Muslim Daily Beast, CNN Contributor Tweets: “We will be rioting soon – try to stop us!”

The alt-left, aka the Democratic party – has come unhinged following Donald Trump’s win. obediah-riots

Religion of peace? The phrase would be comedic if it weren’t so deadly.

Obeidallah in particular seems to be having a breakdown on Twitter, inciting Muslims and even Jews to violence, posting about a “call to arms” and stating Clinton supporters would win a civil war.


What’s next Dean, will you be waving an ISIS flag?

Twitter is cracking down on hate speech like Youtube cracked down on jihadi videos.

12 thoughts on “Muslim Daily Beast, CNN Contributor Tweets: “We will be rioting soon – try to stop us!”

  1. I also recommend a not quick read of a 372 pg pdf file:

    The document shows how idiotic our “leaders” are being. The Islam riots will, or should be, the source of a nice civil war. Our “leaders” will propose “we” go dhimmil (sic, it’s something like that), or second-case citizens in a Sharia Islam country. But I suspect that the 2nd Amendment citizens do like the Declaration of Independence says.

  2. hahahaaha!!! by all means, get your riot on…I hope you even overwhelm the local law enforcement officers.
    Give the average citizen a good reason to get OUR Jihad on.

  3. Go the fuck home.this is our land.soon you wont be stompong on our flag..hillarys planning on using you all in her final plans to protrst then theyll call on natl guard to blow everyone away..shes lost her mind!
    And ths brotha aint partiicipating

  4. I say “Bring it diaperhead!”, let these followers of the pedophile “prophet” march in the streets, attempt their version of the Obama/Soros/Clinton-financed-sponsored “Arab Spring” and they will find we, the law-abiding American citizens and rightful heirs to OUR nation will not sit idly by and allow them to disrupt OUR communities.

    Should they decide to violate ICC regulations and block OUR roads/highways they will quickly learn our new motto is “Mow ’em Down”. Any actions that make us and our loved ones “feel” (Liberals are ALL about “feelings”) threatened will be met with patriotic Americans exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights and putting them down like the barbaric, bloodthirsty, savages they are.

    btw: Their days of “most favored” faith status is over there will be no more running to the anti-White/anti-Christian/anti-police (In)Justice Dept’s Snivel Rights Division, whining and getting the feds to oppress us.

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If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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