!!!! There’s no stupider FOOL than an American-born kid (especially females) who actually CHOOSE to become muzzlumz, and are willing to “kill and be killed” for the EVIL allah-god, i.e., SATAN!!!!! Imagine dying for the “cause” only to wake up in torments of the eternally damned!!!!! –Not a pleasant thought!!!

  2. Well maybe Minnesota needs to be lit up like a Christmas tree by a few of those kind and it may wake them up. Then Ellison the worthless thug and his possee like the nasty ass governor will be flogged and hung in town square like Mussolinni.

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